The Author's Puzzles

Here are some nice puzzles for you. Before you spend too much time banging your head against the wall with these, I should mention here that they are hard puzzles, however they are hard not because of mathematical reasons, rather because we are not accustomed to seeing the obvious. So, cryptography and brute force mathematical deciphering won't be of much use to you. The puzzles are ordered in order of difficulty, so the easier ones are first.

  1. Look at my Home Page. How is the number:


    related to this page?

  2. Look at my Double Amici Spectroscope Page. How is the number 0.5294117646 related to this page?
  3. Look at my Mathematics Page. π appears exactly twice in that page, once literally and once disguised. Can you spot the disguised appearance of π?
  4. Decipher the following numbers:


    Your key is the following permutation:


    Deciphering the first set of numbers and using the key will allow you to recover a password. If you email me the correct password, I will send you a registration number for my mac program Virtual Composer

Good luck!

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