The Sons of God

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"There's something BIG out there. And it's waiting..."

  1. The Ancient Myth of the Great War
  2. The Elohim and Human Seeding
  3. The Tree of Life
  4. The Two Elohim Traditions on Earth
  5. The Interpretation of the Myth of the Great Elohim War: The Lost Knowledge
  6. The 'Return' of the Elohim
  7. The Cosmic Word/Logos
  8. References

The Ancient Myth of the Great War

Helena P. Blavatsky ([1]) has compiled a tremendous anthropological/sociological/theosophical resource, explaining who were "The Sons of God". One such resource is her book The Secret Doctrine ([2]) (TSD).

Both the Old Testament (OT) and Greek mythology contain only sparse remnants of the original story, perhaps the Greek mythology having slightly more "visible" memory "remnants" of the original scenarios of who were "The Sons of God".

The actual period when the original scenario which generated the myths about The Sons of God, took place probably predates the Great Deluge (GD) ([6]) which based on Blavatsky's references and on current archaeological research, appears to have taken place long time ago.

The specific references in the OT and in Greek mythology, which are nothing more than the memory of this period to the races which actually made it through the GD, actually unfold to reveal also several interesting ideas.

The "Sons of God" part in the OT, corresponds to the "Sons of Gods"/Demigods" in Greek mythology, where it is explicitly stated that these creatures actually clashed at one point or another with the "Gods" themselves, correspond to the myth of the battle of the Titans ([7]) and Giants ([8]), which naturally corresponds to the so called "War In Heaven" between Michael/Gabriel and God's cohorts against "The Fallen Ones".

The explanation on this seems to be quite convoluted, but one could gain additional perspective from various other mythologies as well, such as Gilgamesh' myth ([9]) or Plato's Timaeus ([3]).

Plato in Timaeus, states explicitly the following: When Plato was in Egypt, studying the ways of the hierophants and the Egyptian wise-men, those very men informed him that there was a tremendous and very catastrophic battle of sorts, during the time of "The Ancients".

Plato explains in Timaeus that "The Ancients" the Egyptian priests referred to, were not what we consider "Ancients" today (Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, etc), but an older tribe of "progenitors", some of whom made it through the great battle and seeded various cultures such as those of the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Hebrews, the Ancient Greeks, the Babylonians, etc.

The priests confided privately to Plato, stating that it was "his race of progenitors" that armed with some sort of special knowledge from the "Gods" themselves entered into battle against those powerful creatures.

Plato later makes a possible correlation, conjecturing that the creatures/beings the Egyptian priests mentioned, were the so-called "Atlanteans", a race of immense power and wisdom.

The priests continue and actually admit to Plato that the progenitor race that battled those creatures, were the beings that gave their culture instructions on how to cultivate corn, how to make advanced weapons, how to use fire, and taught them many of their "magical" arts.

Plato states that the battle was so intense that the entire continent where those beings resided, somewhere off the straights of Gibraltar, was subsequently lost to destructive forces.

Blavatsky extrapolates on this, saying that approximately at this same time, Nature brought forth a Great Deluge ([6]), which wiped out from the face of the Earth some of the more "discordant" interbred species and started off from a clean slate, causing the eventual development of the final form of the animals as we know it today.

The race that the Egyptian priests called "The Progenitors", those who helped in the battle against the Atlanteans/Giants, actually ties well with what Blavatsky calls The Hyperboreans ([10]). A very advanced race which came from the far North and were "Sons of God" in reference to their wisdom and knowledge.

The references in OT are precisely this race (Nephilim ([5])), which at some point interbred with the humans.

Blavatsky then goes on to state that the "Jewish Forefathers" were descendants from this race, who passed some of this knowledge to the Ancient Hebrews, but eventually all died out, as their ability to interbreed with the newer race eventually became corrupt.

In the OT, in fact, the life span of some of the offspring (Methuselah, et. al.) was in the order of 200 years or more, suggesting that whoever these beings were, either they were not of the same genetic makeup we are of today or something else allowed them huge life-spans.

