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"You have been found guilty of being stupid. Your right to procreate has been revoked"

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Anyone can have a web page today, even people who shouldn't procreate, so don't forget to check this orgy of stupidity, banality, illiteracy, cacophony, bad taste, incompetence and idiocy once in a while for a good laugh. Expect this list to grow beyond proportions (as a function of time) since I'll be adding more entries as time allows. Here are some jewels, for your unending edification.

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  1. The Truth is from God. This francophone muslim moron thinks he's the next big prophet who's destined to lead us to God's true message, according to one Sura of the Koran! Seriouly: Check the "about" section of his web page. Loads of messages and videos (check his YouTube channel out) on bullcrap muslim revisionism, but not a word on what's really needed in Islam: Passive and non-violent re-interpretative Islamic revisionism. Thinks poor Donald is the Antichrist! No photo or name anywhere on the website. Stinks of fundamental Muslim terrorism from a mile away. Thinks I am a "demon" in human form and that I am disclosing "satanic" secrets on YouTube. Should be sprayed with BayGon Green for disinfection, until he vomits 2kgs of cockroaches from his Muhammadan infection, then put to work as a courier delivering packages with a 50cc Yamaha moto to see if he can make an extra buck, instead of having the nerve to ask people to buy his cooky "books" about Armaggedon interpretative Islam.
  2. crank DOT net. Largest compendium of pseudo-scientific stupidity on the net!
  3. losers DOT org. A bit outdated, but still the biggest loser compendium on the net!
  4. Moral Mathematics! That's what we need more of, today! More "moral" mathematics! From the pages of Doreen Dotan. She studies "linguistic anomalies in the Dead Sea Scrolls" and she is "Queen of the Laputans Manque". She even has a youtube channel, where she explains it all. Half-way through the video, I almost vomited. God help us all.
  5. Authors in sci.physics by rank. Famous idiot of sci.physics, Jeff Relf compiles a huge sci.physics author list, which later gets posted on the NatScience.com forum, with the picture of archmoron Eric Gisse standing and half sleeping, to give us a taste of wonderful things to come!
  6. A Garden in Riotous Bloom. Girlie seeks advice on how to break my program's code and in doing so publicizes the code so that everyone can see it. More like "Stupidity in Riotous Bloom".
  7. Zim Mathematics. Zim has either been taking LSD or hallucinogenic mushrooms or something else such. It's hard to say what, judging from his equations.
  8. Paminifarm. Hates Jews, but believes in Jesus. Has created what is probably the largest compendium of anti-semitic links on the planet. Likes cats. Totally bonkers. She should be put to work on a kibbutz in Israel teaching the Torah to young kids under the supervision of secret Mossad agents for a living.
  9. Kent Paul Dolan. Here's a man who thinks he can pass as interesting or intelligent. Famous Usenet legend and distinguished know-it-all, he did so well, he managed to become homeless for a number of years and had a whole Usenet newsgroup dedicated to him: alt.bonehead.kent-paul-dolan. Everyone related to him, from ex-wife to children, have promptly distanced themselves from his whereabouts. Believes Jews are the descendants of Ancient Hebrews, but modern Greeks are not the descendants of Ancient Greeks. Has an ego the size of the Manhattan Bridge and is under the impression that he is scientifically trained and therefore his opinion counts, just because he served in the navy for a few years and had a couple of math courses in college. Stubborn as a castrated mule. Arguing with him is like conversing with an Eliza-like bot which spews pre-programmed textual nonsense on demand. Unfortunately he flunked intelligence long time ago. Should be put to work as a truck-driver for garbage collecting trucks.
  10. The Mister-Computer Science and Math WEB PAGE. Feast your eyes on oodles of nonsense. From prime gaps, to volume "tones" and shapes of sums. Truck-loads of spelling mistakes. He offers consulting services, too!
  11. Tom Potter's World. It is his perception [sic] that currently defined number systems, including naturals, integers, reals, complex, surreals, etc, present distorted views of reality, are inefficient, and express quantities with too much uncertainty. Alrighty! Give us some alternate theories Tom!
  12. Adrian Ferent. Long time ago, lunatics thought they were animals: Dogs, cats, roosters... Evolution has taken a strange turn and today this guy thinks he is a... wave-function. He even wrote a book with his very own evolution theory to explain all the details. Don't miss his quotations!
  13. George Hammond. The mathematical-physics proof that the God of the Bible exists and God as the history of the universe's curvature. Or something such. The nonsense is so monumentally mind-boggling, even Ph.D. scientists may fail to debunk it.
  14. James Harris' Math blog. Terabytes of English nonsense and at least 20 years of experience with repeated failures and ridicule in mathematics. Mathematics is a harsh and unforgiving mistress to some.
  15. The Obama New World Order. Is Obama the Antichrist? Purchase his useful New World Order report cheap to find out. Don't miss it, because he is under threat of taking it off-line! Hurry!
  16. VASOS PANAGIOTOPOULOS (All caps). He is very opinionated but likes least those WITHOUT opinions! He THINKS that 80% of academics, politicians and homeless are paranoid schizophrenics! He TAKES scientists, managers and bankers and EITHER GETS brain pulp OR a successful company... He is divorce counsellor to PhD dropouts and he EATS people's HEADS for breakfast. He TRIES to put together EITHER biotech, med device OR math (engineering/finance) software firms but usually ends up getting paid mostly in "wallpaper" (as-yet worthless pieces of the resultant new ventures). Me thinks he is a perpetual failure and a MEGALOMANIAC NUT with a BIG MOUTH, who should be shot on sight.
  17. David Ullrich. Mathematics professor at Oklahoma State University. Participates often in the newsgroup sci.math. Has a great talent for derogatory insults, discouragement, sarcasm, confusion, misunderstanding and making the simple and obvious infinitely complex and confusing. Seems like he doesn't have any other business except trying to prove that everyone is either clueless, ignorant or illogical or all three together. He probably thinks all Mathematicians except him are insane. Has written a book in Complex Analysis. If I wanted to UN-learn Complex Analysis, I'd buy it. If you want your kids to hate and fear math for the rest of their lives, send them to OSU to take a couple of math courses with him. Guaranteed results! He should be put to work lifting produce boxes at the local super-market for a living.
  18. Ioannis Lymperopoulos. Apparently some sort of random "doctoral candidate" in Switzerland. When he saw my biography on Wikipedia on Modern Greek Mathematicians, he requested that it be removed, because in his opinion(!) I was "unknown" and of "no importance", despite having absolutely no clue about what my work was or how it impacted the mathematical community. In the same league as Ephialtes the traitor: Greeks who are clueless, jealous and aggressive towards other Greeks, because other Greeks' fame might accidentally impede their own personal agendas. An excellent example of why modern Greece never prospers: With "Greeks" like him, we don't need enemies. If he was worth a fart, he would be doing his Ph.D. in Greece, not in the land of cheeses and clocks. He should never be allowed to get any kind of "Ph.D." and he should certainly stay away from Greece. Frauds like him are the true reason modern Greece is sinking.
