An 11x80 Chinon Observing Report From Antiparos

Version 1.1.1 of 12/3/2011-3:34 a.m.

After the author with his Equipment came back from the Greek island of Antiparos which lies in the middle of the Aegean[1][2]. After 1-2 hours of night adaptation:


This was a really elaborate Messier object test drive of the author's 11x80 Chinon binoculars. The author's father bought these back in 1984 for the author. The author never had a chance to drive them long enough and he was only stealing sweeping moments using short trips when he was younger.

The author only had trouble with M57 and this was probably because of the low magnification. The rest of the objects were all easy targets.

To those wishing to buy binoculars for astronomy, the author's advice is to not settle for anything with an objective less than 70-80 mm's. These things are incredible, but don't even try them without a heavy tripod. They continuously keep the author postponing buying a larger telescope. Even when the author does buy something larger, he will probably mount them along with the scope and use them as a finder.

The author's advice to those wishing to buy large binoculars: Carrying large binoculars around in long trips to isolated islands and observing for longer periods at night, may cause several unwanted side effects, from weather disturbances to losing your girlfriend, the latter being especially upsetting when the house you managed all these observations from was the property of said girlfriend.


  1. For comparisons, the author used the book Turn Left at Orion, by Guy Consolmagno, ISBN 0-521-34090-X.
  2. For digital sketches, consult this page.