The Elohim and Human Seeding

More current sources indicate that the race of the "Hyperboreans" were an alien race of humanoid genetic engineers, the Elohim ([4]) who helped the humanoids after the Great Deluge, by providing for most of the basic knowledge we needed to be able to survive.

Those very genetic engineers were in fact what the OT calls "The Fallen Angels" (Having fallen to Earth), who allegorically at some point fought against some of their own species, because of a certain disagreement between some of the most prominent members of their race.

The actual disagreement over which this battle (the battle between Titans/Giants, or Angel/Michael and Lucifer) took place, is allegorically mentioned in OT's, the "Fall in the Garden of Eden": The disagreement is exactly the different opinions of The Elohim over whether humans should have access to The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The "creature" which Genesis calls YHVH in the OT, seems to be the leader of the particular race of The Elohim, who created the humans. Gen 3:22 ([15]) : "Man, has now become like one of US, recognizing Good and Evil...". This clearly indicates a "race leader" addressing members of the same race. Indeed, Blavatsky in TSD, refers to the Elohim as "local advisors, controllers and leaders of our Solar System". In other words, a race of beings responsible for our genetic development.

And in Gen 3:23: "He (man) must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever". This indicates that (some) Elohim do not want humans possessing very long life-spans.

Some of the Elohim who were responsible for the human experiment, decided that the developed humanoids should have access to The Sacred Plant and be better left alone, causing a disagreement with the "creator" Elohim and their eventual banning from their corresponding alien race counterparts.

Those Elohim who decided for human freedom, are depicted symbolically in the story of the Creation as "The Snake", who seduced Eve into "eating the forbidden fruit" in Gen 3.

"The forbidden fruit", is of course an allegory for The Sacred Plant, which once consumed triggers the mental development of the consumer. "Eating the forbidden fruit" means nothing more than some engineer Elohim actually showing the humanoids the Truth about The Sacred Plant, by providing access to it. Providing access to the very substance which "raised" the pithecines' consciousness, by showing the consumer that his genome is immortal.

Hence, humans were granted access to The Sacred Plant by those Elohim who disagreed with the "creator" Elohim, and the transformation from consumption appears to be related to a particular "gap" in this development of the pithecines, well documented in anthropology, around 2,000,000 years ago, and represents the "time-reference" after which the Australopithecines (Australopithecus Africanus and Australopithecus Afarensis) started to suffer an unexplained brain capacity increase, from 750 cc gradually leading to our current brain size around 1700cc.

Many different branches sprang from the genetic experiment, including the Neanderthals, who eventually became extinct, because they possibly could not compete with the more efficient species, the Australopithecus Afarensis, who eventually transformed into Homo Erectus, Homo Habilis and finally Homo Sapiens. It appears that certain other branches, such as the Australopithecus Boisei, a crude species with large jaws, mainly a nut-eater, were also not able to compete against other Australopithecines and eventually became extinct too.

As a result, those engineer Elohim who tried to help the humanoids, were possibly cast out of the whatever realms the Elohim came from, perhaps being thrown on Earth permanently (Rev 12:9: "The great dragon was hurled down, that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him."), quite possibly establishing some sort of advanced colony, which if we are to believe Blavatsky's and the Greeks' Hyperborean myth, had to be in a location quite inaccessible to regular humanoids at the time.

Thus the myth of Hyperborea, an almost mythical place in the far North, where the ostracized members of this race established a colony, whose vague memory was carried along by the Egyptian hierophants and priests, presented to Plato as information about the race of Progenitors.

The "actual" leader of this "revolt" is allegorically Lucifer. He was symbolically "The smartest of all animals", which means he was an El who possessed incredibly advanced genetics knowledge compared to the inhabitants of the Earth, prior to the time of the seeding, i.e. prior to the "creator" Elohim creating the first humans.

The very Hebrew depiction of Satan having a goat-like appearance then, maybe related to one possible manifestation of this being as a master of genetics, resembling Ancient Greek Pan with hooves and horns: The result of a probable experiment in interspecies interbreeding, prior to the Great Deluge.