  19. Ludwig Korelli. Nome de guerre of Charles A. Gazzari, amateur baroque composer. Contacted me to congratulate me for some of my fugues, sent me most of his baroque compositions for evaluation (even calling me "maestro") and afterwards immediately attempted to proselytize me with Christian nonsense. After I refused to be brainwashed by his disgusting proselytism and ideas, he called me "schizophrenic". If he had the slightest clue about science, he'd be dead from the stress. He should be put to work as a conductor of newly-formed, bad and noisy rock bands for a living.
  20. Archimedes Plutonium. The "King" of Science. Rarely, if ever, anyone has managed to acquire so much reputation with so much published bullshit. From P-adic primers to "correcting" present day mathematics, "correcting" Euclid's proof of the infinitude of primes, brain-locus theories and solving Global Warming to building Earth's first planetary air-conditioner. Not to mention OCCAMS RAZOR APPLIED TO HISTORICAL JESUS and exposing the optimal strategy of playing chess. Thinks that the Bible is a current physics textbook. This man's a genius. George Lucas should hire him to write the next trilogy of Star Wars of the Insane. Cannot be argued with. Has a propensity for erroneous syllogisms and, what's worse, insists that erroneous arguments are correct. He should be disinfected with germicidal UV radiation and then castrated, for our safety and the safety of generations to come.
  21. Gerald Kelleher (oriel36) (Doesn't have a web page, so Martin Nicholson's page is shown here). Most famous troll lunatic of newsgroup sci.astro.amateur. Simulates stupidity, to annoy and confuse. Conversing with him is harder and more futile than conversing with Jehovah's Witnesses. Should be disinfected, sterilized and sent to the Moon to mine Mercury for a living.
  22. Ed Conrad. Thinks that the size of the known universe... is as insignificant as a grain of sand on the ocean floor in comparison to the size of the UNKNOWN universe, which is out there and which Ed has visited by travelling there, meeting other humans (there). Me thinks he should lay off the ganja and should be put to work performing Complex Integration with very convoluted contours, without mistakes for a living and under penalty of death.
  23. Lakis Velotris. Probably the largest identity con ever imagined on the net. Name is fake, photo is fake, identity is always fake. Nobody knows who he is, what he looks like or where he lives. Poses as of Greek origin on Facebook and uses a retarded fake photo to continuously berate Greeks, but most of his contacts therein are fake. Switches newsgroup identities often and frequently participates in Greek forums via anonymous newsgroup servers using vile and disgusting language, insults and abominable behavior against any Greek he deems questionable. Creates fake sock-puppet identities to make participants think that they are being attacked and at the same time defends the attacked through another sock-puppet id. Sock-puppets created so far include: "stef", "sarxxx", "Theodore Mavroidis", "Asteriades", "Sean-Ruttledge", "sigge", "ADR", "The Peeler", "The Reverend", "john jones", "L8 nuz", "Mystikos Praktor", "Dorian West", "Thanos Massias", "Jason Lambro", "Andrew Kasabi", "Yiorgos Tsolakis" (Solakis, SALAKis), "Kostas Papafloratos", "Nicolas Krinis PT", "Professor Konstantinos Papathanasopoulos", "Dimitrios (Demetre) Xenos", "Adeimantos", "John Papadimitriou", "Manos Grepas", "Dionysios Pylarinos", "CUNTICA" and many others. Pretends he only knows "broken" Greek through some sock-puppets to confuse and insult, but can speak fluent Greek through other sock-puppets, hence he has been born in Greece. If you participate in any Greek forums, he can be anyone or no one, even eponymous posters. You can never know, until he attacks you, through a suitable sock-puppet identity. Possibly the most rabid "Greek" anti-semite and anti-Turk ever born. If he ever steps foot in Greece and the Greek police finds out who he is, they will double his body volume from the beating he'll get. If you see his photo on your facebook page, run for your life. This name is virtually synonymous to fraud, vileness and stench.
  24. Theodore Mavroidis and handle "tedblack". Vile, stentchy and vulgar Greek knowit-all in the financial sector & Politics. Actually went to the trouble of searching the entire net to find ANY info he could about me to berate me internationally on Usenet after I dared question his "authority" on financial matters. Check out the verbal beating he got from other users as a result of his stupidity. He took the initiative to take my wiki biography down, after he decided that I was Greek "trash" in need of ... elimination(!) He often contributed anti-Turkish edits to Wikipedia, but was eventually banned from editing any Wikipedia content using a known handle. He may still contribute using only an unknown temporary IP. Being a total fraud, he's only worked in the Stock-Market business in Britain for Sempra Ltd., but was eventually discovered and thrown out. No photo of him anywhere! Doesn't live in Greece, because he's another perpetual failure loser who wants to voice his worthless opinion, but hasn't found any interesting ways yet, except through Usenet & LinkedIn, where all his ..."resignations" from major companies can be wittnessed. Should be put to work lifting produce boxes in the Pireus Agora and paid a good will maximum wage of 5€/hr on penatly of Death if his stock financial advice fails.
  25. Band Technology. Tim is an engineer, who has created the famous "polysign numbers", which are a "family" of number systems having a natural number of signs(!). From his site: To understand these "numbers", you must abandon tradition and this will feel harmful to your perception which is based in real numbers. I think Tim wants to hurt us. With nonsensical "identities" such as - x + x * x # x = 0. He continues: The general "elegant" identity of polysign numbers, is ∑s=1nsx=0, where s is sign and x is either a magnitude or an n-signed value. Did you get that? No? Neither did I. Because it's nonsense. He should be put to work reprogramming all NASA orbiter projects, using "polysign" numbers, under penalty of death if the orbiters fail.
  26. Moderator of Forum Realidade. Thinks that Hidradenitis Suppurativa is something to be made fun of. Let's give him the disease to see how much fun he'll have, then. He looks like a fucking retard and moron anyway and retards need to have their problems compounded, otherwise they occupy valuable space in the gene pool and on the net and never learn. Good fucking riddance, loser.
  27. DSpace@NTUA, Diploma Dissertation. The objective of the dissertation at hand is the study of the utility(!) of a cadastral Information System within the banking sector(!?). More specifically, the study concerns the areas of development(!), the quality of services(!) and marketing as well as activities regarding the relation between descriptive and spatial data(!) and the necessity of their parallel utilization(!) and study in order for integrated and reliable conclusions to be drawn. Dissertation author: me?! What the...?! Somebody trying to pass as me, doing a diploma dissertation on nonsense economics and topography at the National Technical University of Athens! Let's check: Who's this guy's father? The head of the Hellenic Cadastre, accused by the Greek legal system of embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of Euros. Greek justice is still trying to figure out if this guy is a fraud or not and his son is doing a dissertation at NTUA? Right. No photos of these two anywhere on the net. I dread to think what will happen to them, when the real person with this name finds out. In this country, if you are not ready and always on your guard, they will steal everything from you. From your underwear, to your name. Watch out!
