On Genes and Memes

Version 1.0 of 24/3/2010-3:14 a.m.


Finally, I believe I have understood the cause of the pain. It's the damn genes revolting against the host. Physical pain is the result of genes revolting against the body, mental pain is the result of memes revolting against the brain.

Disease thus, happens because some group of genes de-program the corresponding carnal sector they are responsible for maintaining, or, the sector they were responsible for having had created.

The most common mistake that we humans do, is, to think in terms of "big", whenever they are trying to understand the rational. Thus, we are severely biased when we simply classify humans to be the most rational and intelligent of objects, where "objects" here, means any item picked from our reality framework.

The catch with all this, is that as one goes down on the size scale, most of us think that we are dealing with unintelligent, moot and inert classes of objects that sometimes have - as we say in official science - a certain function, but are, otherwise, quite unresponsive in terms of operational consciousness.

Science, as few of you may already know, has followed the road of the Dodo. Or should I say, scientists. It's them who actually abuse the general consensus of what constitutes science, and believe me, a true scientist, or a multi-scientist, a rare species indeed, would simply have to be semi-insane. Not totally insane, but not fully functional either, in the classical rational sense.

This because when one reaches the state where one has seen 20-30 different reality paradigms, one's brain, naturally tries to make sense of all the various aspects/sides of it - sometimes complementary, sometimes contradictory - the result of which is to immediately conclude that either this reality is insane by definition (since it contains its own contradictions), or the vantage point of one's paradigm, is simply something which should be seriously defined as "dangerous knowledge".

Many people stick to one viewpoint so badly that they go insane anyway. But this is perhaps preferable to investigating many different paradigms.

But I digress. My point with all this was, that as one goes down the hierarchy of life's structure, the objects one deals with, get more and more intelligent.

As you go down to cells, the entire mechanism of the cell, is one huge intelligent factory. The entire cell is intelligent, and its consciousness is a bit lower than the consciousness of the next "elementary" unit that comprises it.

Think of it as an hierarchical attempt for organization. The constituents of the cell, are more intelligent than the cell itself. Thus, mitochondria, golgi bodies, the nucleus, etc, actually are hegemonial sub-entities, held in place by the power of the cell's organization. The cell has more power, but the constituents have more intelligence.

The intelligence of the sub-entities, needs always an organizer, and in most cases, the organizer is something bigger and stupider, but with more physical power. "Physical" here means, able to relocate, move, and manipulate the sub-entities, efficiently.

A similar analogy: The Earth is much more powerful than a human as an entity (just imagine what a small earthquake does) but stupider than us. We could, in principle, blow the entire planet up, if we detonated 1,000, 4-teraton bombs, and Earth would not be able to do shit. Now, imagine this analogy, down to the scale of humans and genes.

Our genes could easily revolt, kill the host, and we would not be able to do shit about it. Can you see it?

The hierarchy repeats down all the way to molecules, atoms, neutrons, quarks, etc. There is always a need for somebody dumber but stronger, to organize the lower intelligences.

The weird thing about this strange scale, is that intelligence increases as we go down, and power increases as we go up. Naturally then, the end points are, ...you guessed it, the Universe itself, (the most powerful creature, but a tremendously stupid and dumb motherfucker) and the photons, the fastest, and most intelligent information communicator, a small entity down there, with barely enough momentum to just move a suspended sheet of aluminum in a void jar.

The scheme function surprisingly, is thus a double graph, with intelligence descending and power ascending. At the middle point, Homo Sapiens, the perfect balance of all. Here it is. Intelligence on the left (I), dropping down, power rising up (P). At the junction point, man:

I     P
\    /
 \  /
 /  \
P    I

The cross! Ever wonder why this symbol is so powerful? I also wonder if the fact that genes have this shape is coincidental...

The photons thus, are the most intelligent of species. No wonder the Bible and other religions insist that God is Light. But which God? The upper dormitory one, or the lower one? Obviously the lower.

