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  1. Reciprocal links to the author's old website (before 2012). Many are dead today and will be cleared in due time. Before consulting any of these links, it is advisable to read the author's Disclaimer.


  1. Tjako van Schie's Fugue Competition Page and Appendix to Articles on Bach Page.
  2. Kunst Der Fuge's New Fugue Composers Page and Thanks Page.
  3. Paris Pamfilos' Parerga Page.
  4. Dave Rusin's Discussion About Acoustics and Tunings Page.
  5. Bach Pagina nl's Bach .mp3 Page.
  6. Johannes Martin's Karl Richter in Muenchen - Zeitzeugen Erinnern Sich Page.
  7. Libreria Muscaria's Johann Sebastian Bach (biografia y discos).
  8.'s General Discussions - Part 2.
  9. WebCollage's Le jardin Zen de Swami Petaramesh.
  10. Zerogain's The Keyboard Music of Bach.


  1. Antony Ayiomamitis' Amateur Astronomer Sites in Greece Page.
  2. Filip Feys & Chantal's Astronomy Links in Greece Page.
  3. Thierry Lombry's Astronomy URL's Page.
  4. Thierry Lombry's Luxorion Awards and Commendations Page.
  5. Steve Waldee's Eyepiece Tour Page.
  6. Cloudy Nights' Near M31 Page.
  7. MacAstronomer's Misc. Parts for Astronomy Page.
  8. Binocular Store's Chinon Binoculars Page.
  9. Big Binocular Guide's Best Binocular Reviewed Page.
  10. Astronomy Daily's About My 8 Inch Dobsonian and its Range in Power.
  11. AstroVox's Program that shows you how things look in a telescope.
  12. Cloudy Nights' Binocular Simulator.
  13. Asociacion Hubble's Asociacion Astronomica HUBBLE de Martos.
  14. Charles Rydel's Le Telescope de Wynne-Rosin (.pdf).
  15. Astronomycast's Optical Astronomy Page.
  16. Cloudy Nights' Garrett Gemini Binoculars Page.
  17. Urantia's Solar Constant is an Oxymoron Page.


  1. Mathworld's PowerTower Page.
  2. Wikipedia's Tetration Page.
  3. Wikipedia's Hyperoperation Page.
  4. Wikipedia's Hyper4 Page.
  5. Wikipedia's Super-logarithm Page.
  6. Wikipedia's Donald Shell's Page.
  7. Wikipedia's Tetration Talk Page.
  8. Neil Sloane's Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Page.
  9. Dave L Renfro's web pages for infinitely iterated exponentials at Google.
  10. Robert Munafo's Large Numbers Page.
  11. Steven Hurder's Cantor Function Assignment Page for Math 414.
  12. Francisco J. Garcia Sanchez and Adelmo Ortiz-Conte's Applications of Lambert's W Function to Electron Device Modelling (.pdf).
  13. Francisco J. Garcia Sanchez and Adelmo Ortiz-Conte's Applications of Lambert's W Function in Electronics (.pdf).
  14. Daniel Geisler's Tetration Page.
  15. Google Answers' Addition, Multiplication, Exponentiation, then What Page.
  16. Google Answers' How Do I Define Multiplication of Real Numbers in Terms of Addition?.
  17. Yahoo! Answers' Why does 2 =/= 4 Page.
  18. Yahoo! Answers' Is There Such a Function? Page.
  19. Paul N. Lee's Fractal Census Page.
  20. Rubtsov's and Romerio's Progress Report on Hyper Operations Page (.pdf).
  21. Henryk Trappmann's Arborescent Numbers: Higher Arithmetic Operations and Division Trees Document (.pdf).
  22. Stanislav Sykora's Binary Iterated Powers Page.
  23. Andrew Robbins' Tetration Links Page.
  24. Rudy d'Alembert's Rudi Mathematici Document (.pdf).
  25. Korean National Institute for Mathematical Sciences' Tetration and Zeration Page.
  26. Paris Pamfilos' Maple Lesson 5 (Continuity), Maple Lesson 6 (Derivative) and Maple Lesson 7 (Integral) (in Greek).
  27. Johan E. Mebius' Web Art Page.
  28. Jean-Paul Davalan's Cantor Bookmarks Page, Fractals Bookmarks Page and Collatz Problem Bookmarks Page.
  29. Tetraspace's Tetration and Other Large Number Sequences Pages.
  30. Tetraspace's Tetration and Higher Operations Pages.
  31. Juan de Mairena's Math Blog Page.
  32. Black Mathematician's Diary of a Black Mathematician Page.
  33. xkcd Forum's Generalizing up-arrow notation to the reals Page.
  34. Peter Boothe's Projects Page.
  35. Paul Shield's Home Page.
  36. Mathboard's Murers, Theorie der Sequenzen Page.
  37. War-Weiss-was's Weitere Frage Page.
  38. Geometry Net's Celebrities(?) Page.
  39. Blackstump's Puzzles Page.
  40. Yahoo! Tech groups' Lyapunov exponents, Initial Conditions and Time Page.
  41. Open Theism Board's Beautiful Math Page.
  42. Mr. Takasima's Takasima's Page with a-site.
  43.'s Solution to Extending Tetration to Real Exponents.
  44. Gottfried Helms' Conjecture Concerning Infinite Sums of PowerTowers of like Height (.pdf).
  45. Gottfried Helms' Fixpoint by Construction (For Tetration Forum) (.pdf).
  46. Gottfried Helms' A new and extreme summation method for breathtaking divergent series (.pdf).
  47. Gottfried Helms' Eigendecomposition of Triangular Operators.
  48. Gottfried Helms' Short Texts About Tetration Page.
  49. Gottfried Helms' Pascalmatrix Tetrated Page (.pdf).
  50. Tetraspace's Why Tetration Breaks.
  51. Bryan Bishop's Exponential Derivatives Page.
  52.'s Some Puzzles/Problems.
  53.'s Self Service Science - Abc Science Online Forum.
  54. Maria Girardi's Math 555 Funky Functions.
  55. Kevin Hirsch's Cantorfunktion Page.
  56. Abdolhossein Hoorfar and Mehdi Hassani's Inequalities on the Lambert W Function and Hyperpower Function (.pdf).
  57. Michael Trott's The Mathematica Guidebook for Symbolics (book).
  58. Mapleadvisor's Maple Experts A-Z Page.
  59.'s Number of Possible Chess Configurations Page.
  60. Theskyiscrape's What is reality? (This just blew my mind).
  61. EvC Forum's The Sun Becomes a Black Hole Page.
  62. Constable Research's About The Logic of Creation Page.
  63. Johan E. Mebius' Mathematics Page.
  64. Studio Eight's In the beginning was the Word and the Word was recursive Page.
  65. HP Calculators' Squaring the circle: all-MCODE Bessel functions Page.
  66. Benjamin Rose's Tetration and nth-term iterative operators (.pdf).
  67. Wikipedia's Super-root.
  68. FM forum's D3s flickering video.
  69. Comenius' Teaching Calculus Using Dynamic Geometric Tools (.pdf).
  70. Jean-Baptiste Campesato's Sur le probleme de la tetration infinie ou infinite power tower (.pdf).
  71. The Project's Stepping Out of the System.