  28. Johannes Bauer. Take a cute idea by John F. Simon, Every Icon. Stir well, squeeze brain and apply to chess, finding an upper bound for all chessboard configurations. Present finding to sci.math and what do you get? A random loser kraut clown who has never contributed anything of value to the newsgroup, suddenly showing up and complaining that it's not a big deal, unless all legal configurations are calculated (duh!), so he sets forth to code the little idea in C: Me too, me too! I can do it too, so look at me, everyone! German genius at work! Check the verbal beating he got as a response to his monumental stupidity. He says he likes being impressed. Let's see how impressed he'll be when he sees his name and retarded photo on this web page.
  29. Cannaweed's Toutes de Spectres. Forum contributor Meule, says about my article: he (me) says that HPS is not the ideal choice, so I tend to believe (he tends to believe, but he is not sure, yet...) that the article's statements are those of lumen marketing companies galore. Don't you just love it when incompetents and illiterates from France express an opinion about scientific work? If he understood the math behind the article, he'd fart blood-bubbles from the stress. They should force him to smoke ganja grown with UV LEDs and when he sobers up, they should irradiate him with those same LEDs, until he gets blisters from the UV burns and until he understands the aforementioned article.
  30. The Official Site of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of God Serge Grishenkoff. Did you know the Kingdom of God has already been established and the official Prime Minister of it is now Serge Grishenkoff? Has a bank, benefits, companies and bounties. Has began work already and exterminates(!) all jewish, perverse(!), rebellious(!!), or other than itself or its registered Japhetic (White) Christian (all those of Europe, save Malta and Albania; Russia, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand) or Semitic (Yellow) or Hamitic (Black) Christian. Muslim or Pagan (all others) Constituencies... In other words, another fringe lunatic on the loose with too much time on his hands. Should be sent to Mars to mine iron for a living and establish his "Kingdom of God" there.
  31. PsiPog.net: Science is Evolving. From the site: PsiPog stands for Psychic Students In Pursuit Of Guidance(!), and on these pages you will find over 90 free articles on psychic topics ranging from psychokinesis to out of body experiences. Telepathy, Empathy, Clairvoyance, Psi Balls, Shields, Constructs, Seminars and Classes(!). Wait a minute: Seminar and Classes for what? For fake/imaginary/fraudulent pseudo-science? Science certainly is evolving, but what this guy has on this web site isn't science. It's more like carefully collected unadulterated bullshit of the highest level, to say the least. From Sean Connelly, formerly known as "Peebrain". Well, what can I say? It figures.
  32. Lp-Inner Light-One Universal Mind-The Art of Remote Viewing and Influencing-Oneuniversalmind.com. As a kid he's always experienced flashes of intuition(!), out of body experiences(?), and even detailed remote viewing experiences. So from an early age, he knew that there was more to what meets the eye. So he studied everything(!) under the sun that had to do with mind power, multiple universes(!), the subconscious, higher purpose, and global consciousness. The wisdom here is BIG. It's changed his life and he knows it'll change yours too! Discover how to break free from The Matrix. Read The Matrix Report! Allows you to create your desired reality(?!), now! Tumble down further the rabbit hole! Is it me or does this guy have an obsession with the movie The Matrix and thinks that it describes reality? If so, somebody needs to give him a wake-up call, cause he is still dreaming. Questions from the web site:
    1. Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling 100% fulfilled? I do not like to wake up at all in the morning. Never MIND 100% fulfilled.
    2. Do you fantasize about your dream career but end up going to work with dread on Mondays? No. I fantasize about chicks with large boobs.
    3. Do you feel that you are meant for something more than what your current reality holds for you? Yes. I am meant for sorting out the nonsense on the internet.
    4. Do you want to discover and use the full power of your mind, including both your conscious and subconscious? I am using the full power of my mind. Take a peek.
    Plus he'll be connecting with Gerald O'Donnell, a top remote viewer(!) and universal consciousness expert(!), so that you will have the most up to date interviews, articles, and messages from him. Fucking GREAT! WTF is a universal consciousness expert? Can I be one, too? From Michael Jura. His last name in Greek translates as "toking". Methinks he should lay off the ganja, a bit, cause he's confused reality with insanity.
  33. Kelvin and Nanometers Forum user "snaggy" (who's able to roll a joint and holds a sheep for later use), writes: "Good question I would also like to know. There has(!) to be a relation, otherwise how would plants grow under LED and nm alone (plants now grow under nm alone(!)), or CFL, HID & kelvin alone (Kelvin alone too!). Yet I cannot find any substantial facts anywhere on the net with the relation of the two. In a CFL post I was asking for a CFL kelvin/nm chart of the most common cfl spectrums... Here mentions abit of the relationship nm and kelvin....... Yet I cannot make shit of their graph charts to understand it. Would sure be good to see some real substantial grapgh charts in relation to kelvin and nm." Mentions "abit", but he "cannot make shit" of their graph charts. Can you spot a RETARD when you see one? You cannot make shit of my graph charts, because you are an ILLITERATE RETARDED FUCKING MORON, meboy. This RETARD is allowed to smoke ganja and endeavors to grow his own plants. God help us all from the idiocy of some people. I dare not think what Ganjika will do to him if he smokes any of his own plants. They will probably find him with eyes plucked out, keeping company to Blair Witch.
  34. Nawab Pasha! Vice Principal(!) & Head of the department of Comp. Sc. at npsience.com. Intellectual property thief GALORE from India! Didn't bother to even ask for my permission to copy this entire web page of mine from this web site into their server, after re-editing it with WORD and removing irrelevant code, title, version, tracker code, etc. Now Google will cache their crappy web site and will steal bandwidth from this one on searches. Fucking GREAT! These guys cannot do science. They are incompetents. They don't know how to do science. If they knew, they'd value intellectual property accordingly. It sort of figures: They've been herding cows since goodness-knows when and when it comes to learning science, they immediately steal whatever they can lay their hands on. Particularly since they are obsessed with spectroscopy, given their tradition with Raman which gave them some minor fame. HELLO?! Science is not done by stealing entire web pages! He should be put to work doing spectroscopic analysis on shortwave UV light from Mercury Vapor Lamps, under penalty of death. Best of luck next time, Nadu.
  35. Sean Dietrich. Another random intellectual thief galore. Copied parts of my music web page about Bach, including some of the more famous quotes and attributions about him into his web page and blog without the slightest attribution. Well, the quotes I can understand. But the prose, too? Only with small changes. Expects comments in his blog, too! WTF?! Artist creativity at its best! Somebody should explain to all these fakes that creating something worthwhile, even simple prose, is hard, so seeing it stolen should be punished accordingly, but I doubt they'll ever get it. I'd expect a little better from someone who appreciates Bach's music and certainly much better from someone who says he values Gospel and church music. But, alas, not all Bach fans are venerable. Better luck next time, sport.
