Yiannis Galidakis Athens Greece

(.html dynamic scanning template in c#-nix++ esolang for automatic cv generation or total candidate data aquisition for use with hr contextual filtering (pre-)processors. To use, copy, edit-adjust with your personal info and re-parse as needed, until completed - not intended for actual use).
  1. history (time+):
  2. education (grade+):
  3. work (solution+):
  4. documents (.pdf):
  5. credentials(+):
  6. references (live):
    1. P. Prokopiou friend
    2. M. Terzi-Galidaki father's wife
    3. D. Lappas lawyer
  7. affiliate (1+):
  8. interest (spec):
  9. halt contact @spec id@1.1 halt