  1. David Harley's Viruses and the Mac FAQ.
  2. Spock Search's Apple Employee.
  3. Michael Good's MusicXML Software Page and Using MusicXML For File Interchange Page.
  4. Gerd Castan's Music Notation Formats Page.
  5. Paris Pamfilos' EucliDraw Program Page (program credits).
  6. Medieval Org's Music Software Page.
  7. Bone2's Recommended Links Page.
  8. John Dalgliesh's Agax Home Page.
  9. Jean Detheux's Carnaval Page.
  10. Chris Walshaw's The abc Home Page.
  11. Charles Kelly's Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide Page.
  12. Andreas Prilop's Multilingual Macintosh Resources: Greek Page.
  13. Bill Catambay's PascalWare Page.
  14. TJM Software's Antivirus Toolkit Page.
  15. Virus Help Team Canada's Downloads Page.
  16. eSecurity Guy's Free Security Software Page.
  17. Recording Channel Forum's Free Fourier Analysis & Waveforms Page.
  18. David Moews' Bignum Bakeoff contest Page.
  19. Kids Domain Downloads Page.
  20.'s High Performance FFT on GPUs Page.
  21. Axistive's Assistive Technology News Portal Page.
  22. Computer Virus HQ's Antivirus Programs Page.
  23. Macintosh Garden's Possible Virus Page.