  36. Androcles!. Have you read Einstein's Theory of Relativity (EToR)? Do you understand Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Here's a man obsessed with debunking EToR, at any cost, even at the cost of his own life! Possibly one of the most disgusting, abominable and emetic denizens of USENET newsgroups, always using foul and rude language on regular posters and Ph.D. physicists. Gets in a newsgroup, points out all so-called "relativistic" thinking errors by other posters, calling them "zealots" of the Grand Religion of Relativity of Uncle Einstein, shits on the newsgroup floor a giant BULL-turd and leaves, in search and hopes of other USENET newsgroups which will (for a while) tolerate his abysmal ignorance and vileness. Has tried so far sci.astro and sci.physics, and now he's onto sci.astro.amateur. Couldn't get a good audience on the previous two. Too many "deluded" professionals and "relativists"... Can engage in a hostile argument even Uncle Al! His explanations of why Relativity is WRONG, are more complex and confusing than Einstein's equations themselves. Confronting him requires at least 2 Ph.D.'s: One in Physics, a second in Math. Insane with rage against anything/anyone which/who mentions Relativity/Einstein. Mention Newton with pink Unicorns and bullhorns and you'll be safe. Looks like a lunatic too! Don't miss his web-page. If you can understand anything from his grand-nonsense "physics", ring me a bell so I can award you that famous lamp-stand reward with the woman's foot on it.


  1. Google. Possibly the largest con devised in the history of the world wide web. The most insidious and conniving search engine in existence. The Mathematics behind the search engine would cause Gauss to commit suicide by hanging. The most atrocious, cheating, hideous and information distorting search engine in existence. Filters out and censors results, according to reverse popularity if foreign, according to popularity if American. Continuously switches priority of results so your web site can never get a standard rating. This search engine has been constructed specifically to downplay all and any non-American web pages, good or bad. Filters by location and server IP. Displays external results higher than results from main web sites! Displays images from pages which violate copyright, but not from the original page! Don't believe me? Try this search, which is the Google images search on the web site's main domain name. See how many of the first results belong to the web site's domain itself! Creates fraudulent metric in artificial neural network Mathematics! The immensity of the search-results scam can easily be seen with some search results from this web site, which on a normal search engine would have given thousands of first hits, but are otherwise hidden or suppressed by Google. When a popular search returns an undesired web page, Google immediately downplays the result and recalculates based on additional parameters which exclude it. The downplaying is so freaking fast, it can be revealed by clicking on the exact same search which was used by a random user, to reveal the complete absence of the web page the user found. If you want to stay blind for the rest of your life-experience on the net, trust Google and its search results. Fortunately for us but unfortunately for Google, other companies have smelled the colossal fraud behind Google's search engine and have started different search engines. The designers of the Google search algorithm should be put to work mining uranium in deep underground caves for a living, until a clever enough lawyer finds a way to sue Google out of existence, for monopolizing access to fraudulent search results for 10 years.
  2. Google's Page Rank. Second greatest fraud in the history of the world wide web. Thousands upon thousands of unsuspecting users proudly display their web page's Page Rank in their pages, without realizing that the number displayed is biased and skewed, according to Google's fraudulent metric, above, only serving Google's fraudulent agendas. Number calculated is based on backward links, sez Google. Links to my ass would be more accurate. The number of backwards links that Google(!) reports for this web site exceeds 10,800. With so many backward links, this web site should've had a Page Rank of 6-7 at least, but Google reports a meager 4. The designer of the Page Rank algorithm should be put to work to redesign the Page Rank algorithm in a Minoan maze, with Predators hunting him down while inside, for a living.
  3. Google Adwords. Third most insidious and abominable fraud, after Google's own search engine and Page Rank. Gives new meaning to the word "small business enterprize". Millions of unaware victims have Adwords in their web pages. Ask them how much money they are making from it. No? Take a guess. A few cents per year at best. Campaign almost guarantees $0.01 per click! If that isn't profitable business, I don't know what is. Adword campaign algorithm specifically designed to cheat and steal money from the owner of the web page and from the advertisers. Advertisers pay huge amounts to Google to be promoted into ad spaces, while the hosting web pages for those ads get paid bread crumbs with $0.01 per click. If and when the web page amount from Adwords reaches reasonable levels, something which will only happen if the web page owner is a freaking genius, Google will claim that some clicks were "illegal" and will thus refuse payment to the web page in question. This way, Google can arrange to always have a budget lower than expected profit from advertisers, so it can keep being in business for eons. These guys are geniuses: They have found a legal con scheme with which to scam the entire world wide web. Sort of expected in the bankrupt land of the free and the brave. Read the fine print before you enter into an agreement for Adwords. If this scheme was designed to really work, I'd be a millionaire with this web site. But, alas, that's not the case (Unfortunately, my financial situation today is so bad that I can't afford to lose even the minute breadcrumbs that today's AdSense delivers, so I've subscribed to it, instead - which makes me somewhat stupid, too, but wth).
  4. Ottlight Full Spectrum Lighting. Take regular tri-phosphor compact fluorescent lamps with a slightly higher correlated color temperature, brand them "full-spectrum" ad-hoc, name the company after a "Dr." of photography and banking knowing virtually nil about light-engineering and try to con the consumer into buying your product. Sounds like an excellent strategy to me.
  5. spiritual healing, healer, healers, Trinity Table. From the site: Admittedly much of the information contained on this site may sound far fetched and even illogical(!). Since the beginning of The Trinity Project, The Trinity Table and Genesis research, every effect and implication has been examined and witnessed first hand by many professionally trained medical practitioners and highly qualified spiritual/metaphysical healers. There is no black magic or hocus pocus involved with the way any of this works, it is pure science and quantum physics at work. [Sigh...] In other words, if you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit.
  6. shoponline2011.com/bakati.com. Biggest internet and intellectual property thieves in the land of cow-dung and exquisite smells. They steal images from web sites and load them into their own web servers. When Google crawls their web site it records and caches the stolen images and later displays image search results of those images for this crappy web site but not the original web site the images come from. It sort of figures: Only Indians could have thought of such a wonderfully fraudulent scheme to attract international consumers. God knows where the stuff they sell comes from. It certainly can't come from legal resellers in India. They should stick to what they do best: Herding smelly cows and avoiding e-commerce. E-commerce requires a minimum IQ of 80.
  7. Hidratab-Your Guaranteed Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment!. Mix a little linn seed, some bark, red caolin and purified sulfur and what do you get? Your guaranteed Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatment, for a disease that doesn't have a treatment or medical cure. Clinically proven (whatever that means). Guaranteed results or your money back. These guys have decided to cash-in on the pain of HS sufferers. Let's give them this nasty disease to see how fast they are going to find a real cure. Best of luck next time, guys.


  1. Videos from Rael.org. The original designers were the Elohim everyone! And they look like short little faggots with beards!
  2. Stupid Laws (link to dumblaws.com obsolete). Largest compendium of legislative nonsense. Gives new meaning to the word "Law" and provides deep insight into the psyche of the average American. Not to be missed.
  3. The Kabbalah Centre. Thousands of years of tradition and metaphysical garbage, lies, mystical nonsense, fraudulent philosophies, numerical hocus-pocus and trash, disguised as a...self-improvement system. Eternal wisdom at your fingertips! You can even get a personal teacher, at a price you can afford!
