The First Key to Enlightenment

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"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." --- 1 John 1:5.
Ayiomamitis eclipse 
Original image source: Solar and Lunar Eclipse Image Gallery and Orthodox Icon.

An old issue, really. I will try to summarize only some of the most important aspects of it, to avoid cluttering everything with millions of references from religious and metaphysical texts.

On the issue of good and evil therefore, it is clear today that there's no "evil" perse, except only as a badly timed or wrongly intended response of the ignorant. "Ignorant" as in one who hasn't considered all the parameters of the question he has been called to answer. In other words, "unenlightened".

The notable duality that has plagued the human mind, has been there all along, with the emergence of the bicameral mind, the dual and incomplete mind which first showed up when elementary concsiousness was initiated, thousands of years ago.

And the mind of man, has been dualistic. We sleep 1/3 of the day and during that half, everything gets inverted. Such is nature and man is a creature of nature, who's followed nature's physis (φύσις‚ - the nature of things).

Man tried to detach himself from the duality of good and evil, since times immemorial. His attempts are reflected in the moral dogmas of todays religions. In all of man's religions, there's always an explicit mapping between good and evil as coming from (or having as corresponding primitives) light and darkness, in other words knowledge and ignorance.

The resulting duality has been hardcoded in the brain hemispheres themselves. Barring details such as which lobe controls what action, the fact remains that the basis of man's dual mind, comes from the primitive division, which is, the human brain divided naturally into two hemispheres.

When man evolves morally, one of the two hemispheres basically shuts down, in terms of wanting to control or affect the awake reality. For normal and healthy people, the subconscious part of the mind usually ceases intefering with everyday awake reality.

Dually and by conjugation, sleep becomes invisible to consciousness. We say then that man has reached a critical point in his evolution, in that his consciousness managed to integrate the two primordial elements, darkness and light, into a single state, healthy awareness.

Symbolically, the action above corresponds to the closing of man's non-dominant "eye".

The closing of man's non-dominant eye, necessitates symbolically the "opening" of a "Third Eye"[6]. A new eye, with which he now sees correctly everything, under the new guise of integrated and healthy consciousness.

This new state of consciousness, needs to be "sealed" or hardcoded into man's brain, so that the equilibrium reached doesn't get disturbed further into Χάος.

The way to do this is to hardcode or "burn" both (the old) entry-points of light, so as to prevent further leaks from and to the two hemispheres. This "seal" then becomes the sealed door to the bottomless pit of man's religions. Symbolically, man finally finds rest from knowing that he won't be thrown into the bottomless pit one day (Death).

Is there any way to do that? Yes, there is. Sungazing.


The author DOES NOT recommend practicing Sungazing (NEVER look at the Sun using binoculars or scopes without appropriate filters - it can burn you to blindness easily) and accepts no responsibility if you try any of the following. See the author's Disclaimer. The following is intended only for information purposes.

Sungazing has been banned by science and astrophysicists, astronomers and eye-doctors explicitly warn against it, usually with emphatic and prominent warnings, claiming possible blindness and damage to the eye.

In reality, even under the worst circumstances[1], the area of the retina that's damaged is so small, as to be deemed totally insignificant and is in radius no more than 2-3mm looking at your own palm. It will be exactly a circle half a degree, looking at the night sky. Specifically, it will be exactly equal to the size of the pupils of a human that's standing in front of you at a distance of approximately 20-30 cm's.

A long period of adjustment is needed. Like with all things, man needs time to adjust to this source as well. You can't get all the info there is in one swoop, neither does it pay to exceed reasonable limits, such as staring for long periods of time during the hot summer months.

Are there any bad side effects? Yes, there are. These may include anything from nausea and disorientation or disassociation, to fainting, vomitting and temporary mental instability[2]. In other words, nothing more severe than a short (you control that) relativistic time trip, ala uncle Einstein.

From a physics standpoint: You are initiating, as with all things of period 2 (bicameral mind) a very intense vibration, using a particularly strong unit impulse of energy, with a total energy equal to (sungazing time)x(energy per unit area), which sling-shots you to a relativisic time trip.