  1. Michael S. Tooms's Colour Reproduction in Electronic Imaging Systems: Photography, Television, Cinematography.
  2. Ken M. Harrison's Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs.
  3. Wikipedia's Emission Spectrum Page.
  4. Wikipedia's List of Light Sources Page.
  5. Wikipedia's Fluorescent Lamp Page.
  6. Wikipedia's Spectroscopy Page.
  7. Wikipedia's Spectrum Page.
  8. Wikipedia's Full Spectrum Page.
  9. Wikipedia's High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp Page.
  10. Uncle Al's Search Engines Page.
  11. David Montes' Librerias de Espectros Estelares Page.
  12. Calvin College's Observatory Extended Astronomy Links Page.
  13. UC Davis's Introduction to Biophotonics Science & Technology Spectrophotometer (.pdf).
  14. Richard W. Pogge's Build Yourself a Simple Hand-Held Spectrograph Page.
  15. Lighting Associates, Inc.,s' New Industry Resources Page.
  16. Victor Roberts' Rogues Gallery.
  17. Mark Winter's Home Page.
  18. Project Galileo's Home Page.
  19. Mr Nickerson's Earth Science Page.
  20. Vilniaus Universitetas' Laboratorinis darbas Nr. 1 Document (.pdf).
  21.'s Emissionsspektren Page.
  22. Michael Richmond's Spectrographs and Spectra Page.
  23. Albatross UV's Interesting Links and References Page.
  24. Charles Rydel's Liens Divers Page.
  25. Jim Elder's CFL Spectrum Page.
  26. Samuel M. Goldwasser's Sam's Neat, Nifty, and Handy Bookmarks Page.
  27. Kasra Etemadi's Introduction to Plasma Processing Doc (.doc).
  28. Dr. Gale's Spectroscopy Sensor (.ppt).
  29. Roban Hultman Kramer's Exercise Set 6 on Lighting Spectroscopy (.pdf).
  30. Borough of Manhattan Community College's Light Video Presentation (.pdf).
  31. National Science Foundation's Light Video Presentation (.pdf).
  32. Joel Shapiro's General Physics 204 Page.
  33. Webdesignbox's Componenta Spectrala Page.
  34. Nino Cutic's References Page.
  35. Astronomiske Teleskoper's ATM: simpel spektrograf Page.
  36. The Lidemark Observatory's Links to Homebuilt Equipment.
  37. Christoph Jung's Bibliographie Arbeitshilfen: Schlagworte C... Page.
  38. Maxime F. Gendre's Bookmark Page
  39. Lee's Personal Statement (.doc).
  40. Don Klipstein's Lighting Info Page and Various Spectra Page.
  41. Lapis Philosophorum's Supplemental Lighting Page.
  42. Doug Gregory's City Light City Flow Page.
  43. Glen Gilchrist's Projects Page.
  44. Diy-Community's Wellenlange Messgerat Page.
  45. Diy-Community's Entargers LED-Beamer Page.
  46. GeoCam's An off-the-shelf Imager for Rapid Response Remote Sensing Monitoring Page.
  47. Light Bulb Day's Mercury Vapor Light Bulb Page.
  48. Canon EOS Forum's White Balance/Color Correction Page.
  49. Canon EOS Forum's Mercury Vapor White Balance Page.
  50. Gemology Online's LED Light & Spectroscope Page.
  51. Gemology Online's Homemade ccd/cmos Spectroscopic Project Page.
  52. Gemology Online's Homemade ccd/cmos Spectroscopic Project Page.
  53. Gemology Online's Optic Character Page.
  54. Gemology Online's Fraunhofer Page.
  55. Gemology Online's Cheap, Easy D-Line Source For Wavelength Scale Alignment Page.
  56. Gemology Online's Table Spectrometer Page.
  57. CandlePowerForum's Is There an Name For Light bulb Collecting Page.
  58. CandlePowerForum's Low Pressure Sodium Page.
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  74. Planet Christmas Galleria's Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Page.
  75. Christoph Gerz's Linksammlung Atomphysik Page.
  76. Yahoo Answers How Do We Know That Most Stars Are Made Out of Helium and Hydrogen Page.
  77. Yahoo Answers Chemistry Help Page.
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  79. Cizmonster's Spectroscopy Page.
  80. Flickr's Night Images Page.
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  82.'s Pagina de Espectros de Lamparas.
  83.'s Cuatro Pruebas de Espectrometria.
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  85. Yahoo! TECH Groups' Astronomical Spectroscopy Page.
  86. Robert Monaghan's Ultraviolet Photography Page.
  87. Hardware Slashdot org's The Lightbulb that can Change the World Page.
  88. Pogona Forums' Neon e Lamp Page.
  89. Kris Kelp's Sissejuhatus Page.
  90. Dr. Pez's Temperatura De Color Page.
  91.'s LED grow lights... input please..
  92. Vicente M. Queral's Simulations and Recalculations in CNT Page.
  93.'s Light Filters and Various Light Spectra Page.
  94.'s How Do I Stop This Late Season Nesting Behavior Page.
  95. VK7 Regional News' VK7 Regional News Broadcast for Sunday 29th July 2007 Doc (.pdf).
  96. galerie-photo's Lampes UV HPR Page.
  97. Science Upd8's Murder In The Park Page.
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  99. Ask a Scientist's Flame Test, Silver, Gold Page.
  100. Blue Room Technical Forum's Full-Spectrum Page.
  101. Terra Forum's My Own LED Experiment Page.
  102. The Bad Science Forum's Low-energy bulbs 'worsen rashes'? Page.
  103. Spacebanter Forum's The Double Amici Prism Hand-Held Spectroscope in Practice.
  104. Daily Kos's Health Risks of Low Energy CF Light Bulbs.
  105. Rollitup's Kelvin and Nanometers.
  106. Edge of the Internet's Calculus Help.
  107. Lycos IQ's Are Mercury Vapor Lamps Dangerous?.
  108. NASIOC's Gil Finally Got a Fish Tank.
  109. Newyorkbird's willie laid an egg......
  110. Alberto Villalobos' Calibrando el Espectro de una Lampara de Sodio.
  111. Josh Audette's More Spectrographic Analyses Page.
  112. Luxrender's Home Page (code credits).
  113. Luxrender's Forum High Resolution Spectral SPD Data For Lots of Lightsources Page (requires free registration).
  114. Luxrender's Forum Philips Spectral Zinc Lamps Page (requires free registration).
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