On Mosquitos

Version 1.1 of 20/9/2010-12:45 p.m.

I am starting to think that mosquitoes are inter dimensional beings after all. Judging from recent behavior, that's the safest conclusion.

Not only that, but they seem to be telepathic as well. It is not uncommon to observe suspicious mosquito movement immediately as soon as one doses off. Not before. If a mosquito is in the room, it will start approaching as soon as the subject starts drifting in the hands of Morpheus. Fortunately, some people can easily train themselves to wake up on the slightest buzzing sound around their faces.

Notice how when you are awake, the pest does not make the slightest movement towards you. As soon as you start to enjoy the drifting, it approaches. This accepts no other explanation except that either they are telepathic, or they somehow can sense theta brain waves.

Anyway, I was determined to not sleep the other night, until I had a chance to slap the pest against the wall. No luck. As soon as I would turn the light on, it would disappear. To where? I had no idea. And the cycle continued...

I turned the light off. Waited till I almost dozed off... Only part of its behavior was predictable: That when I turned the light on, it would be near my pillow somewhere. Indeed it was. In almost all cases, the additional problem of not having the spray ready favored the beast. The time lapse between me getting hold of the damn bottle and coming back, allowed the pest to disappear somewhere.

They seem to be aware of our difficulty of not being able to distinguish them in areas of low visual contrast, so they plunge down to dark areas, like those under the bed or against heavily populated areas by general paraphernalia, most likely around gray or dark objects.

During my last attack, it plummeted upwards towards the ceiling. On the edge corner between wall and ceiling, there was this crevice, with about 10% behind it out of visual contact. The beast zoomed into this area immediately. Suddenly, I lost contact with it. I got hold of a stool nearby and climbed up and examined the crevice carefully. The mosquito was nowhere to be found, even though it did not escape from my visual field otherwise.

It was as if it entered through an inter dimensional portal inside the area which was out of sight. In fact, now that I think about it, it wouldn't be surprising if they took advantage of obscure spaces in our reality such as primordial black holes. And I think it is precisely our passing through a hole ourselves while we dose of, that allows them to attack us.

Unless of course they are so hungry that they attack during daytime. At least here in Athens they are not as bad as in the States. In the States they would attack through my jeans and sometimes succeed.

I finally got tired and fumigated the whole room. But the pest was nowhere to be found next morning.

Beware of such pests. They mean no good.