«Τέχνη χρω»


Early (1986-1990)

newborn mutant thumb Mosaic for paranoid thumb Al Sissa thumb trinity thumb [1]

Middle (1990-1999)

radio Antichrist thumb priapus God thumb Saint Illuminatus thumb Romantic afternoon thumb
early world thumb reincarnation thumb 3D thumb holy family 1 thumb
jesus of borg thumb prayer of the insane thumb in fond memory of my father thumb Greek warrior thumb
triple suck-off thumb the author's mirror thumb invitation to hell thumb goddess of chaos and lovers thumb
predator thumb the harlequin's humor thumb holy family 2 thumb logos, silence, stupidity thumb
immaculate conception thumb artificial insemination thumb dangerous birth thumb pilgrimage to bagdad thumb
self-portrait thumb shoggoth thumb six thumb crucifixion thumb
mother thumb

Later (2002-2010)

eve and contenders in the garden of eden thumb the head engineer thumb

a near death experience thumb he, who creates something from nothing thumb

the pride of the miasma thumb nest with egg thumb

Late (2020-?)

Rx Prescription for name


  1. Cartoons.
  2. Doodles.
  3. Kindergarten.
  4. Portrait.
  5. Art likes @Pinterest.


  1. Three more paintings from this period: "Jealousy for Africa" 60x50cm oils on canvas - donated to a superb Chicago Psychologist (missing name), "Crucifixion in Chicago", 60x50cm oils on canvas - donated to Rosy LaFranzo, daughter of Frank LaFranzo and "Death of St. John" 60x50 oils on canvas (presketch doodle) - donated to Dr. Carla Mettling.