  4. Jehovah's Witnesses. Trying to converse with them is like trying to fill a cup of water using a colander instead of a spoon. The agents of Armageddon, harbingers of doom, pestilence, destruction and humiliation of the human race, spreading the plague of Christianity to where no man has ever gone before. Website & general literature traditionally illustrated with attractive/dreamy paintings to awe the gullible.
  5. Scientology. The modern "science" of mental health. You see, humans are really "thetans" (spicing-up the sci-fi with some Greek words...) who have forgotten that the alien dictator Xenu bombarded their planet with Hydrogen bombs, and now need to be audited by Scientology professionals using an.. E-meter, to bring them back to a state of clear. Only after they have contributed significant amounts of money, of course. Written by an insane, power-hungry and delusional megalomaniac. This web site, explains some of the horrible truths behind it.
  6. Jews for Jesus. Revelation predicts that when the Jews believe in Jesus, we'll be close to the end of the world. Well, they finally did it: They started believing their own garbage meta-metaphysics. We should probably get ready for Armageddon.
  7. Intercession Urged for "Satan's Schemes". Christians who think that the Olympics ceremony in 2004 Olympia, was the work of "Satan", because the high-priestess prayed to Apollo. Plan to use the event to evangelize a spiritually needy country, like Greece. If you ask me, they need to be castrated.
  8. DestroyPsychiatry.org. Do not trust psychiatrists! They have all conspired to turn us all into insane zombies. Fight back!
  9. The Spiritual Hierarchies. Take a little hindu myth. Add some buddhism and holy Rishis, some Kabbalah with "elements" distilled by ancient gurus in Lemuria and Atlantis, stir well and pour and what do you get? The most amazing and grand nonsense the world has ever seen in the form of prose. If Bible codes can predict the future, the codes from Anthroposophy dissertations would be able to put to sleep an angry horde of sexually deviant elephants.
  10. The Christians!. Thousands of years of garbage traditions of a jealous, petty, unjust, unforgiving, control-freak, vindictive, bloodthirsty, ethnic cleanser, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully (R. Dawkins) desert volcano god called YHVH who killed his own carpenter son so that mankind can be saved - because man supposedly sampled from a "forbidden" tree, incorporated into divine dogma. Dogma continuously evolving for 2,000 years into progressively finer, more detailed/absurd/contradictory theological "philosophy" through the analyses of the Church Fathers & other Christian apologists. Input-feeding the current sum total of all dogma diatribes into a Turing machine, will probably prove the Halting Problem via explosive crashing or create an insane a.i. android - whichever comes first. The mnemonic remnants of an ancient ritualistic stoner experience via an entheogenic plant degenerating diachronically into the greatest conspiracy of/for idiots in history, against logic & reason and against the rich & powerful. Diabolically designed to crash the greatest civilization ever created, the Ancient Greeks - who got so immesurably confused by the dogmatic nonsense, they started believing in fictional jewish desert gods and evil d(a)emons. Silliness, unconditional "love" for your enemy, pseudo-humility, fear from hell, spiritual subjugation to absurd symbolism, idolatric/copse-loving practices and general pseudo-theogenic/philosophical illogic and decadence, replacing rational Philosophy, reason, logic and science and throwing humanity into the dark Middle Ages for almost 1,500 years. 2,000 years after the fact and they still haven't figured out that it's all about primitively spiritual ganja stoners. Talk about reverse evolution in action. In many languages!
  11. Tao Te Ching. Abstract & non-applicable nonsense applied via disposable poetic language. Irrelevant & oblivious to human existence, consciousness & reason. God as a phantom of the Opera doing cheap Zen parlor tricks behind the scenes and always gaining control of things, but nowehere to be found. Prayer doesn't work. Summoning doesn't work. Logically analyzing doesn't work. The only thing that works is quitting all efforts of doing or, not doing at all. Well, if "not doing" is the answer, you might as well drop this and all efforts for knowledge altogether. Best philosophy of virtually null practicality we have today: Best way to solve a logical problem is to quit all efforts at solving it, or if life was a game of chess and "not doing" was the best strategy, then you might as well resign on the first move. Best proof we have for Murphy's Law todate or, the apotheosis of Absurdism.
  12. Buddhism. The philosophy of your unending & futile trip into the empty VOID and path to Nirvana after zillions of tormenting & mind/memory wiping reincarnations, using the four "noble" truths (or realities) for the "spiritually worthy ones" (who are the unworthy ones, anyway?) and Karma and as a guide. Except that Karma is never extinguished and life experiences never end, no matter what you do in any life because memory of past lives is always completely wiped out in any new incarnation. Following a wide variety of practices, chants, rituals, prostrations, meditations, all practically useless, since nobody up there is listening. That's not nobility, that's accepting your fate as a powerless great sucker - pawn in the grand scheme of things. Almost 2,000 years after its inception and its adherents still haven't figured out that Karma without memory doesn't make sense. Incorporated, compounded & further implemented uselessly into the grandest nonsense tradition man has ever seen: Anthroposophy. If life was a game of chess and this was the best strategy, then you might as well play any random moves in hopes of winning. Best validation of Epicurus we have today, i.e., either God doesn't exist/doesn't care or is an evil & nasty son of a bitch, bent on tormenting humanity for ever through an unending spiral vortex of useless incarnations.
  13. Islam. Crazy, fanatic, insane, wife-beating and torturing turban-wearing delinquents, strapped with explosives, suicide-bombing random places, after studying the writings of a desert vagabond, looter, paedophile and murderer, with plans to dominate the civilized world with their vile and lunatic traditions. Stopped reading half-way through the Koran, after feeling nauseated from the contorted and nonsensical prose. Thank goodness we have the Americans and Jews as a safety cushion, otherwise Western Civilization would be in trouble.
  14. Top UFO Sites. Abductees, Area 51, evil extraterrestrials, crop circles, unexplained mysteries, UFO incidents, mystery portals, secret societies, hidden events. In short, everything you ever wanted to know about how to brainwash other people with nonsense.
  15. The Apollo Hoax. Leave it to the Americans to do something worthwhile and after 40 years manage to have 20% of the asked population doubt that it ever happened.
  16. inches of mercury. Yet more alternative/rock noise from a band that names itself after one of the most poisonous and dangerous elements in existence, an element which just about everyone on Earth is trying to get rid of before it completely poisons the environment and everyone living on this planet. Somebody should send these guys either a clue (that Mercury likes only Bach) or a Darwin Award, before the element manages to kill them all and everyone associated with them, inconspicuously, mercilessly and very painfully.
  17. Torah Codes!. Take a BIG book of thousands of years of nonsense tradition. Invoke the non-existent volcano god, jehovah. Apply some gematria and statistics to force some desired correlations and what do you get? Future predictions! The authors are not responsible for abuses which may result in apocalyptic predictions or backing of particular religious doctrines, and which may stem from a serious lack of rigor[sic]. Great sage, Vilna Gaon: Everything that ever was, is or will be is contained in the Torah. This means that there is a mini copy of the Torah hidden inside the Torah. Only smaller. Like a Chinese puzzle box. If the Germans see this, they will start thinking about implementing a second Holocaust.