One the other hand, the Universe is so big and massive, that it can contain even light itself, entirely in itself. No light can escape from within it, towards the "outside". Whatever "outside" means in this case. That's where the cycle repeats.

Arguably thus, you can understand easily our predicament now. Our entire lives, are ruled by genes and memes. And the most horrible thing (perhaps wonderful for some) is that those entities want to keep on living.

The problem of infinite sustenance was solved with the process of procreation. The genes split, and combine with new ones, producing a long series of subsequent species, and perhaps, in that DNA, the memories and experiences of the previous hosts are retained. This info is of no practical use to the host, so the host usually cannot retrieve it. But surprise, the genes know everything about this info.

To make a long story short: If your genes manage to transfer themselves into an offspring, they are internally assured, through a medium of information transfer, the host -that's you- and your memes, that they were successful. In other words, mission accomplished.

If however, they get the idea that you are not going to procreate, they will kill you, or will maim you severely, or will revolt against you and give you all kinds of problems.

Anyone who's into voluntary abstinence is in for a lot of trouble. The last step before finally one purges the desires and wills in this world, is to shut down the sexual instinct mechanism. It's called, locking the Baala, from the old god Baal.

If your genes, detect that, shit starts to hit the fan. Diseases, malformation, puss, insanity, physical pain, mental pain, cardiac problems, and general depression, misery and degradation start to show their ugly head.

Your genes are trying to give you a clue. Here's one: Have lots of children, or those genes will really attack you so fiercely, that you will in the end desire to be shot, rather than stand this pain caused by revolted genes.

It is really an incredible mechanism. I like the entire idea/concept of this hierarchy. I also like the hierarchy of entities in the human body as well.

I guess genes are not that stupid. You can't trick them into thinking that you are procreating, while you go and masturbate in the bathroom. You know, it's funny, they can see the whole thing through your eyes. They made your fucking eyes, for god's sake. And one assumes that the maker of a thing, knows how to use the thing.

So let us now, give those genes a name: God. This is the next natural step. So, don't fight God, because it will kill you. This God is the one we should be worshipping. Or should we? Should we maybe worship the big, fat, powerful and stupid God, the Universe? Yes you should. Because this last God, has allowed you to consume his body in order to sustain yourself. Why can't you reach him? Because he is far away. He has to be far away, to not sense the pain from you consuming his body.

The dumb God has provided the basis. But you are a creation of the gene-God, which is a creation of the Light God, the photons.

And thus, you can see where the Trilogy/Trinity got its name:

  1. Father: Who created your genes?
  2. Holy Spirit: Who created your memes?
  3. Son: Who do you eat for sustenance?

Fight neither your Father nor your Spirit. They can kill you easily and with lots of pain. You are all three, and you are going to live forever. Because you carry with you the Son, who dies on the cross every time and gets resurrected with every new gene procreation.

The actual composition of the Trinity is much more complex. All three reside in you simultaneously. If you kill someone, anyone, or anything, you are getting his/hers/its part of the Trinity. So if you are a regular duck hunter and eater, you are consuming duck genes, and they eventually get coded into your system.

The last natural question then rears its ugly head: Are we what we eat? What should we eat? Well, this is the eternal sacrifice: The lower kingdoms' Gods, the animal/plant Gods, have sacrificed themselves for the sake of Homo Sapiens. Respect and love animals, because they have done such a tremendous favor to all of us. I just want to give my two kitties two huge hugs.

It hurts, even when you cut off a leaf from a citrus tree. But the Big Dumb God, is so far away, so as to not sense the pain.

The cycle is a ring with a diamond on top of it. The diamond is Homo Sapiens.

You start there, you end there, after thousands of years. But through genes and memes. Not through some other silly reincarnation method. This is reincarnation: The transfer of genes. Tangentially, I am my father, and my father's father, and my father's father's father, and ...