«Τα σπουδαία μελέτα»

virtual composer for macintosh



Darin Adler, Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Computer, Keith Bartlett, Patrick C. Beard, Sterling Beckwith, Steve Capps, Coda Music, Graham Cox, Neil Drake, Gary Ewer, Steve Falkenburg, Ramon M. Felciano, Jay Fenton, Norman Franke, Michael Good, Eric Grant, Tord Jansson, Meeroh Jurisic, Alex Kaspryk, Herbert Anton Kellner, Thomas Kiffe, Chuck Kimball, Michael Kluev, Scott Knaster, Lucius Kwok, Thorsten Lemke, Jean-Christophe Levinson, Ron Liechty, Jim Luther, Mark A. Mercer, Paul Mercer, Microsoft Corporation, the author's mother, Robert Munafo, Myriad Software, Kevin Oliver, Ian Ollmann, David Phillip Oster, Paris Pamfilos, Mark S. Pierce, Ken Pledger, Anton Rang, Greg Robbins, Keith Rollin, Rich Siegel, Paul Snively, Phil Taylor, James W. Walker, Mark Womak, Christopher Yavelow.


  1. Although fully functional, the antivirus programs are useful only in the classic MacOS mode. With the advent of MacOS X there is no need for any such programs as OS X is unix based. For detailed information about classic MacOS viruses consult Viruses and the Mac FAQ by David Harley.
  2. Have provided support/code snippets or otherwise helped with the programs above. In alphabetical order.