Version 1.0 of 8/10/2004-5:21 a.m.

"Tell me more about 'anon'."

"Ok, what do you want to know?"

"Is 'anon' the same thing as 'positive'?"

"No. 'anon' is just 'anon'. 'anon' is neither positive nor negative. However, the distinction between 'anon' and 'non-anon' creates the illusion of positive and negative. 'non-anon' is the inverse of 'anon' if you will and vice versa."

"What was in the beginning? 'anon' or 'non-anon'?"

"In the beginning was 'non-anon' with the potential to become 'anon'."

"What came immediately after 'anon'?"

"After 'anon' came 'c-anon'."

"Is 'c-anon' the same as 'non-anon'?"

"No, 'c-anon' is the first attempt to order. 'non-anon' is like the first rebuttal of 'anon', 'anon' forgive me."

"Can you give an example of 'c-anon'?"

"Sure. You are a 'non-anon' creation of 'c-anon', with the potential to become 'anon'."

"Are there any ways to become quickly 'anon'?"

"You have to follow 'c-anon' with all your will."

"How do i do that?"

"Study 'c-anon', analyze it, and follow its ways."

"This is ridiculous! I don't even know what 'c-anon' IS yet, much less can i follow it."

"I already told you. YOU are a creation of 'c-anon'. What's so hard to understand about that?"

"Well, i don't know much about myself, so i can hardly relate any of it to 'c-anon'."

"The relationship is indirect. You relate it in the same way you relate, say, a work of art to the artist."

"Can u give me an example?"

"Yes. Think of your favorite musical theme."

"C-Eb-G-Ab-B(nat). The King's theme."

"What comes to mind when you hum this theme?"


"See? what else?"


"Excellent. What else?"


"You are starting to get the hang of it. Now was the composer 'anon' or 'non-anon'?"


"Very good, dear student. Now think of herring. Raw herring, cooked in salt. Think of the taste."


"Bravo. Can u fathom now the relationship between the two? 'anon' and 'non-anon'?"

"The relationship between 'anon' and 'non-anon' is 'c-anon'."

"Yes. Now what is the MAIN principle *behind* 'c-anon'?"

"'can-on'. The potential for 'i can'"

"Are u sure?"

"Yes, i 'can'. Switch it 'on'"

"Excellent. Let's 'c' where this will lead us."

"I think I know where it will le'a'd us."

"Alpha of Ori/o'n'/is?"

"You will have g'o'od /c/omp/a'n'/y there!"

"Will it be 'an/on/' there?"

"It will be /c-anon-i-c-al(l)/ there, i promise!"

"Will /I/ be able to /c/ /al/l in /'c-anon'/?"


"No! 'non-a-non'!"

"Good. Now study th/i/s /a/nd try to /c/ why /'non-anon'/ is ne/c/essary!/(l)/"