Match Puzzles

(Under construction. Estimated date of completion, 2/9/1964)

Hopefully, later, the contents will include some theory of why a particular vectorial representation is used on the Maple sheet in the Notes, as well as procedures that move stick between states. Perhaps even an algorithm that implements efficient tree search to minimize moving cost[1], related to Linear Transformations. Check back a little later.

match puzzle 1
PIE matchstick puzzle original configuration.

The object of the puzzle is to move as little as many possible sticks to change the above to PIE. Think about it for a while, before checking this Quora question and answer. After you read the answer, construct similar ones and try to see how you do using the program in the Notes[2].

  1. A somewhat desperate and late attempt to satisfy my Father's initial enthusiasm over me being able to solve them really quickly, which proved to be ephemeral, as I am totally stumped and clueless by similar puzzles about what to do.
  2. Download a Maple 18 classic worksheet to help you manipulate matchstick puzzles, here.