Spectra Samples of Iron

Version 1.0 of 5/4/2010-10:45 p.m.

Left is always red, right is violet. Spectrum length varies according to picture. These are photos on black and white panchromatic film, which has a smoother response to most wavelengths. No attempt has been made to identify the lines, because they are too numerous[1][2].

All the following photos come from stainless steel electrode rods at 6 Amperes.

The first photograph is taken with the small spectroscope. The first major cluster in the left centers at 6102.15A. The area to the right goes as far as 3700A.

iron spectrum iron distribution

Next the same spectrum through the Phasmatron, at magnification 8x. The spectrum wraps to the left side of every other photo below. Compare with the spectrum above.

iron section 1 spectrum iron section 1 distribution
iron section 2 spectrum iron section 2 distribution
iron section 3 spectrum iron section 3distribution
iron section 4 spectrum iron section 4 distribution
iron section 5 spectrum iron section 5 distribution

Next follow some spectrum parts from the above at magnifications 24x. The first one spans the area 5535.41A-5290.85A

iron zoom section 1 spectrum iron zoom section 1 distribution

Next one is the third cluster from the left on the first photo. Note how many lines actually resolve. The resolution is around 2-3A/mm.

iron zoom section 2 spectrum iron zoom section 2 distribution

Finally, the red section in the beginning of the spectrum at magnification 24x. This section is visible at 8x in the 5 part section above.

iron zoom section 3 spectrum iron zoom section 3 distribution


  1. If you want to see color photos of various spectra, click here.
  2. Spectral line identification using the Handbook of Chemistry by N.A. Lange, Ph.D. and G.M. Forker, B.S. McGraw-Hill, 1961.