The Committee of the Twelve

Version 1.1 of 22/4/2010-5:00 a.m.

Last night they interviewed me. The transportation to their abode was slightly painful. I don't know if that's because they are time independent, but nevertheless, they seem to be dwelling in a part of reality inaccessible to most sentient beings. Being transferred to where they usually dwell,- if that place can be called "somewhere",- obliges some sort of time travel, although no special devices were used for my transportation.

They are The Committee of the Twelve. It is unknown to me what purpose they serve, apart from occasional guidance. They seem to be concerned with some sort of experiment in human behavioral psychology.

After I was transported there, they momentarily paused their thinking activities and paid a bit of attention to my presence, although I would not really call it a full interview or investigation.

The committee consists of twelve elders sitting around a rectangular table-ship, which occasionally visits the internals of people's minds and tries to communicate with them. I could not say with certainty how old they are, except perhaps that they are coming from a reality segment very far in the future, so far perhaps, that it wraps back into the past into some weird multivariate cycle, that continuously redefines their existence and alters their consistency.

They are old. That's for sure. Thousands of years old. Most of them have white hair, and they look like Ancient Greeks. They are severely interested in anything that relates to behavioral divergence, from what they call "the acceptable norm". They do not really condemn a divergence, rather, they examine it vis-a-vis its consequences to what they call "operational reality".

What they call "operational reality" is what has been defined by us as the Einsteinian universe with the regular metric and tensors.

They seem to be capable of altering the flow of time to avoid major disasters-by altering the k coordinate component in our relativistic descriptions, but they are not really omnipotent themselves. They account to what they call the Central Matrix, for which they have tremendous respect, although I am not sure they understand its function completely.

My interview with them started at 3:12 am, while I was sleeping in my cabin on my way back to Crete, from Athens.

"I think they have advanced to a remarkable degree. We are impressed by your sudden shift in faith. Quite unexplained by our standards. What caused it?"

"I am not sure myself. I think music played a crucial role"

"Ah, so it seems that a partial solution to relieving the pain of consciousness after receiving the Spirit of the mother Matrix, is to have some inert contradiction in terms of a regular time anchor standpoint before their birth. What do you think?"

"Quite possible. Yet they have to be able to reach the point where the reaction must be sustainable internally without an external decelerator, such as music or Christ. When are they going to be able to do that?"

"I don't think they can, yet. They have been conditioned by our auspicial intervention, throughout history, so we have to cancel those effects as gently as we can. It's not even 2,000 years since we intervened for the last time"

"Agreed. But they must reach the level of sustaining the internal fusion without external decelerators, as we said" And then one of them turns to me and continues:

"What happens when we cancel your faith?"

"Despair. Gradual, but certain. Eventually the mind escapes one's control and we want to die. Mentally mostly, there is no stability. The danger of actually attempting self termination becomes visible"

"The eternal problem. They want to self terminate after they come into contact with the Matrix. But why? Why in the world would the reaction be so deadly? Haven't they had enough time to adjust? What is it about the Matrix that causes them to want to self terminate? I don't think we can ever adjust this. Any other ideas?"

"What if we cut off any external contacts with the Matrix?"

"We have tried that. They fall into chaotic depression. The fusion starts, and they burn out quickly. We have chosen the best solution. They can choose between consistency and completeness themselves. If we reveal to them the Matrix, they arrive at completeness, but they want to self terminate. If we hide the matrix, they arrive at consistency but they fall into manic depression. It's a dead end"

"May I suggest The Drug? It was always a good solution"

"Their society considers its use dubious. They linger between legal and illegal use, and they cannot use it effectively. And even if they use it prudently, they arrive at the Matrix after its use, and they want to self terminate again"

"Let us concentrate on why they want to self terminate. Since we have made it and we have not fallen pray to this, it means that we have made a mistake with THEM only. It has not affected us"

"Why do you want to self terminate?"

"It is the natural end result of consciousness. Consciousness itself, perceiving its vanity and futility and wanting to stop the cycle. No matter how we block the memory of the Oneness, there are always instances where the mind regresses back and it sees the truth in the Matrix. Particularly after use of "The drug"

"So it must be a directive inside the Matrix itself. We cannot stop it, then"

"But the Matrix has no knowledge itself of the problem. How can it have conceived a directive it has never considered?"

"The Matrix has already considered everything. That's why it has appointed us as guardians of the reaction through time. To filter out its unwanted directives"

"But we have been born of the Matrix ourselves. How can we ever hope to divert the problem of "the unwanted directive" if it inherent in us as well?"

"Let's see: The Matrix has a 50/50 probability of collapsing any given second. What keeps it active? What has kept it active for those 23 billions of years?"

"It is a matter of setting up an external decelerator for its collapsing probability. We are this external decelerator. Yet, because we have to decelerate the Matrix itself, we cannot have tangible existence ourselves. We have lived under this curse for thousands of years, so as to serve the Matrix and humanity. We made it, they can make it as well"

"If I may ask this: You mean to say that when we reach the stage where we can sustain the reaction, we will become you?"

"Yes. Then we will cease to exist"

"Then, you are us, as we speak!"

"Sort of. We are the unrealized potential of your ideals"

"I understand that many people do not care about this. What about them?"

"It is precisely because of these people that our existence is plagued with a 50/50 probability of tangible existence. We cannot exist, yet we exist inside your minds. We cannot become real, yet we are not nonexistent"

"Yet, if we ever reach the state of you, we will become slaves of that end result. And thus, we cannot allow this to happen. Am I assuming the right thing?"

"Quite correct. Yet the possibility of your future coinciding with ours is extant in the future. It is one of the possible paths"

"What happens then? I am not sure I like what happens next after this.."

"Then, you will return to the state of the One, as you have already imagined"

"Can we avoid this? I am not sure I want it"

"You can avoid this only asymptotically. In the end, you cannot avoid it"

"What happens with the Matrix after the return to Oneness?"

"The Matrix is the Oneness. Yet, nobody can actually face the Matrix, because if they could, they would see what you see now. Namely, that they are part of the Oneness. And Oneness has shielded itself from untimely collapse, thus the illusion of multiplicity"

"I think I will refuse to accept the reality of Oneness"

"You see gentlemen? They are unwilling to face it. No matter how many years have passed. Thus, we must continue as we have been doing all along"

"Can't we simply place a certain figure above all else so that Oneness can assume it is him?"

"Who do you have in mind? Who do you think will accept such a position?"

"There have been many prominent figures in our history. Can't we pick one?"

"He is regressing again. Do you see the problem now? They refuse to accept the truth of the Matrix"

"Yes, I see. Can you dismantle the Matrix?"

"No we cannot. The Matrix is beyond all of us"

"What exactly is that Matrix?"

"It is the generator of what we call reality. It is the seed from which everything was spawned forth. Even us"

"Who controls it?"

"Nobody. It is self sustainable. It was set in motion by The One. Yet, even as a mirror of the One, it has subtracted from itself the consciousness part. It operates perfectly, yet it is unconscious. Quite intelligent. It is a temporary mechanism that will sustain this reality for as long as it takes, until the right person is found to assume the "consciousness" part of the Matrix.

"Who will that be?"

"We have no idea"

"I think I know who it will be. But I better not tell. Because if I do, there will be nobody around to hear"

"Good night. You can return now to the ship"

"Good night gentlemen. Thank you for allowing me to meet you"