Hence, the "great battle" of the progenitors of the Greeks and the "Fallen Angels" against the "Atlanteans" is nothing more than the very memory of the battle between these two factions: The race of the "creator/demiurge" Elohim who seeded our ancestors and the "rebel" Elohim (aided by humans) who decided that it was good for us to have access to The Sacred Plant which raised animal to human consciousness.

The etymology of the word "Lucifer" comes from the Latin word "Lux" and the Greek verb "phero", "to bring". The one that "brings Light forth". "Lucifer" in Greek is also another name for the planet Venus, because this planet appears just before sunrise and after sunset, "bringing (the Sun's) light forth".

Symbolically, "Lucifer" means "the one who brings forth knowledge". The only plausible explanation of the name, is about a possible connection between the humanoid genetic engineer El and his cohorts who disagreed with his leader and the actual planet Venus.

This logically can only mean one thing: That Planet Venus played a major role very long time ago in this whole scheme of things. An interesting thing about Venus' retrograde motion is that Venus goes retrograde five times in eight years and if you plot the points on a circle it makes a picture of a pretty perfect pentacle ([16], [17]). The pentacle is associated with "Lucifer".

Astronomically the planet Venus itself is (now) non-habitable in the human sense, and resembles a "greenhouse-effect" polluted Earth, where carbon dioxide is in such abundance that natural sunlight cannot reach the planet's surface, except in a highly dispersed and diffused form. The temperature in Venus is also prohibitive in terms of supporting advanced human life ([12]).

Venus is an "exhausted" planet. A planet that has been "stripped" of its natural resources, meaning of course resources that allow livable humanoid conditions. It is, for all practical purposes, a dead planet. How does this fact tie to the Hyperborean races?

Symbolically, there were TWO trees in the garden: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which humans "ate" from, and the "Tree of Life".

The Tree of Life

Now comes the interesting part. What if anything, is "The Tree of Life"? Symbolically, modern tradition identifies this Tree with Christ himself. John 15:1-2: "I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2: He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful"

But YHVH, the Elohim, says: "He (man) must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever", indicating that he has no intention to allow humans to have longer life-spans.

Now compare with Christ's actual words in John 6:54: "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day".

But nobody really knows who Christ is or was. Those who believe, admit his physical existence and claim that he was raised from the dead, possessing eternal life or being eternal life himself.

If that is indeed the case, Christ himself is in possession of "The Secret" to eternal life. And what if anything is that secret? Is it some sort of life elsewhere in some sort of Godly realm?

Not really. "The Secret" to eternal life is very simply the lost knowledge that we, in fact, are physically immortal, but we forget about it because of a very sinister memory problem, related to the degeneration of our genes, which follow our degenerate memory.

The Christian ceremony/mystery of Eucharist/Holy Communion, the very "eating" of Christ's body and "drinking" of his blood, is nothing more but a remote and forgotten memory of what this being taught his followers about the immortality of the Elohim (his master race) and humans. An allegory for what we hope can become true.

"I am eternal life" (Christ's claim via consumption of "his body"), allegorically means "my genetic code is so advanced, that if you "ate" it, (read consume it, incorporate it into your own genome) you will possess physical immortality". Which is pretty much what the humans have been seeking throughout history and which is also a characteristic of The Elohim, our creator race.

Therefore the principle of The Christ, is the very same Spirit which provided access to The Sacred Plant for the pithecines/developing humanoids, liberating them from the bonds of animal nature, later "banned" from "the Garden" by his very own race, who possessed this knowledge altogether.

What is that principle which constantly reminds us of our immortality? It is The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in our "Garden of Eden", Earth.

That very same Christ, was the "El/Snake/Wisdom/Knowledge" which caused "Adam and "Eve" to "eat" from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and in fact, was ready to allow our race to "eat" from the "Tree of Life", by convincing us that our genome is immortal.

