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"They are still mislead"

"Just let them be."

"But they fail to understand the most elementary of concepts!"

"Which is?"

"That proliferating an argument leads nowhere"

"Is this really true? May i simply remind you of the dialectics method? Some use this approach to stimulate and create new ideas."

"But this assumes inherently the use of logic. And this is precisely what i want to show them, that it leads nowhere."

"Some people cannot understand that. Don't forget that logic is hard wired in our brains"

"True, but there must be some way to evade the memes of logic."

"For some it is easy. For others it is not. Here, i will give u a recipe: The entire meaning of it can be found in the word 'anon'."

"You 've got to be kidding. What does 'anon' mean?"

"Search in yourself. You KNOW the meaning. Then use that meaning to assimilate the rest of what you understand."

"Can u help a bit?"

"Sure. What do u do when u sleep?"

"I dream i guess..."

"What do u dream of?"

"Various things. Mostly remembrances and images acquired from visual and audio stimuli"

"Excellent! pick a dream!"

"The mansion in the prairie in Barrington."

"Do u remember the sound associated with it?"

"Sort of, but cannot reproduce it."

"This was the sound of 'anon'."

"Huh? It doesn't make sense. 'anon' has a very specific sound."

"I am not talking about the verbal sound. I am talking about the sound of the 'unheard of', 'anon' forgive me"

"So the 'unheard of' is the sound of 'anon'?"

"No, you missed it by asking the last question. You tried to associate the sound of the 'unheard of' with 'anon'. The junction that has been formed, forced a major cancel in your understanding. Let's try again. Who controls your heart beat?"

"My brain"

"Are u sure?"

"Well, as far as i can tell. If i damage my brain the heart stops"

"But does it stop because the brain is damaged or because of some other reason?"

"I can't answer that."

"Why not?"

"Because there is not enough data on the subject."

"Who has the data, if anybody?"

"Why is it that my mind thinks of 'anon'?"

"You are getting there. You have to try harder by not trying."

"Listen, I've just about had it with Zen anyway, so if that's what you have in mind, it won't work on me. Zen is just bullshit."

"Zen is a way. It is not the way. Let's try again. Who invented Zen?"


"You are picking up really fast! What is the sound of the sea waves like?"

"it really prompts me to say 'anon' again, but i somehow know the sound of the waves and it is not quite like 'anon'."

"What is the sound of the sea waves in your dreams?"

"ok, that, IS 'anon'."

"Excellent!. What happens when you die?"

"I go to...'anon'?"

"Excellent. Now try to describe 'anon'."

"It cannot be described."

"You missed it, by your own sentence 'it cannot be described'. You described it."

"Let me try again. 'anon' is like..."




"It's like 'anon'!"

"Excellent!!! What a smart student you are!"

"YES! I see it now!. 'anon' is like 'anon', and it is so much like 'anon', and it bares extreme resemblance to 'anon'!"

"Now do you think this is logical? And by direct extrapolation, is 'anon' logical?"

"I cannot answer that, except perhaps with 'anon'"

"Excellent. Now let us try to 'analyze' 'anon' a bit further. Think hard. What is 'non-anon'?"

"I am 'non-anon'. You are 'non-anon'. We are 'non-anon'."

"Is 'non-anon' in 'anon'?"

"Yes, but 'anon' is not in 'non-anon'."

"How can that be, oh ingenious eager student?"

"'non-anon' seems to be a 'creation' of 'anon'"

"When was 'non-anon' 'created'? Or, let's say, what was the first instance of 'non-anon'?"

"It appears as though 'non-anon' showed up as soon as 'anon' realized it was 'anon' for the first time."

"What was 'anon' before it realized it was 'anon'?"

"It was 'non-anon'"

"Excellent!! You are like 'anon' now!!"

"But it will go away. I am so sad..."

"Don't worry dear student. 'anon' will always be here. And although it occasionally becomes 'non-anon', it re-manifests as both 'anon' and 'non-anon'. Just keep your senses open and eager to recognize the instances."

"Are u 'anon' master?"

"I was, but i had to become 'non-anon' in order to show you 'anon'."

"I wish i could stay 'anon' for the rest of my life!"

"Don't say silly things like that. You could not 'see anon' if we all stayed 'anon'."

"The 'sacrifice'?"

"How bright you are dear student! Now please, forget 'anon'. You will be in trouble if you stay 'anon' all the time."

"Why is that?"

"Because if 'non-anon' realizes you are 'anon', it will move against you. That's the nature of 'non-anon', to fight 'anon'.

"Can 'anon' obliterate 'non-anon' eventually?"

"When the time of the great sleep comes, yes, 'anon' will completely annihilate 'non-anon'. In fact, this time comes once every day for 8 hours."

"So that's why we are here? Because we are tired of being 'anon' all the time?"


"So, is 'non-anon' our 'savior' then?"

"In a sense, it is. But why oh why do you have to keep looking for saviors? Aren't you satisfied that you can be both 'anon' and 'non-anon'?"

"When am i 'anon'?"

"When you recognize both 'anon' and 'non-anon', for what they are."

"But when this happens, i also become aware that 'non-anon' is 'anon' as well!"

"True. Isn't 'anon' all wise therefore?"


"No! Non-anon!"