  18. vedic mathematics. From the site: According to Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji's research, all of mathematics(!) is based on sixteen Sutras or word-formulae. ...these are all easily understood. This unifying quality is very satisfying(!), it makes mathematics easy(!) and enjoyable and encourages innovation. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Vedic system is its coherence(!). Instead of a hotch-potch of unrelated techniques(?) the whole system is beautifully interrelated and unified. The Vedas are the most ancient record(!) of human experience and knowledge, Pythagoras was familiar with the Upanishads and learnt his basic geometry from the Sulva Sutras, etc. In other words, infinite and unecessary complication and confusion condensed into a mathematical singularity. If you want to confuse, scare and perplex your young kid with the non-obvious, the obscure and the counter-intuitive, teach it vedic mathematics. Guaranteed results! Here's a subtle hint for the authors: Mathematics is hard. It cannot be made "easy" and it is not "easily understood". It's not meant to be understood by idiots or incompetents. Here's a second hint: Srinivasa Ramanujan had a western education. Not "vedic math" in the land of holy-cow dung.
  19. The Communists. Possibly one of the most disgusting ideologies ever devised by man, favored by thousands of pseudo-intellectuals and frauds. The philosophy of the communal loser and lazy-ass. When you are unable to survive and compete with serious work, you can claim that you are equal to others in rights and value and reap extra benefits which otherwise you wouldn't have. The dogma of YOU work, I share in your profits, because I have a right to, as an equal. The dogma of the stateless and classless society where social equalization and moral depravity rule in the commune, similar only to the degenerate dogma of Christianity and its associated excrement. Created by the badly diseased and insane "philosopher" Karl Marx, applied for many decades to eastern countries and failing miserably everywhere except in China, where the sheer size of the population prevents radical socio-political changes. Here's a clue to prospective communists: The Universe is brutal, relentless and capitalist. You and me don't have the same "rights" and certainly don't have the same "value" in the eyes of The Universe. Morons, idiots, retards and lazy-asses don't have the same "rights" as intelligent individuals who work their asses off to make it.
  20. vedic wisdom. Spell reversal, white magic, black magic symptoms, witchcraft, astrology, jyotish, kala jadoo, tantrik prayog, black tantra, evil spirits, shaitan, devil, paranormal activity! What IS vedic wisdom? It is the SUPREME wisdom. ALL existing religions on this planet are offshoots of this ETERNAL TRUTH. Phrenology, numerology, palmistry are all TOOLS... Time is running out! Click to find if BLACK MAGIC is being used on you. Trouble-shooting(!) human lives, since 1996! The bullshit on this web site is so colossal, I don't know where to start. Pages and pages of nonsense, pseudo-philosophy, bull-crap and elaborate idiocy. From the site: WHAT MAKES YOUR AURIC SHIELD BECOME WEAK; OPENING YOU TO THE SPIRIT WORLD: Visiting jungles, forests and graveyards WEAKENS my AURIC SHIELD? Holy cow! Didn't know that. Guess I should stop going to funerals. We should also announce something about ANCIENT RUINS to the thousands of visitors here. The ruins WEAKEN the tourists' AURIC SHIELDS! If you asked me, I'd say that they probably like to have their AURIC SHIELDS WEAKENED. Having sex with UNHYGENIC partners, SPECIALLY around DARK and FULL MOON nights. Only a fucking werewolf would do that, but anyway. Go figure. UNHYGENIC places and environments are bad too. Holy eternal wisdom from the HYGENIC land of cow pee and dung worship, remodelled, transferred and re-represented in the US. The book was a success at Amazon at only $24.95! Accurate barometer of the intelligence of the average American populace. Don't miss your chance to read all about it!
  21. Church of Satan: The Official Web Site. Going to their "Theory-Practice" section, we find: "Here you will find the bedrock(!) of truly Satanic thought to expand your understanding of the implications and the application of Satanism(!)". Aha! We must be close. Then click on "The Nine Satanic Sins" link and we read: "Stupidity - The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin(!) of Satanism. It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful. Ignorance is one thing(!?), but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity (you don't say!). It depends on people going along with whatever they are told (Aha). The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid...". So far, so good. Then we go to the "Church of Satan Active Membership Application" in .pdf, which lists a unconditional fee of $208 for any (that is, your) application to be processed, with the church giving various reasons for its applicability, whether you like it or not. Next, we go back to their Home Page (above), where we see a grotesque invitation with the label: "We're looking for a few outstanding individuals...". Wait a freaking minute: Who are those outstanding individuals who will pay at least $208 to be put voluntarily in the position indicated on this grotesque first page invitation? That's a little like paying to be made a ceremonial scape-goat. But we already are ceremonial scape-goats. What the...? Uh, thanks, but no thanks. Let's repeat for the mentally challenged: "outstanding"=/="sucker", per your own definition of "stupidity", above. And what are these Jewish letters around the Pentacle? Do these people have any fucking idea whence the Pentacle originated and what it represents? We already have fallen victims of three Jewish religions and here comes yet another one, by Anton LaVey, a Jewish scribe? And one which uses The Pentacle, at that?! With Jewish letters around it? Holy flying medieval renegade cows chewing crispy marshmallows, Batman! If Eris Esoteric sees this web page, she will congregate and swarm in their midst at speeds greater than the speed of light in vacuum. The church members will need to do double and triple swindles and incantations to save themselves from her wrath. It would be better if they started believing in Jesus again!
  22. Maitreya!. He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions(!). Christians know him as the Christ, and expect his imminent return. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. Wait a minute: Since all these religious loonies have been expecting him, he must be the one, right? By Benjamin Creme, a messenger of hope and a student of the teachings released in the late 1800s through Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society, and more recently through Alice A. Bailey (see section on The Spiritual Hierarchies and Anthoposophy, above). These teachings led him to believe(!) in the existence of the Masters of Wisdom: a group of perfected individuals who are the custodians of the Divine Plan for this planet. "Masters of Wisdom"? "Custodians of the Divine Plan"? Is that why Earth is in such a mess? Because these "Masters of Wisdom" have been "supervising" events here? Fucking GREAT! Benjamin Creme claims to be able to telepathically channel(!) Maitreya himself, but other people see his movement as a satanic Antichrist conspiracy. Go figure...


  1. U-864 boot. Leave it to the Germans, the British and the Japanese to manage to create the largest environmental disaster in the history of mankind, by being responsible for a wreck at the bottom of the sea with, not 1, not 2, but 67 TONS of elemental Mercury in it. The Japanese for buying it, the Germans for shipping it and the Brits for sinking it. Military and scientific geniuses at work, everyone! Add all three countries' military intelligence back then, and you'll get a number that's less than the American Pentagon's intelligence during the 911 attacks. The rescue operation still baffles engineers and scientists 80 years after the fact. The BP oil disaster and the Chernobyl disaster combined, didn't do as much damage as the damage that will take place if 67 TONS of Mercury are released into the sea. If I was Mother Earth, I would put the three governments to implement the actual rescue operation for free, and if they fail, arrange for all three countries to suffer at least 50-7.3 scale earthquakes per year, every year from now on, to wise them up a bit.
