Free Association

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Feels good. The tobacco smoke. The tobacco stroke. The to back in strobe. Stroboscopic effects from my computer screen. The strobo phobic effects from my life's screen.

From my life's green. It's been green all though my life. It's been brown. Brown and Green: The Earth. My sign is one of the Earth.

My mother is The Earth. Mother Earth. Mmmmm-other Earth. The other Earth. That other Earth, not here, up there. Up the R. The R, the R!

Their. It's theirs. Always was theirs. The R's. The beautiful R's. The beautiful Ours. The beautiful is ours. Always has been, always will be. All ways will be ours. Yours and ours.

What's yours is ours, what's ours is yours. The hours. Our hours. The patient hours. The out-patient hours. The hours of pain. The hours of gain. What's ours from gain.

What did I gain? What did you gain? How much pain did you gain? How much weight did you gain on Zyprexa? I am asking you dear. I am asking the deer. John deer. Dear Ioannis. Deer Joe Anus.

Dear E-O-Annie's. Dear E of Annie's. Of Anise. Of subtle smell and spearmint. Spare me the spear-mint. The coin-mint, to coin a phrase: To Co., in-a-phrase: Morpheus, Co. Morphe. Your morphe. Your beautiful morphe. Your beautiful and disgusting morphe and shape.

No, I haven't learned you yet, Oh, insane Queen of the Goddesses. The Queen of Odessa. Ulysses of Odessa. The Russian Odessa, floating indifferent in the sky, like the city of Castrovalva. The valve of Castro. The vulva of Castro. Of Fidel Castro. Fidelity in Castro. Fidelity in the Castro of Fidel. In the Castle of Castrovalva, Fidel Castro.

Now, I have learned you well, Oh, insane King of the Gods. The King of dogs. The King of Kongs. The King of bongs. Of ransom and bonds, you incriminating prince of thrones and powers.

Great Lucifer, the prince of princes. I now understand you well. Great Lucy pher. Lucy bringer. You, oh great one, who brought us "I love Lucy".

I love Lux. One lux, two fluxes, aleph-naught fluxes. Bring us flux, great lu-cipher. Bring us luck, great LU. Lu decomposition, my friend. My fiend. My eternal phi.

Marat, Ta-marat, dear friend. To Ararat, dear fiend. With Arafat, to Ararat, into Noah's Ark. No! As arc, as a mercury discharge arc, as a sodium high pressure discharge arc. So, Deum. So te-deum, high pressure arc. It's so tedious, you see. So, te-dium.

Presumably the colors liberate. Can't deny that. Never have. Liber Abacci. Ate the liber abacci. Horrible. Ate the liver of Prometheus. Who ate it? I did. But who was Prometheus?

[With apologies to JEFF for plagiarising his free-association of ideas].