An 11x80 Chinon, 20x100 Apogee and Tasco 60mm/700mm Observing Report From Antiparos

Version 1.2.2 of 22/4/2010-4:15 p.m.

After the author with his Equipment came back from the Greek island of Antiparos which lies in the middle of the Aegean[1][2]. After 1-2 hours of night adaptation:

Date: Friday 6 August, 2004. Skies: 5+

Date: Saturday 7 August. Skies: 5.4+

Date: Sunday 8 August. Skies: 6.0+

Date: Monday 9 August. Skies: 6.2+

Date: Tuesday 10 August. Skies: 5.5+

Date: Tuesday 10 August. Skies: 6.7+


  1. For comparisons, the author used the book Turn Left at Orion, by Guy Consolmagno, ISBN 0-521-34090-X.
  2. For digital sketches, consult this page.
  3. Saved transcript of usenet discussion on apparent brightness between different fields, by Brian Tung and Kurt (Canopus).
  4. For limiting stellar magnitude Cruxis reports 12.9 for the 20x100, 11.8 for the 11x80 and 12.6 for the Tasco 35x60.