  2. The Germans. They recently complained in Der Stern about the Greek debt crisis: After the banks, now the Germans must save Greece. First, the Greeks performed "alchemies" with the Euro, and now, instead of restructuring their economy they are striking. Hmm. Let's see. Writes someone as a response to the Stern article: Half a century and more has already passed since the end of WWII, since Germany had the obligation to re-imburse its financial and moral responsibilities to Greece. This reimbursement which Germany continues to refuse to pay to Greece (Bulgaria and Romania have already settled their part), consists of:
    1. Debts of 80 million German marks, from the first world war.
    2. Mid-war debts of 593.87 million dollars, which were assigned to Germany by the allies.
    3. Forced loans of 3.5 billion dollars, which the 3rd Reich appropriated from Greece, during the occupation period.
    4. Financial remedies of 7.1 billion dollars, for confiscations, stealing and destruction of Greek public works and places, as determined legally by the allied war-tribunals and caused by the 3rd Reich.
    5. Innumerable debts for killing 1,125,960 Greeks (38,960 executed, 12,000 dead from fire-arms, 70,000 killed in battle, 105,000 dead in concentration camps, 600,000 from starvation and 300,000 from low birth rates because of the atrocious conditions during the occupation).
    6. Incalculable moral debts which Germany owes for the moral damage it caused to the Greek nation, its people and the humanistic values expressed by the universal Greek ideals.
    Other than that, the Greeks are performing "alchemies" with the Euro, and need to put order in their financial dealings. If I was prime-minister of Greece, I would drop around 10 cobalt-encased hydrogen bombs in Munich and Berlin, to remind the traditionally philo-Turk/brothers-in-arms in always damaging/destroying civilizations krauts of their post-war responsibilities.
  3. The "Macedonians"!. Possibly the most deluded and brainwashed people in existence. Having fallen prey to Communist-Yugoslavia's Tito's insane aspirations, con-plans and dreams, they believe that they are the descendants of... Alexander the Great(!). Never mind that the Ancient Macedonians spoke Greek. When Alexander came to contact with the Greeks, he freaked out and conquered most of the known world, using the Greek Language as a tool of assimilation, but the modern inhabitants of this banana-republic claim that the official language of the "macedonians" is the "macedonian dialect", which is a mixture of Bulgarian, Albanian and God knows what else. Despite their continuous efforts and coercive methods (they actually have PAID famous historians to try to prove their case), they remain the laughing stock of serious historians. The most famous example of thieves of history and tradition in the Balkans. After you wake up from a communist nightmare and you find yourself being a nobody, steal somebody else's history and claim it as your own to become somebody. They even have the audacity to claim that Greek Macedonia is THEIRS and should be liberated(!) from Modern Greece. God, I really would love to see them try. They should be SO lucky if they manage to escape with only a few nuclear explosions on their ground. Let's re-iterate the main thesis so it becomes ingrained to anyone with an IQ greater than 10: Historical continuity requires at least continuity in one of three domains: Language, genes and tradition. Their tradition is Christian and Communist, their genes are Slavic and their language is an abominable mixture of Bulgarian and Albanian. Pretty good, but no cigar. We'll discuss your case in another 1,000 years. No further questions.
  4. The Iranians. Possibly the most incompetent descendants of a famous ancient nation in existence. A revolt against Mohammad Reza Pahlavi established a crazy Islamic lunatic as their leader and an Islamic "republic" as their preferred form of government. That was worse than the Russians' October revolution. At least the Russians after the revolution ousted religion and relied on science. These guys effectively revolted in order to be thrown back 2,000 years into the middle-ages of the B.C. times. Tremendous! But's let's forget about all that. How many decades have they been trying to construct nuclear weapons? 4? 5? There at least 25-30 nuclear war-heads missing from Russia's arsenal circulating in the black market after the fall of The Berlin Wall and the Iranians are still trying to refine enough Uranium to make ONE bomb. Scientific and military muslim geniuses at work, everyone! Are these guys the descendants of Al-Sissa, inventor of Chess or are they kidding us? Takes roughly 3 months to finish the design for a complete implosion-type nuclear weapon using data available on the net and these guys are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how to hide their refining efforts from the International Nuclear Commission. Virtual proof that Islam stupefies nations to the point of oblivion faster than Christianity! HELLO there! Somebody send them an emissary to tell them that the Jews don't like the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons, because they consider all muslims to be insane, that is, more insane that what they (the Jews) are, so they should either stop trying to refine Uranium or muster enough money and influence in the International Black Market to buy some of those missing Russian war-heads. I mean, it doesn't take a freaking genius to figure out that the only champions in Uranium/Plutonium refining technology were (and are) the Americans, who will never let them finish their whatever efforts, because they (the Yanks) always kiss major ass in the Jewish lobby. Somebody, please either put them out of their misery and give them an honorary C+ for effort or give them a complete and armed nuclear weapon for free. I bet your *ss they will detonate it by mistake inside their own country, easing thus all Jewish and American worries, pronto.