After the Elohim leader (YHVH) found out that "Lucifer" provided us with access to The Sacred Plant, he was "cast out of Heaven", after a "great battle" with the alien leaders themselves and in particular with this being who the OT calls as YHVH: Rev 12:7: "And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8: But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven". This is the battle of Atlantis ([11]), the battle between "Titans/Giants" and between "Sons of God/Fallen Angels".

As the "rebel" Elohim were thrown down here, they had to find a place suitable for them so that they could hide away from the developing humans AND from their racial counterparts. The memory remnants of this place, are Blavatsky's and the Greeks' remote Hyperborea, a location somewhere in the far north, which was later passed into the mythologies of the Ancients.

After the race of the Elohim became aware that the "rebels" had given humans access to The Sacred Plant, they warned Noah, that somebody was about to initiate "The Great Deluge", which was a covert operation by "someone" to eliminate all existing "enlightened" (by the "rebel" Elohim) humanoids (humanoids which knew of their own immortality). As a result, all new life forms after the GD again lost the secret knowledge about The Sacred Plant, with the possible exception of the allegorical "Noah", who survived.

It is quite possible that the "rebel" Elohim tried to hide in neighboring planets like perhaps Venus or Mercury, causing those planets' very fast planetological degradation, since as an advanced species they quite possibly exhausted the planetary resources very fast. There is also another possibility, that of Venus actually having hosted us before we appeared on Earth.

If there had been visits from such close planets to Earth at that time, the question of the name "Lucifer" is then naturally resolved, which would also explain the bizarre appearance of demon-like creatures like Satan himself (according to Jewish tradition), who for all practical purposes were fervently engaged in genetic experiments in their home planet.

On the other hand, the Ancient Greeks did not necessarily consider daemons evil. "Daemons" were beings "replete with knowledge", "divine power", "fate" or "gods" ([13]). It is also interesting that the Greek word for "Greece" is "(H)El-las", which means, "the place of the El". Apparently, the very advanced Ancient Greek civilization was also the result of contact with the Elohim.

The later demeaning degradation of "Satan" (which in Greek is "Diabolos" or "adversary" (of the Elohim?)), came from distorted and false Christian teachings, which depicted "Satan" as a grand-conspirator and "enemy" of the YHVH Elohim, which has surprisingly retained its inherent "truth" relative to the relationship between "Satan" and YHVH, but unfortunately has lost its actual meaning relative to the service this being offered to the human race.

From all evidence so far, it appears that this being, the "banned/expelled" engineer El was actually physically immortal. If he was in fact Christianity's social trigger, quite possibly as the one who appeared back then, disguised as a Hebrew Rabbi, because the Hebrews were the ones who had retained the most consistent form of the entire drama, he caused the formation of a small sect of believers, who were given first hand proof of The Truth about The Elohim.

As a master genetic engineer El, he naturally would have no problem restoring health into all those sick people in the NT, thus the "miracles", which were in fact nothing more than applied advanced medical and biological knowledge and science.

If we are to believe what the NT tells us, although this wise and incredible El tried to help the humans back then, he was eventually killed either by crucifixion or stoning. The real question now is, was his knowledge of genetic engineering sufficient enough to warrant his return from the world of the dead? The evidence in NT, suggests that this was indeed the case, as witnessed by some of his disciples.

On the other hand, there is a very likely possibility that he never made it. Having been born of an immortal genome responsible for eternal physical life, does not necessarily imply that heavy physical damage to the body can always be restored, no matter what the circumstances.

However, and this is one strong point for his case, if he was in fact in possession of such advanced knowledge, he could have been smart enough to predict his eventual death and either fake it or reserve genome to resurrect a clone or a replica of himself.

It follows then that Christ's true "followers" were humans who were actually taught of the Truth that we are immortal (the remembrance of which is the "mystery" of Holy Eucharist, or "eating his body and drinking his blood", as it is preserved today by the more famous Christian sects), by partaking in the true mystery of Eucharist/Holy Communion, that with The Sacred Plant.

