«Περί θεών λέγε ως είσιν, ουκ έστιν γαρ νόμος εκτός νομοθέτου»

tasco moon photo


  1. The Author's Astronomy Equipment.
  2. Measuring Your Eye's Entry Pupil With a Digital Camera.
  3. Using a Laser To Measure Vignetting On Binoculars and Telescopes.

Observing Reports

  1. An 11x80 Chinon Observing Report From Antiparos.
  2. An 11x80 Chinon, 20x100 Apogee and Tasco 60mm/700mm Observing Report From Antiparos.


  1. Comparative Messier Digital Object Sketches With 11x80 Chinon, 20x100 Apogee and a Tasco 60mm/700mm.


  1. Using a Polytrope To Mathematically Model Stellar Structure.
  2. An Application of Spectroscopy To Science Fiction Astronomy.
  3. Travelling to the Moon by Solving the N-body Problem.
  4. Gravity Sucks!.
  5. Energy From the Sun?.

Useful Programs & Websites

  1. Familiarize yourself with the night time sky, with the sky planetarium program Cartes du Ciel.
  2. Gaze at a realistic day/night time sky simulation, with the program Stellarium.
  3. Travel in space and time, with the program Celestia.
  4. Read all you ever wanted to know about advanced tools, equipment, applied theory and techniques, in Anthony Ayiomamitis' website.


  1. Function/data graphs done with Maple, and geometrical schematics with EucliDraw.
  2. Made with Photoshop.