  5. The Turks. Traditional & diachronic destroyers, demolishers & assimilators of Civilizations, like their brothers in arms, the Germans, since the 11-th century & counting... So impressed with the Nazis they emigrated to Germany by the millions post war, trying to learn from their art of successful genocide assimilation and cultural appropriation - that's why the Germans are the only friends they have. Martin Luther quote: "The Turk is the rod of the wrath of the Lord our God. . . If the Turk's god, the devil, is not beaten first, there is reason to fear that the Turk will not be so easy to beat. . . Christian weapons and power must do it. . .". These guys' primary concern/dream always has been (and is) the conquering of other nations, the expansion of their territories and the assimilation of others' culture into a teratogenic mixture of Anatolian/muslim principalities - ruled by fat Paschas smoking narghile and screwing harems, claiming proud heritage(!) all the way to Göbekli Tepe and Ancient Greece. Don't have anything cultural to exhibit, except other people's cultural ruins on a land they acquired by force and assimilation and except a history full of conquering wars, war-strategies, fights, infiltration of foreign States and a semi-successful and paranoid Military War-Machine, which rules their government since the 20s. Have fought with just about any neighboring country in existence. A history full of wars, genocides and cultural assimilations, disguised as a proud, peaceful and high income economy. At least the Germans apologized for their Nazi attrocities. These guys refuse to apologize for all the genocides they committed and bravely and proudly distort history making it look like they were actually... the victims! Continuously involving themselves with extra-curricular and covert war activities in foreign Nations and infiltrating other muslim countries through their Secret Service MIT organization, from Libya to Syria and always getting away with it. Supporting & training ISIS and Hamas terrorists and aiding in the spreading of the muslim terrorist plague. A very convenient hidden Ace for Uncle Sam, who sees them as quick resolvers of troubling areas of interest (read - with Oil) doing Uncle Sam's dirty business in the East - hence "strategically important" to NATO and the Yanks, who care nothing about their more obscene practices - except only using them as proxies to finish their jobs there. Mercenary is a good job there and pays well. Record holders in Human Rights Violations, since at least the 1920's and proud of it: Gays, minorities, different ethnicities (kurds), different or sub-ethic religions (giaour, alevis, sunnis), all trampled upon and either displaced or persecuted vigorously - except the Jews, cause they fear them, in a land of Medieval backwardness and barbaric practices, which now has started imprisoning political dissidents and suppressing free press as well. Continuously pestering the Greeks for additional territory - ever since the Greeks recovered theirs after the 1821 Independence Revolt, who don't have the power of their Military Machine and are therefore forced to spend yearly billions of €s for armaments and Military Ordnance from Uncle Sam and France to catch up with their evil intentions (and if). Continuously violating the Greek airspace since 1974 - and scaring the living daylights of the whatever island inhabitants, forcing dog-fights and plane chases all over the Aegean - which they now consider theirs and they won't stop until they get a good chunk of it for their own satisfaction. Unfortunately no politican in Greece has ever addressed their violations as they should be addressed: Next time they attempt one, shoot down all their planes and bomb their Asia Minor beaches - srategic outposts to Kingdom Come, until they learn to behave like a civilized Nation, not as an aggressive war-bully always looking for circumstantial grabs. If Israel was in the place of Greece, they wouldn't exist today to even think about violating Greek space. But alas, Greece is no Israel. I am continuously grateful to GOD, I was not born a Turk. Imagine the identity crisis a "historically informed" Turk would have after reading one's own country's history...
  6. Modern Greece. The country which hosts the largest population of frauds, fakes, cons, lazy-asses, cheap-talkers and moochers on the planet. The country where nobody cares about anything, except only about having a good time, a lazy life and lots of money. Nothing matters here. Science, art, history, mathematics, discipline, beauty and nobility, traits which The Ancient Greeks valued highly, have all been lost in a cyclone of fraud, cheating, unreasonable complication and traitors. A "developed country with a high-income economy"(!) mentions Wiki. High-income economy, my ass: Scientists, engineers and high quality artists are starving and are exiting the country at an alarming rate. A quick look at the Athens job-search ads, reveals the available jobs in modern Athens: Hair-salon experts, manicurists, leaflet distributors for pizza-parlors, bartenders, disk-jockeys, salesmen for cheap and potentially bankrupt businesses, singers, cheap advertisers, phone-salesmen, cleaning-ladies, dancing partners, and otherwise anything which will guarantee an income of at most 5-10 €/hour. Even construction workers make more than that. Newly married couples don't want to have kids, because they don't know how the kids will survive when they grow up. It's only natural: Greek Universities are in a state of complete disarray. Drug needles in the bathrooms, students who could care less about anything and deans who don't give a rat's ass about either Greece's schools or the students themselves. High-quality scientific research is valued at most at 10 €/hour. If you can make a living with such a rate, you are welcome to try to survive here. Take it or leave it. Lowest living standard in Europe, since at least 1981 and proud of it. The national sport here is to find a way to make money by conning someone. Anyone: Other people, organizations, the public, the government, anything or anyone, as long as there's money coming in. "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts", has been re-validated and confirmed 1010 times. Continuously and traditionally electing governments consisting of traitors and frauds who always take advantage of the people and squeeze all available money from the public. Only when modern Greeks are beaten brutlessly and ruthlessly with a stick they produce worthwhile work and they prosper: The only period when this country met financial and scientific prosperity, was during the 1967-1974 dictatorship, when my father was Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Religion. U.S. President Lyndon Johnson: "Best goddamn government since the time of Pericles...". In my father's own words, when I was 17 in 1981: "Pack your bags and LEAVE. This country has been taken by the Devil". Back in the 90's America looked like a paradise compared to the fraud here, which reigns continuously and relentlessly. We are worse than the Jews: The Jews have a global help community pool, always available to help each-other, financially, politically and emotionally, which extends from Jerusalem to Chicago. Greeks actually delight in berating, down-playing and destroying any Greek who makes it. Most intelligent Greeks leave early in their lives and settle in foreign countries to avoid the immense con that is called "modern Greece". A place where doing business can turn you insane or paranoid from the bureaucracy involved. The country where the only good thing is having money and spending it on vacations. Otherwise, a huge mass of illiterate, dirty and loud gypsy-like soccer fans, gay wannabe crooners, musicians and actors, whose only concern is the next Eurovision song contest, Top Model contest, next major league soccer match or any acting career. Most are highly religious, too! Complete degeneration, fraud and laziness cloaked in the domain of the absurd, the conniving, the obfuscated, the get-rich-quick scheme, the miserable, the abominable and the disgusting, cloaked again to give the impression of nobility and wisdom! The Kingdom of contradiction and madness, presented as a "high income" and "modern" democracy. With a public sector which traditionally sucks in unbounded resources, with many lazy-ass unproductive employees who follow relaxed schedules of doing nothing (highest bills of electricity and tele-communications in Europe). The "cradle" of Western Civilization? The descendants of The Ancient Greeks? Ahaha! What a joke. Descendants of The Ancients with an abominable medieval Christian(!) religion, where 60% of the names given to offspring are... Jewish?! With an assorted array of priests, deacons, episkopes and Christian saints, who traditionally pester the populace's monetary resources, via fraud, cons and stupefying and irrational beliefs. With a 'traditional' cuisine which is carbon copy of Turkish cuisine and with 'traditional' music, where good contemporary classical Greek music and composers after the 19th century have been suppressed/ignored and 'tradition' for the mass is now coincident with oriental-style lamentations, Turkish harem amanedes and cheap mass production laika and skyladika junk music. If the Ancients knew of these newer 'traditions', they'd immediately denounce us as potential descendants. Now that I think about it, it almost becomes an honor to have a Jewish name in this corrupt country. The only country which eats its own children, for its own satisfaction and edification and punishes progress in any field by Greeks. Where mediocracy rules over meritocracy and excellence is ridiculed and shunned, since 1974. A haven for all kinds of rogues: Anarchists, Anarcho-communists, neo/revolutionary-communists, pseudo-libertarians, leftist-socialists and all kinds of political loser weirdos. Safe haven for all sorts of criminals who are usually given very light sentences and are released from jail under very gentle (read: useless) provisional justice laws. I.e., the very definition of ideal banana-republic since 1974 and counting. Greece should be kicked-out of the European Union and NATO. They have been consistently incompetent, and should be left to deal with the Turks, who will gladly assimilate them without remorse. Has probably the largest percentage of ugly, nauseating and evil women than any country in existence. International women are angels compared to the women who await you and your check-book here. It's probably better to become a faggot, than fall into the hands of some of the women here. If I knew of the anomalies I would encounter being born here, I'd have chosen to be born in Uganda.


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