On MIBs and Priests

Version 1.0 of 13/1/2011-11:42 a.m.

I find it completely ridiculous that the priests here wear black. They wear this ugly cassock which is characteristic of the Orthodox denomination, although priests in various other denominations usually wear black as well. In the States, a variation of the cassock has evolved into a more socially acceptable formal attire, and although still black, at least it conforms to society's more modern style.

Priests are supposed to be messengers of God. In fact, having associated with some, they usually are gentle, forgiving and encompass some wonderful virtues, regardless on whether it stems from specific doctrines or denominations, or is simply a way of life. Why do they wear black then?

Is it maybe because it is a sign that they have abandoned the Earthly realms-or so they claim-in favor of a more divine society where they simply *have* to declare their opposing attitude towards this society?

Why would their clothing attitude be opposing anyway? Shouldn't they be more concerned with the evolution of their flock *into* the divine realm instead by reinforcing first hand impressions that depend heavily upon their first image presented to this flock and to laymen?

Why is it that they expect that we will be eager students and subjects to their doctrines, after they instill our minds with a morbid image of someone in black clothing not at all concerned with formal appearances?

Look at Russian priests. A marvel to look at. The same cloak, albeit luminous and white, and sending a clear message of light to the observer of this reality. Look at Ethiopian Orthodox priests. Same cloak, but bloody red. The blood. The blood, contrasted against their dark Negro skin, with usually a white beard. The first impression is established, thus. From that point on, the central message should be quite clear and easy to convey. Hope and/or sacrifice.

You can tell a lot by the way a person dresses. Accordingly, a sane subject would expect that a representative of God would be obliged to carry a first impression that radiates hope. Through their clothing as well.

So why is it that the majority of priests wear black then? Is it perhaps because they have somehow managed to recognize some obscure truth about this reality, and as such, they have become quite oblivious with respect to their appearance, as if it does not really matter anymore?

Wouldn't you agree that the best way a person can denote his/her hopelessness and abandonment of this reality is in fact to dress in a black attire? Remember for a second, people you have seen on the street that wear an all black attire. Remember the first impression that came to your mind. They stand out, visually, don't they? They inflict not only a conscious mark in your brain, but a subconscious mark as well. The black clothing makes you want to "stare" at them. Again and again. Stare, and try to figure out what's wrong with the picture you see in front of you. It makes you want to ask them things...Like, "who are you?", "What is really the matter with you?", or "*is* there something the matter with you, or are you just trying to impress me?..."

The thing that impresses me the most, is black leather patent boots under black shaggy pants, and a long overcoat, that reaches all the way down to their calves. When i see a person wearing such boots, i am curiously interested in them. It is as if we have "something" in common...

This peculiar feeling does not get initiated with priests. The mental conviction we have of them as "messengers of God", somehow shields one from the realization that they share *that* which i spoke above of.

Yet, they too, try to pass the same message, although painlessly, to our subconscii, cloaked under the pre established niche of "I can save you if you want". Well, that *is* what priests are supposed to do, after all, isn't it?

Why is it then that i am under the impression that anybody who wears black is in fact either quite lost themselves, or truly saved?

Is it maybe because their attire denotes some sort of hopelessness that has come about as a result of an intense research in the field of metaphysics? Is it because they want to pass a message that they, in fact, are totally oblivious to their surroundings? To society? Or is it because they have managed to "discover" some meaning unknown and scary to us and which makes everything plainly irrelevant?

Most of you know the stories about MIBs following people around. I think that the truthfulness of such stories is not really relevant here. What's relevant is the same underlying message, that accompanies stories which can be safely labeled from "outrageous" to simply "interesting". And the underlying message, is of course the black attire.

To me, a fully black attire means quite many things: The first thing that comes to mind is "malignant". I can't tell whether the adjective applies to a specific realm. Namely, i cannot ascertain whether the malignancy applies to the mental or the physical realm. Yet, every time I see e person in black, this characterization overwhelms me.

Now, the above, applied to priests, would yield an immediate contradiction: Malignancy and kindness can't go together...

It certainly is not a physical malignancy, for, thank God, chances are that you will not be beaten up on an encounter with a MIB. So maybe the malignancy applies to a higher level, one which is as of yet hidden to lay people, and who are thus warned, subconsciously, about such a potential in advance, in the pretext of a gross black attire.

Think about it: When was the last time you did *not* have an interesting conversation after encountering a MIB? Most of them *are* very interesting people. Yet, although they are enjoyable, funny, many times humorous and pleasant, my encounters with them, usually leave me with a sense of hopelessness and an intermittent desire to *do* something about a thing which has no hope of ever being corrected.

It is as if they have managed to come to grips with some realization - perhaps pertaining to some obscure area of this reality-that we are unable, as of yet to understand. They not only have come to terms with this "truth", but they have managed to be happy, joyous, and pleasant in company, besides the fact that internally they bleed.

You know, to bleed internally is a serious disorder, and fortunately it ends quickly with Hades comforting one very soon after the fact. In their case, i think it is slightly worse: It is as if they not only bleed, but they will continue to bleed eternally, without ever dying. Or something like that.

I wonder then, how is it possible for them to volunteer to offer services of redemption (priests) to us lay people. It would appear that someone with a serious disorder should attempt to heal themselves first.

Then again, it may be *precisely* this realization of internal damage and their inability to do anything about it, that enables them to offer such services to us.

I have tried on numerous occasions to contact priests in hopes of attaining some higher knowledge. I think, that the procedures outlined have failed altogether, at least in my case. Maybe other people would be luckier in that respect. Or, to put it bluntly, maybe they can be *convinced* that they can attain this knowledge. It all depends on one's viewpoint after all.

All in all, I think MIBs and priests have a good point for wearing what they wear. I think it is safest for their motivation to remain obscure however, as I have this strange conviction that what they want to convey, or perhaps what happens *after* they convey it, is contagious.

I also understand a little bit better now, why I have been wearing black for the last 12 years...