«Γλώττης άρχε»

dead Greek letters (from Wikipedia)


  1. Conventional wisdom is a bit hard to swallow: New Murphy's Laws & meta-Laws. (NVR[1]: 0.869e-2%).
  2. Nice, happy little kids, want to play: Evil Kids. (NVR: 3.63%).
  3. Nasty fella: The Antichrist. (NVR: 0.312%).
  4. Do you know assembly language? Tangertas CPU Opcodes. (NVR: 0%).
  5. The kids need more and more advanced technology: On Carol Singers. (NVR: 2.67%).
  6. The person who annulled the entire Greek examination system: The Language Barrier. (NVR: 0.840%).
  7. Geniuses on the Net: Search Phrases & Questions of the Stupid. (NVR: 0.463%).
  8. Anyone can have a web page, today: Web Pages of the Stupid. (NVR: 0.473%).
  9. They can use wormholes to travel in and out of our reality: On Mosquitos. (NVR: 2.51%).
  10. There must be somebody responsible for all this mess we are in: Accusations. (NVR: 0.828%) (absurd).
  11. Are you planning to drive in Greece?: Driving In Greece. (NVR: 0%).
  12. Is there any solution to the menace of language?: Logos. (NVR: 0.427%) (absurdities).
  13. Damned if you do, damned if you don't: Reincarnation. (NVR: 1.17%) (pseudo-metaphysics of the absurd).
  14. Programming is a difficult art: Useful Programming Utilities. (NVR: 0.215%).
  15. Physics units gone wild!: Units Gone Wild. (NVR: 0%).
  16. English speakers: A menace: International English Blunders. (NVR: 0%).
  17. A wonder to behold: The Author's Time Machine. (NVR: 5.45%).
  18. So you think you understand Zen?: Anon. (NVR: 1.29%).
  19. If you understand Zen, you miss the point. If you don't understand, read this: C-Anon. (NVR: 1.23%).


  1. Prepare for that day: The Arrival of Χάος. (NVR: 0%) (absurd fears).
  2. Take a peek inside Giger's mind: The Genius of the Derelict. (NVR: 0.181%).
  3. Similar to the matrix: The Reality Code. (NVR: 1.78%).
  4. A committee that's experimenting on us: The Committee of the Twelve. (NVR: 1.63%) (pseudo-philosophical metaphysics).
  5. Don't know why there are 9 planets in our solar system?: Cosmic Ladder. (NVR: 0.877%) (what if sci.fi).
  6. Homo Sapiens: The perfect(?) balance: On Genes and Memes. (NVR: 0.792%) (pseudo-scientific theories).
  7. A dream in the mind of one eternal dreamer: The Circle of Savants. (NVR: 0.338%) (pseudo-metaphysics nonsense).
  8. The most serious disease in our society: On Soul Cancer. (NVR: 0.126%) (pseudo-psychological nonsense).
  9. Don't do it. Things could be a lot worse: On Suicide. (NVR: 0%).
  10. It permeates everything: Pneuma. (NVR: 1.67%) (pseudo-spiritualism).
  11. Are you ready to take the red pill?: The Messianic Allegory Behind the Matrix Trilogy. (NVR: 0.215%).
  12. You may want to have good public relations with this guy: The Lord of Dreams. (NVR: 0.71e-1%).
  13. Is it safe to travel out there?: The Apotheosis of Trust. (NVR: 1.9%) (pseudo sci.fi if situations).
  14. Is it good to know this?: The Demiourgoi. (NVR: 0.885%) (absurd pseudo-philosophy).


  1. The apparent paradox of: The Greeks and Christianity. (NVR: 0.389%).
  2. Can you imagine the ultimate horror?: The Gospel According To John. (NVR: 1.4%) (horrific religion/metaphysics).
  3. Life full of problems? Relax and read this: Your Life. (NVR: 0%).
  4. The Predicament one is in: The Divine Predicament. (NVR: 0.267%) (pseudo-sci.fi philosophy).
  5. Try madame Blavatsky's explanation?: The Sons of God. (NVR: 0.12%). (pseudo-anthroposophic flirtations)
  6. Blindness compounded: The Veil. (NVR: 0.11%) (pseudo-religious philosophy).
  7. Why do interesting people always wear black?: On MIBs and Priests. (NVR: 0.969%) (observations).
  8. The psychology of: The Noble Mind. (NVR: 0.48%) (pseudo-psychological/philosophical babble).
  9. The meaning of Christ's sacrifice?: A Deeper Look At Christ's Sacrifice: The Lord of Karma. (NVR: 1.11%) (unorthodox karmic interpretation of Christianity).
  10. Does death exist? What Is It Like To Die?. (NVR: 0.337%).
  11. Medicine for damaged souls: Cannabis: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (NVR: 0.211%) (this is some really good shit, man...).
  12. Have you reached "enlightenment" yet? Before you answer, try: Opening your Third Eye.
  13. So you've had a newborn baby? Congratulations!: On New Life. (NVR: 1.06%).


  1. Reviews on IMDb.
  2. Meet The Titan of Χάος.
  3. Before writing comes: Reading. (NVR: 0.001%).
  4. Only for those with massive amounts of work: Famous Tobacco Smokers. (NVR: 0.203%).
  5. The ultimate sport: Playing Chess With Death. (NVR: 3.08%).
  6. The apotheosis of learning: An Encounter With Death. (NVR: 3.63%).
  7. The fierst dudes: The Greek Warriors. (NVR: 0%) (wannabe nonsense).
  8. What the heck was that creature?: The Blair Witch Project. (NVR: 1.6%).
  9. Mimicking the talent of Jeff Swanson: Free Association. (NVR: 2.18%).
  10. Where the mind can go: Paranoia (absurd nonsense prose venting). (NVR: 0.445%).
  11. This author loves spiders: The Spider. (NVR: 1.69%).
  12. People who think for themselves: Michael Moore's Documentary for Columbine. (NVR: 2.27%).


  1. Narcissism/Vanity Ratio=(#I's)/(#words). This is the only section of the web site which has articles with a non-zero NVR.