On New Life

Version 1.0 of 13/1/2011-11:42 a.m.

Nik writes about someone having a baby:
> So, in conclusion, you have my condolences and sympathy, Mr. Vogel.

Jesus Christ! I knew it, somehow, that's why I applauded your return here, homo sapiens with the name of Nik.

A truly responsible human, at last.


It's not enough that this world is plagued by stupidity, pestilence, hunger, child prostitution and exploitation, war, pain, agony for survival, disease, famine, ugly old farts, corrupt presidents, corrupt economies, fakes of all sorts, Usama Bin Ladin's, some smart guy will always celebrate the coming of a new life form into this world.

A life form which had a chance to escape and go into the divine realm, but instead got attracted seeing "from up there" two dogs or pigs copulating, got punished and was thrown into a woman's womb.

What a divine disgrace! What a stupendously degrading experience! Every time the angels see an incarnation they weep incessantly at the tragedy of the sight: The sight of a wonderful and luminous soul, who did not manage to beat its temptations during the previous life and got caught eyeing a male dog fucking a female cow, with its priapistic penis stuck inside a disgusting mammal uterus. How sad a sight, indeed.

And then when the cheated soul incarnates, the parents, all the relatives and friends pretend they are "oh, so happy and doodly" over this event's coming. They celebrate and drink wine, instead of realizing that what they have done amounts to allowing the "potentiality" of another Usama Bin Laden to manifest in this piece of shit you fuckers call your world.

Jesus, such events always get me so excited, I want to exclaim: "Viva la difference!" La difference of your stupidity, human beings. Because the tragedy of what it means to be alive, has not gotten imprinted into your meager brains enough times to want to stop the damn cycle.

Instead, you celebrate the incoming of another potential failure. Perhaps potential success, you say? To what end you fuckheads? You think you will manage to turn this new intellectual sponge into something useful? What? Another Mother Theresa? Or maybe another Jesus. Heh, go ahead, make my day!

Hitler's parents were happy when he was born, too! Hitler was a baby once. He had a mother who lovingly and patiently whispered to him at night all kinds of tales and consonant melodies. His baby bottle was full of milk, too. Not blood, like you idiots want to believe.

I will consider some excuses as more valid when your time comes: "I didn't know she was pregnant" is a much more valid excuse than the extravagant "I WANTED to have a child". Who the FUCK ARE you to want to have a child? Who do you think you are? What have you created? What incredible works of art have you created to give you the right to deserve to propagate your filthy and useless genes?

Have you painted another Mona Lisa? Have you build more Pyramids? A new Colossus of Rhodes, perhaps? Or maybe extended the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, by decoding the secret instructions for extending the countersubjects in his compositions?

Have you written perhaps works better than those of Shakespeare? Or maybe you have composed better music than this of Mozart. Heck, Clementi and Salieri were not of high enough caliber to survive any descendants, but sure as I speak, you are worthy, eh?

What is this I hear? That the new life will perhaps do all those things? Oh, ho, ho! Don't make me laugh! What is this "hope" thing I feel? Perhaps it's because we are around Xmas and my friend, the Spirit of Xmas is making illegal rounds again and spraying your heads with silver dust giving you funny ideas, eh?

If you had any hope, YOU'd be the ones to have done all those things. And THEN you should have had kids.

If you were any good at this game, YOU'd be the ones who would be successful in changing this world and making it a better place. YOU. NOT your kids.

Instead, you burden your own karma and the karma of the pour soul you bring forth, by giving him the gift of life. The gift of life, my ass. Chances are when the soul grows up will curse you for bringing him/her in this planet, like you really have done yourself, long time ago.

Oh, come now. Don't you remember those times when you cursed your own parents? History repeats itself. A new kid on the block. A new sucker born every minute.

What's sad, is not that a new sucker's born. What's sad is that you are responsible for bringing this sucker in here. So, your punishment is coming up. And when you finally realize that what you have created will eventually kill you permanently, bit by bit, piece by piece, then, and only then you will finally realize what kind of responsibility it is to create and why only some people deserve it.