Michael Moore's Documentary for the Shooting in Columbine

Version 1.0 of 13/1/2011-11:42 a.m.

I didn't know Michael Moore when I read the movie review a week ago, but I'll tell you that what I saw yesterday totally blew me away.

I think he intended his movie "Bowling Columbine" to be targeted predominantly towards non-American audiences, as the movie contains explicit mention (and explanations) about various figures who are famous in the American show biz, like Dick Clark and Charlton Easton, but who may (or maybe less) known to wider audiences.

The movie is an excellently made documentary about violence in the States, the kind of violence that mainly originates from the uncontrollable sales of firearms and the severe, fear-oriented media brainwashing that occurs in the States, culminating with the Columbine High School shoot-out in 1999.

Michael employs a grave sense of dark and bizarre humor and sarcasm to push his point across, interviewing various famous and not so famous figures and the amount of info in the movie could easily put to shame the most diligent Ph.D. done on the same subject at a famous Uni.

The guy is way cool, does not care about pretentious appearances, and he severely cauterizes the menace of the American Media, comparing various societal details to those of corresponding or similar countries, like Canada, Britain, etc., trying to locate an underlying cause for the statistical averages of 11,000 deaths caused every year by gun violence in the States.

The movie contains a good (but healthy) dose of anti-Americanism, so I'd be surprised if some of the more brainwashed/braindead bozos here would find the movie acceptable, based on their preconceived notions of what liberty means, yet I think that the more serious American thinker will find his message to be extremely intelligent, brilliant, funny, and worth serious consideration.

One of the best American movie-documentaries I've caught in the last 20 years. It's one of those movies that can actually give a guy like me, who has spent 10 years there, very powerful glimpses of hope for some of the more obscure and enlightened elements that have been borne in America the last 10-20 years.