Greek Keyboard Functionality for MacOS 7-9


Greek Keyboard Functionality is an installer which allows you to add Greek keyboard functionality to your MacOS 7-9. It creates a copy of your System suitcase, so your original System suitcase is not affected.

If the installer is successful in creating a Greek copy of the System suitcase, by exchanging your System suitcase with the new copy, you will be able to type and display monotonic and polytonic Greek, along with plain and polytonic Latin in all your documents and your menu bar will display the Greek flag icon. This program DOES NOT change any program menu strings to Greek. It only allows you to type and read Greek in documents and applications.


Read the author's Copyright & Disclaimer BEFORE using this installer! The author accepts no responsibility if you damage your System suitcase from erroneous use of this program. In particular the author hasn't tested the program with System 9.x. It does seem to work ok with System 7.x and 8.x. If you decide to use it, do so at your own risk. However, if something goes wrong, since the program does not modify the original System suitcase, you can simply swap back your old System suitcase and you will most likely be fine, provided you can boot from an external device, such as a CD.

The Greek Keyboard Functionality installer was available as country restricted software, but it is not anymore.