A Strange Encounter With Johann Heinrich Lambert

The name "Lambert" seems to be the source of some strange coincidences in my life. Here are some anecdotal evidence:

  1. It is the name of the German mathematician, physicist and astronomer Johann Heinrich Lambert. I am a mathematician by day and an amateur astronomer by night. The name of my favorite composer (Bach) is Johann. My name (Ioannis) is Johann in German.
  2. In 1979 my favorite movie Alien came out. One of the passengers was named Lambert, played by Veronica Cartwright.
  3. The original design of the alien creature was by Hans Ruedi Giger, who I am big fan of.
  4. I am a big fan of the Highlander movies and series, where the actor Christopher Lambert plays the immortal Highlander.
  5. I am also a big fan of the Matrix films, where Lambert Wilson plays the Merovingian.
  6. My father owned a VW beetle, whose left door was destroyed in a car accident in 1971. The door was subsequently changed in 1972 and along with that, the car keys. The new car key, (which I still have in my possession) has on it imprinted something which resembles the image of the Complex unit circle, under the map φ(z)=ez/ez, the inverse of which involves Lambert's W Function. This is the area of the Complex plane inside which the infinite exponential tower +∞z converges. key.GIF
  7. In 1998, I had a strange lucid dream after dosing off watching the Greek National TV channel, "ERT", where someone in my dream yelled at me very loudly: "KEVESH". After asking one of my Hebrew acquaintances about this word, (because it sounded Hebrew to me to begin with), I was informed that one possible interpretation in English is "Lamb" (as in "sheep"). "Lamb"+"ERT"=Lambert.
  8. Having high cholesterol, I've been taking Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium) tablets, which are produced by Pfizer Pharmaceutical. Pfizer was previously known as Warner-Lambert.
  9. In emission spectroscopy which is one of my hobbies, I often stumbled along the Beer-Lambert Law which involves the log function (although admittedly in base 10). The natural log function is intimately tied with Lambert's W function.
  10. In lighting engineering and optics, which are some of my other hobbies, I often stumbled along the Lambert's Cosine Law.
  11. In 1999 I was hired by the University of Crete to investigate applications of Maple in Analysis. There I encountered Lambert's W Function
  12. In 2000 I set forth to investigate various ideas on Infinite Exponentials, and the results of this investigation which are presented in the Mathematics section, involve again Lambert's W Function

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