In this sense, the "true" followers of Christ, whoever they were, probably disappeared into the underground during the very first years of Christian persecution, eventually causing an avalanche of Christian sects, which naturally have (till today) nothing whatsoever to do with the "original Christian brotherhoods" of Paul, whatever they were back then.

Some of those followers probably founded the sects of Gnosticism as well, which preached pretty much very similar ideas and in particular that what somebody was not predisposed favorably towards humans having access to The Sacred Plant. Christ liberated us from this entity, with this liberation lasting for a while after the persecution had started, but eventually dying out, as the churches eventually diverged away from The Truth.

The Two Elohim Traditions on Earth

This battle between "The Sons of God" and "The fallen Angels" then, can be seen at two levels: As an actual physical battle of immense opposing forces (which resulted in the destruction of Atlantis), or as a philosophical disagreement between the "creator/demiurge" Elohim (or someone else) and the "rebel" Elohim on whether we actually deserve to possess an immortal genome. This boils down to us being allowed to use The Sacred Plant as a Eucharist/Communion to "remember" The Truth and recall that our genome is indeed immortal.

Blavatsky in TSD mentions that the above disagreement spawned forth two Elohim traditions: 1) Humans who mimic the action of the "creator" Elohim and "create" life (i.e., procreate/have children). 2) Humans who mimic the action of the "rebel" Elohim and refuse to "create" life (i.e., don't procreate/have children). Faction 1) considers the creation of a human life form superior to all and any difficulties associated with its creation, while faction 2) considers the knowledge of (potential) immortality to be much more important than the creation of any life forms, including human offspring.

Faction 1) continues in the tradition of the "creator" Elohim, or the "seeders" of humanity, while faction 2) continues in the tradition of the "rebel" Elohim, the "Gnostic Serpents of Wisdom", or "The Great Teachers". In traditional and erroneous fundamentalist religion, faction 1) is typically seen as "The (good) Sons of Gods", while faction 2) is seen as "The (bad) Fallen Angels", consisting of magicians, hierophants, priests and mystics. In all reality, neither faction is better than the other, and which tradition one belongs in, depends on a very difficult choice, which is analyzed below.

In order for humans to be able to procreate, the "creator" Elohim genetically engineered a strange humanoid species, Eve, or the "woman" (In Hebrew, "woman" sounds very much like "man"). Procreation with all female descendants of this species allows new life to emerge. The new life is either male or female. Because that which gives birth to life is the female principle, the representative of that which gives birth to DEATH, has to be its dual, the male.

Note however, that that whose genetic blueprint is based on the principle of death cannot be immortal, because it embodies that very principle, hence the principle itself has to manifest sooner or later as the actual death of the agent who carries it. Therefore, there are two immediate consequences: First, the principle of evil has to be necessarily "male", for that which creates life ("female") does not desire to destroy (why would it want to, if it CREATES life, hence KNOWS the value of life?). It is no coincidence that the first symbolic murderer was a male, "Cain", and also is no coincidence that all the wars on this planet are results of male decisions.

Therefore somebody has to teach the new generations about The Truth of the lost knowledge of our genome immortality and the Elohim. This somebody is exactly faction 2), who are immortal and have retained The Truth through the ages of human history, obfuscated in the form of symbolic/religious/metaphysical prose. They are those for whom Jesus says in Mat 16:28: "I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom".

Faction 2) then provides the new generations with the lost knowledge of The Truth, which at some point forces the new humans to take positions: Whether they will choose to follow the tradition of the "creator" Elohim and procreate and thus realize they are mortal but will continue in a different body or whether they will choose to return to the cradle of the very principle they were designed upon, DEATH. This is the ultimate choice on this planet and it is exactly this choice that the Elohim are investigating as an experiment on Earth. This choice has such tremendous weight on the life of any individual, that oftentimes the Elohim screen new life forms from knowing about their final choice.

The two antipodes, the principle of Life and the principle of Death draw power in time according to the final course of the two factions. Whenever there is a death, the principle of Death acquires more power. Whenever there is new life, the principle of Life acquires more power.

