The Reality Code

Version 1.2.1b1 of 29/12/2020-9:00 a.m.

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Matrix code from Stevopia

Two weeks ago, a very rare and scary observation took place, one which will leave me almost at a state of a mild shock (for lack of a better word), perhaps for the rest of my life.

I was nonchalantly watching the news on TV, and as is oftentimes the case, my mind started wondering about some inane programmatic detail. This resulted in the known phenomenon of "seeing without seeing", the situation where your eyes are observing a scene, without you being aware of what this scene is, until your consciousness returns from whence it was wondering.

I was in fact daydreaming and I was completely unaware of what I was observing in front of me. As soon as the thought of coming back to "watch some news" entered my distracted mind, the process of re-identification of the visual scenery got initiated.

This process usually is almost instant. I.e., the brain cannot ascertain the speed with which the reality scene reassembles when your consciousness returns, perhaps because the inter-relationship between the brain and reality is optimized to avoid any discontinuity in reality perception.

What really happened, was that there was a time gap, between the actual reassembling of the regular visual scene in front of me, and the place I was daydreaming in. For a split second, perhaps a hundredth of a second actually, my brain managed to observe what was in front of me, prior to reassembling the usual scenery from memory and experience.

What I saw, in that split second, was totally weird. I can only remember very small fragments of the scene, because apparently the brain "erased" the discontinuity as well as it could as soon as the scene reappeared in full force.

I vividly remember a colorful scenery that resembled some sort of huge fractal with thousands of colors, yet nothing was clearly discernible and nothing could be really identified. The only thing I could claim was a bit visible was the periphery of the TV box. Anything else, was a huge nonsensical set of colorful patterns and delineations. Complete chaos.

I remember looking into what appeared to be the TV box. It was full of a set of overlaying patches, intricately connected, like the geographical map of some unknown country, where the states alternated in colors to make the boundaries easier to spot.

As soon as I realized that the reality I was perceiving was not the one I should be in, or rather, that what I was seeing was not quite what I was supposed to be seeing, the huge fractal started to gradually disassemble, piece by piece, and every little detail on my familiar forward scenery visible from my restroom chair, started to show up.

First, the outline of the face of the news announcer. It was the first thing that became recognizable. Then the eyes, the nose, until the well known anchor man showed up. Then hearing and vision got synchronized. The voice of the anchor man, started being synchronous with his lip movement. Then, the rest of the things inside the TV image, became discernible. As soon as the TV became the well known object, its surroundings started being formed, out of big chunks of the huge chaotic fractal.

Big colorful nonsensical pieces of the surrounding space, transformed into my coat hanger, my black coat, the desk the TV sits upon, and finally the white stucco wall behind the TV, the last object that got reassembled.

The process of reality reassembling, was tremendously fast, but not instant. My brain was able to clearly trace the recreation of the scenery, and when finally the complete scene appeared, I just sat there, amazed, at the incredible link between the observer and his reality.

When I later was recalling the left over bits and pieces of what existed in this small discontinuity of reality, it became apparent thus, that this was a mini-proof given, that observer and reality are really tied together. It became further proof that without consciousness, there is something there, but this something is not only completely unrecognizable, not only chaotic and turbulent, but even this last sentence will make little sense, since even this bit was observed under the aegis of some sort of "secondary" consciousness, that evaded reality's natural mechanisms, and not without consciousness, whatsoever.

A good analogy would be, to imagine a huge random state 2-D map, a fractal map if you will, with thousands of intricate border-boundaries, between billions of infinitesimal objects, alternating in color, spanning infinity. And then imagine you, being a little dot, standing at a distance of 1 meter, looking at this map.

This map contains in its fractal encoding, billions of mini-instructions, that are parsed visually, and processed through your brain somehow to create the illusion of reality. The processing of the instructions by the brain is so incredibly fast, that the brain perceives the various segments of the map contiguously, and without gaps.

The brain, somehow is inherently tied with the interpreted image of the map. Reality. Not the code itself. This is an interesting question. Why does the brain not see the map, and instead it sees reality?

The answer to this is probably obvious to most. If our brain could see only the map, the horrible truth would become immediately visible. That we are essentially "brains in vats" interpreting the map according to its instructions.

I was tempted to deduce again the well known pitfall that plagues us: That essentially I am the only consciousness out there, and all of you are figments, in a well orchestrated sequence of reality perceptions, as to conceal the horrendous truth of "The Oneness".

The above of course is a possible scenario, but not the only possible scenario. There is at least one entity/thing out there except me. The map.

However, the horror of regressing back in time, trillions of years in the past, begs to be addressed. And this horror is that back then, when everything started, there was only one mind in existence. Fine!, Fine, Great! That was then. It's not anymore, nor can we go on living, thinking in terms of some sort of intimate soul-matter bonding between ourselves and a random human.

But I digress. What I wanted to emphasize with all this, is that all of us, are in it together. You may have had a similar experience. If you had any experience with hallucinogens, you would immediately see the map. You could, in principle, view such a reality both ways: As a horrific hell consisting of billions of brains in vats interpreting the same map-code, thus having similar experiences, from which the only way to escape is death, or as a wonderful paradise for which you could care less.

Either way, as you have already surmised, whoever has constructed this map, has gradually allowed us to see glimpses of it,with elaborate metaphors through popular Hollywood movies. The movies Dark City, The Truman Show and The Matrix are all essentially variations on this theme. It is all about "revealing". And if you were careful enough and watched all the imminent prophesies and predictions of the whatever weirdoes lurk in the internet newsgroups, they did claim that in the year 2,000 some sort of "raised consciousness" would permeate the planet.

Well, you now know what this raised consciousness is all about. It's about the Truth. And lo and behold, this truth is being slowly unveiled. I don't know if this Truth will liberate us, kill us, or maim us or fill us with further hope. What I only hope is that there finally is some sort of resting place, some sort of Original Principle if you wish, to which we can go and finally rest for the rest of eternity. Even if such a place does not exist, we must construct one for ourselves.

It appears as though the hidden side of reality has started to grow stronger. And it will continue to do so for some time.