Exceeding 20-25 seconds, you will witness a formidable eclipse, which is also the sign of breaking the speed of light barrier: The central part of your fovea will be darkened, so it would be as if you are looking at the Sun using a coronagraph. Absent the continuum from the central body, the surrounding light will reveal its true color nature, which is the pinkish/magenta color of the Sun's corona, whose spectrum consists of Hydrogen and Helium lines.

This phenomenon is otherwise known as the great antithetic-inversion[7][8].

At that time, you are effectively traveling as fast as can be close to the speed of light. How long you will be travelling into the future is decided by you and the total time spent gazing. Note however, that you are not actually travelling into the future. The rest are just left behind by Relativity, so when your stargazing ends, if you've gazed for any long amount, you'll find that you are alone.

Gradually, your world will fill in the holes, as other people who are travelling will be coming in, so don't be scared.

If you are that much concerned about the side effects, don't do it. If the thought only scares you, don't do it. If before you do it you feel a great fear, don't do it. It does require that universal "leap of faith" you hear about in all major religions and because in this case this leap of faith goes contrary to the advice of astronomers and opthalmologists, don't blame me if something goes wrong.

Start with sunglasses during the cold winter months or during sunset or sunrize, when the energy is somewhat attenuated. Avoid doing it completely during the summer.

The vibration you initiate this way, has only two possible outcomes. 1) Either you will find the experience fruitful, in which case you will try again, or 2) The experience will be traumatic and your consciousness will shut its memory down, with you forgetting all about it, until at some point in the future, the Sun may re-request your presence, for a second chance of global time alignment.

There's always a bound, even if you decide to go ahead and practice it regularly: You'll be instinctually notified to look away when you've got your dose. It's wise to listen to your instinct and look away, then. Other times you may find that even the thought of doing it tires your mind, in which case, obviously don't try it.

On the other hand, don't ever think of it as an "arms-race" scenario for your own interest, thinking that by reaching amounts of 1-2 hours will do you much good in going ahead of everyone else on Earth, in time.

Neither is announcing it reason for giving too much credit to the announcer. As with all things, this practice has its measure, too. There are human beings on this planet who can pass weeks and months without food (only with water) and sungazing in the order of 6-7 hours a day[5].

Summarizing: The first necessary key to enlightenment, is, literally, being able to sungaze for a small compact interval of time. Say, for 5 continuous minutes. After that, you'll know what to do and when to do it.

And that's what it's all about. It's a "dose" afterall. Through evolution (those of us who managed to balance it) we've managed to upgrade ourselves from herbivores and omnivores to pure energy/light-vores.

If you manage to control your dosage, you will enjoy at least a full of health rest of your life, both physically and mentally (Additional gifts pending, etc.)

I don't know what your destiny as a species is, but that's mine: The Sun[3][4]. Follow along, or stay behind, your choice.


  1. During Winter. For Summer, don't even think about it.
  2. The Damascus effect: Acts 9:1-9. Fairly obvious that Paul had an unwanted Sungazing experience. Interesting that he claimed that the contact was Jesus. See 3. below.
  3. Some obvious symbolic connections: John 8:12, John 9:5, Luke 23:44, John 1:5, Matthew 17:2, Revelation 1:16 and Matthew 13:43. Also, interesting coincidence that the Sun is the literal "creator" of all life on Earth in science (John 1:3). So, is it maybe that The Son of God is the Sun of God? Otherwise known also as The Solar Logos. More, on Spiritual Light.
  4. Sir Isaac Newton thought that light was not only a metaphor of God, but instead, God Himself: 1 John 1:5.
  5. For more information, consult this page. This author has never exceeded 2-3 minutes per session for 1-2 times a week.
  6. The so called "Third Eye" has been referenced in several "spiritual/metaphysical" sources as intimately connected/related to the Pineal Gland, but that's been disputed/debunked by rationalists long time ago. It is more likely meant as a metaphor for non-dualistic thinking or a symbolic apparatus which aids in "enlightenment" - however one may mean it, if used (opened) properly. For brief overview, consult this page.
  7. Light-Darkness (eclipse)-Light back again. A similar phenomenon can be experienced in darkness by Cannabis: Darkness-"Light" (temporary "enlightenment" from profused thinking insight(s))-Darkness (return to sobriety).
  8. Also possibly referenced in Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20: That's how the Sun looks after the central part of the phobea gets burned and the Moon then looks bloody red. After a couple of days the cells burnt get regenerated and all images return to normal.