Note that it is crucial that the power ratio of that which gives life over that which gives death must remain greater than 1/2. For if the principle of Death realizes that its ratio share is greater than 1/2, mass destruction and death is inevitable, because the principle has to manifest physically according to the resulting probability.

When and if this ratio becomes greater than 1/2, one can expect to witness the birth of something which embodies the very principle of Death and destruction. The power of that "thing", whatever it is or will be, will be directly proportional to all the death that has come about between the last time this "thing" was annihilated and now.

The Sacred Plant reveals The Truth to human males, hence if one consumes it before one procreates, one sees the immense weight of the choice one has to make which usually results in the partaker following faction 2). Hence if the human genetics experiment is to make any sense in the eyes of The Elohim, the choice Sacred Plant/Procreation, has to remain as random as possible, thus Sacred Plant prohibition. The latter, is exactly "the problem of choice" the Grand Architect talked about to Neo in the Matrix Trilogy. Because this problem is revealed only through consumption of The Sacred Plant, use of The Sacred Plant remains dubious in our society.

To conclude: humans that procreate = (mortal) "Sons of God". Humans that refuse to procreate = (immortal) "Fallen Angels". Or, if you wish, you can reverse the characterizations: Humans that procreate = (mortal) "Fallen Angels" (because they die and reincarnate, thus "fall" on the Earthly plane), and humans that refuse to procreate = (immortal) "Sons of God".

Hence, the crux of the entire scenario can be seen as an alien genetics experiment on "choice", which was initiated by the Elohim long time ago. The desired outcome of the experiment is to delay the manifestation of the principle of Death for as long as possible.

The Interpretation of the Myth of the Great Elohim War: The Lost Knowledge

The important question now is what exactly are The Elohim? They are our creators, but who/what are they? Well, who are the only actual "creators" around here? The WOMEN. To be specific, our creators are...our parents.

The "creators" of our race on this planet, must necessarily be the celestial bodies under whose auspices we live and breathe. The bodies which sustain life on Earth: Earth, the Sun and Moon.

The Elohim are the stars of the billions of galaxies in our universe. The Elohim thus, are vastly complex life forms/consciousnesses which have managed to harness gravity in order to generate light and life. They are billions of years old, hence they are amongst the oldest known life-forms in existence. Life here is the direct consequence of the Sun/El ((H)-el-las=the place of the El/Sun) working with gravity to generate the necessary conditions for life here.

The Elohim come in two groups, like the tradition they have left us with: "Creators" (like our Sun) and "teachers" (like stars which have no life around them). That's why the study of Astrology and Astronomy were traditionally always important for all "teachers" in our history. Because by studying "the ways of the stars" one is studying "the ways of The Gods".

The Elohim move in the universe in immense complexes called galaxies. They always orbit the "center" of their corresponding galaxy. Our Sun for example orbits the center of Milky Way, our galaxy.

The "center" of our galaxy hosts a tremendously powerful object ([14]), for which we don't know much. Based on our current astronomical research, we have determined that this object is a huge and super-massive black hole, with a mass equal to approximately 6 million suns.

Such an object's gravitational force is unimaginable by any human standards and can easily dismantle and consume entire solar systems for its own satisfaction. This object, whatever it is, seen as a "consciousness" in the same sense that the Sun is seen as the local Elohim, represents either the absolute antipode of the notion of "creator" or the very principle of life, since all the Elohim in the galaxy revolve around it.

There are approximately 6 billion stars in our galaxy and they all orbit this object. The Elohim then are the "guardians" of these objects in the known universe. If it takes approximately 6 billion stars to "guard" just one such object/consciousness/life form, you can imagine what this object can do. Now imagine that there are galaxies billions of times larger than our own Milky Way and try to imagine what lurks in their centers.

