Is There a Veblen Hierarchy of Functions that Doesn't Cause an Untimely Collapse?

Lemma#1: There is NO Veblen Hierarchy of functions that doesn't cause an untimely collapse of Ordinals.

Lemma#2: The xxx moderators and most participants in math.stackexchange, are racists, incompetents and nasty m@thers with newbies in Mathematics!

Proof (of Lemma #2):

  1. Post nice proof on math.SE in the form of question.
  2. Collect one highly intelligent and one doofus anonymous comment from Simply Beautiful (F)art.
  3. Let it stir for a couple of months, after it's been closed by the 3 anonymous mathematical geniuses that decided it wasn't worth their penny.
  4. Make a little fun with a nice comment (since deleted) addressed to these generously upvoting "moderator" geniuses.
  5. What the moderators got: #1
  6. What the moderators got: #2
  7. What this author got: Singular Untimely collapse of Reputation, from 3,431 to 1 and banned for a whole year off of ALL .SE accounts.
  8. Wuzz UP, Doctored-Ph.D.s of mathle-matrix? Wuzz Up?

Proof (of Lemma #1): Trivially, by the above Lemma #2 (there isn't one, i.e. ANY hierarchy of Veblens WILL cause untimely collapse). QED!

[sigh...] Triksy little homeys the ones who control input-output on math.SE. No sense of humor whatsoever...

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Wuzz UP, Doctored-Ph.D.s of mathle-matrix?