Version 1.0 of 3/4/2010-12:32 p.m.

Throughout history there have been two major factions: The conformists and the rebels. Both had their causes. The first ones motto was "shut up and follow the crowd and you may learn and evolve, eventually". The second ones, motto was: "The time for revolution is now, slash everyone's throat and change the world!"

Both lame, both impossible, both ridiculous. While attesting to either one proved initially to be good practice, the horror of either implementation can easily be seen.

Reality has been kind enough to allow for both factions to apply their ideals. There have been times when both factions had their say, and various schools of thought were introduced to honor the particular niche.

The problem with the above views is that they are too limited. Too narrow. Too... simplistic. We think we know much of what reality has in store for us, yet we are unable to predict even what will happen the next second.

And yet one characteristic of our society is still running wild, upfront, trying to summon everything under its power, and trying to control all of reality's major events. The Logos. It has been labelled such by the Great Ancestors, for lack of a better word.

It doesn't mean exactly "speech" or "saying", rather something like "that which is being said". The description is quite vague, as the thing it describes is vague as well.

It can vary from your father's advice, to the politician's nonsense. It can be a simple word, or it can break your psyche from an insult. It can gnaw on your soul or it can make you dream places full of flowers and romanticism. It has been utilized by religions to cause their spreading. It has been used by historians, by murderers, by prophets and by lunatics. Yet, and I am about to propose this now, it is a disease.

It has caused the most horrendous disasters throughout history, just because it introduces that simple subtle difference which everyone is familiar with: The Language Barrier. It is the single most prolific abomination that ever came into existence. Raise somebody in a different culture and you immediately have a willing enemy. Raise somebody in your culture and you have an obliged friend.

It has the power to cause an entire nation to rebel, or at a more personal level, it can cause your own death. Simple logistic instructions can guide the hands of a murderer really well.

It is no coincidence that John calls it a God, or it being next to God, or whatever. Yeah, you are going to say, but all this is symbolic. Well that's where you are wrong. Its existence is not symbolic. It is a very intelligent entity and has full knowledge of its operating principles.

Its operating principles are distillation of communication to an inapplicable degree. In other words, confusion. Is writing one of its agents? Of course it is. Every single word you see carries some inherent meaning, assigned to it by the Logos. Am I using it right now? You bet. It carries its own negation also, if you will. When i command: "Silence!" I am trying to convey its non-existence. Yet, it has again the final word: Silence. We cannot win at this one. There are no tools which allow for its disassembly as even the tools that force it to shut up, are as a class up a hierarchy of logical meaning (and by logical here, i mean the adjective derived from logos).

Is there no solution? Is silence a solution? No, silence is no solution, because we have been taught to think in terms of words. And words belong to Logos. So what can we do? You can start thinking in terms of mere thought patterns or forms. A form does not necessarily carry a word with it.

Encode your thought patterns into bytes. Program your machines to learn to use bytes intelligently without using words. As you can see, it has passed into the machine level as well. You all know that the next stage of human development will necessarily involve some form of interaction between biological and machine. I am taking this for granted. Learn to communicate with your machine in front of you without words. It works eventually. Learn to play Sketch and Tell.. It confuses it... Communicate with your boss using noemas (form/idea patterns). Teach your son to play with designs that depict meanings and ideas that do not belong to the logos. Argue with your wife using sign language. Curse your dog by showing him the shape of a huge newspaper. Try to play baseball using banners. Go to your local silent protest and use your hands to convey what you want to say. Don't say anything at the grocery. Use pictograms. How difficult can an egg be to draw or bacon to design? Use the good old fashioned method of finger counting for money. Complain to your local school when they start teaching your child the alphabet. Vote for the use of nowordabet. Use sign language when you curse at your fellow drivers. Its more effective. Try to flirt a girl using voluptuous thought patterns. She might be impressed, you never know. Take a vow of silence and practice every day to keep it. You will be surprised at how much more quiet your household will be. Can't you see how dogs and cats are happier producing just a single sound? Revert to using DOS. Forget Windows. They contain too many words. So many ordinary situations can be taken care of if you just use plain meanings without words. Don't forget to carry with you always a pencil and some paper. It may prove to be handy if your idea-conveying facilities otherwise fail. Crayons may come in handy too. Supply not only your children at school, but yourself as well. Buy yourself a cavalry horn or a vuvuzela. It may prove to be useful in case somebody is stubborn and doesn't want to understand what you are trying to convey. Use any musical instrument to convey ideas and emotions. Come on, the composers have done it, so can you. Beethoven was deaf and was still composing music during his later years. Learn to play the drums. Its about time we started to gap the communication barrier between us and those guys in New Guinea. And I promise you if you perform an interesting drum roll, they won't eat you when you visit them next time. Ok, so you say that phones will be obsolete. So what? aren't we all gonna be happier without phones? Besides the new ones now have little tv screens on them so you can practice your idea emulation skills in front of the little new device. No more obscene phone-calls. The perverts now will have to use obscene Morse clicks or pictograms through the newer devices. You get the point. Now stop reading this and start practicing.

The age of silence has arrived.