Your Life!

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"We come from a dark abyss; we go to a dark abyss; the in-between luminous interval, we call Life" --- Nikos Kazantzakis

So you've had problems. Financial problems. Family problems. Problems with your job. Your wife left you. You owe $250,000 to the bank, which is ready to foreclose your house. Your mother is bitching at you. Your kids are smoking joints and crack instead of studying at college. Your relatives think you are a loon. Your car needs major repairs, which cost $5,000. Your boss wants to fire you. It can't get any worse, right? WRONG.

No matter WHO you are, THIS, is your life:

your life!
Your Life

BEFORE your birth, there was NOTHING. AFTER your death, there will be NOTHING. What will you have lost after you die? NOTHING. So, why WORRY?

Always look at the BRIGHT SIDE of Life (Ponty Pythons', The Life of Brian). Because life is mostly a temporary absurdity.