Blair Witch

Version 1.1 of 31/8/2020-11:42 a.m.

I've been munching on horror movies since I was 14 or so, and as a result, my psychological perspective is quite deranged. Not from assimilating the wrong ideas, rather from trying to bring to life what those movies portrayed, in my mind...

After lots of thinking, "Predator" came out as probably the scariest movie of all times. "Alien" ranked second, "Matrix" third and "Hell Raiser" (the first one) perhaps fourth, with "Dark City" fifth.

Sitting satisfied after my judicious mind picking, I was enjoying some coffee and a cigarette but something was still bothering me. It was the meticulous, careful and with infinite patience setting up of all those voodoo tree dolls, and hanging them up on the trees, in the movie, "The Blair Witch Project".

I have never seen something like that, and one cannot possibly imagine *what*, if anything would have the patience, endurance, anger, and instilled hatred to finish such a project.

It certainly couldn't have been *human* in the real sense, since humans rarely do reach such a level of authenticity and ingenuity with so few resources. It couldn't have been non-human, because non-humans don't possess the raw capacity to even imagine such a project. In short, whatever created those dolls had to be beyond human and animal.

It had to be dwelling in the realm of entities like those which are imagined when kids imagine fairy tales and ghost stories, like the entities which manifest only when a huge mass of pain and anguish strain the observer or experimenter.

And in fact, I think that this, precisely was the nature of this being: Something that dwelled in the realm of the fairy tale, but which was able to force, also this very realm to anyone that trespassed its territories.

The actual later details left me uninterested. But the crux of the movie, the actual seeing of all the tree voodoo dolls hanging from those trees, in antithesis with the paradise-like scenery of an American forest, was, in my opinion, one of the scariest things I've ever seen. Funny thing is, that I did not even realize that, until very later.

It is almost impossible for me to even think what could be the creator of such terror.

And to think that we have a "Blair" in t.b...