The objects at the centers of galaxies share a very common trait with the species of women: Both can initiate very powerful "attractions", the result of which is new life. The former through gravity, the latter through a male's love for the woman in question. Hence, the entire galactic system represents in some larger scale a very finely tuned "balance" which exists between two opposing principles: Light and gravity, Man and Woman, Phallus and Vagina, Life and Death, Creator and Destroyer.

That's the incredible mystery of life: These creatures (women) have been harnessed by the Elohim in order to produce new life. Hence women create new life, but because the male blueprint is one of death, the corresponding males gradually die out. Therefore the female descendants of the first such creature (Eve) are exactly "the Nephilim" ("those causing others to fall", see ([5])) which caused the genetic deterioration of early mankind. That's precisely why death "entered" into Adam after the fall: Because he mated with Eve. Procreation therefore, leads to DEATH. This death affects all forms of biological life, including animals. Contrast this death with the incredibly long life-spans of the stars (Elohim), which do not "mate".

Faulty fundamentalist Christian tradition identifies non-marital sexual union with women as "sin". In all reality this identification is nothing more than the lost knowledge that union with the Nephilim causes memory and gene deterioration, and thus leads to death, exactly like it led Adam to death (1 Cor 7: "It is good for a man not to marry" and Rev 14:2: "No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. 4: These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they kept themselves pure. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among men and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. 5: No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless).

Gerald Massey ([16]), a somewhat obscure self-taught egyptologist writes in one of his works: "In the Babylonian legends of creation the seven associate-gods, who are the creators in the Egyptian mythos, have been converted into the seven evil spirits of a later theology. And ... it is said of these seven evil spirits, 'The woman from the loins of the man they bring forth.' Thus the creation of woman is made to be the work of seven evil spirits,...".

Our "creator" Elohim (the Sun) is "watching" quietly his own "Earth experiment on choice" and the corresponding "battle/disagreement" after having created the two factions mentioned above, by providing us with a species which literally can cause our physical death through sexual union and procreation but can also cause renewed life with the male souls as incarnations of the males which die, hence allowing the soul to travel in time. These are the magnificent WOMEN. The Aliens. The Nephilim. The Hyperboreans. The "progenitors". Our "Creators". Our Mothers. The Mothers of humanity.

The Return of the Elohim

"The Second Coming" of Christ, where the "worthy" are given "eternal life" by "God" (i.e., the "creator" Elohim), with Christ deciding/judging for us individually, is nothing but an allegory for one's next encounter with a woman. Because human souls are by construction immortal (being pure energy and energy cannot be destroyed only transformed), this path depends on whether one belongs to faction 1) or faction 2).

Faction 1) (males who have created offspring) as mentioned above, die because their genes carry the blueprint of death, hence their souls must reincarnate. The entity which makes the choice for where their souls go is The Lord of Karma who decides the path. Usually, unless some major transgression has taken place, these souls reincarnate into their offspring. For faction 2) (teachers) things are more complicated. They are immortal, so unless they take their own life, they will stay on Earth for billions of years (eternal life) until the Sun explodes as a nova and destroys Earth. If they take their own life or die in some accident, again The Lord of Karma decides where they go. This is Matrix's "return to The Source" (Sun) versus "return to Earthly Zion" (reincarnation).

The Cosmic Word/Logos

Christ as "witnessed" in the NT, is The Son of The Elohim/Sun, or more commonly called The Solar Word/Logos. He is the first creation, The Firstborn. John 8:12: "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life".

Christ is the Spirit of (The Sacred Plant and of) Life which caused human consciousness as we know it today to appear on Earth and the very same spirit which guides both the "immortal Great Teachers" and the "mortal fallen angels", because consumption of The Sacred Plant reminds the Great Teachers of their immortality and also explains death to the "mortal fallen angels".

He points to the principle of the eternal FEMALE (the Ultimate Female, His mother, or), the eternal womb which gives forth new life, by judging who deserves to have new life via reincarnation.

Seen as a consciousness, He/She is the One, under whose command the first one of us was created on this planet, hence He/She is the One who holds the keys to our genome immortality. He is the very essence over which the whole human genetics experiment is being performed.


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