Rx Prescription for "name"

Or, how to use Χαοτικά sigils through your art to cure an ugly disease for a loved one[1]

Version 1.4 of 8/2/2022-1:52 a.m.

Rx Pre0
"Rx#1a (preparatory doodle)", Athens, 2021, pen on paper.

Rx Pre1
"Rx#1b (preliminary official)", Athens, 2021, pen on paper & digital media.

R<sub>x</sub> Pre1a
"Rx#1c (auxiliary map 4 expanded)", Athens, 2021, pen on paper & digital media.

Rx Pre2
"Rx#1d (expanded official)", Athens, 2021, multi-media.

Rx Block1.png
"Rx#1d.block#1 (unofficial applied)", Athens, 2021, multi-media.

Rx Pre3
"Rx#1e (implementation contract including virtual necessities)", Athens, 2021, pen on paper, (in-)organic & digital media."

Standard execution[1]:

  1. Obtain sample photo of "name" to be cured by Rx Prescription:
    Rx Name Photo
    From cartoons and PNGs by Vecteezy
  2. Print a black and white copy of Rx#1e.
  3. Place your hand over "name" and @ containing location of interest on the printout .
    Rx Sample Seal 2
  4. Light a cigarette (smoking optional) and enjoy some coffee:
    Some Coffee and a cigarette
  5. Pin photo @ indicated location:
    Rx Photo PinUp
  6. Extinguish cigarette @ black-hole vortex location:
    Rx Butt
  7. Burn paper Rx#1e.
  8. Remove pin and place ashes along with 2 Dulcolax pills in small air-tight plastic Rx prescription medication container:
    Rx Medical Prescription Plastic Container
  9. Hide container in safe and dark place for later use[2], or bury it[3].

Therapy progress:

Rx Pre21
"Rx#1d1 (start therapy/action potential)", (coming up), multi-media.

Rx Pre21
"Rx#1d2 (final state)", multi-media.

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    Field trip through Primordial Χάος (320 MB .avi)


  1. Effects may vary depending on the prescription executioner's competence[4] in diverse areas.
  2. Preferably away from kids and qurious idiots.
  3. Opening the container under any circumstances after execution, the restrained essence will escape and "name", if alive, will be plagued again by the same health issue the prescription was written for. If dead, the issue may move to anybody alive, including the opener.
  4. If you happen to want to anonymously volunteer as an executor for this contract for name="x", the price is €C[5][6]. Anonymous protection from this author, guaranteed. For guaranteed payment after succesful execution in case of emergency, please contact: dimitrlappas@gmail.com. Please refer to inheritance case #1827468 (terzi vs Galidakis). Before undertaking the above contract, be warned that actual close contact with "name" may cause anything from simple goose bumps, mental percussion and severe hallucinations to long-term disgusting diseases of the skin, such as Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), polycystic/modular acne and pimples. You have been warned in advance, so don't hold me responsible if you find yourself suffering from any of the aforementioned dysfunctions after a failed contractual attempt.
  5. From the author's share S from his Father's inherited property:
  6. Probably too little to attract any serious attention - given "name"s financial status, but that's all I've got. To get a better idea of what you'll be going against, first consult all relevant passages that reveal "name"s true identity[10]. Here are some quite funny coincidences, amongst multitudes of other more obscure ones: Rev. 17:1-18 ([19])
    1. 17:2: "With her, the kings of the earth committed adultery". At least two prior "kings", here: Father while at the Ministry (at least since 1968[contact]) and Ioannides after 1973. Perhaps approached even Papadopoulos himself. After Father's death, Tsohatzopoulos. After "name"s position as a security advisor(!) in 1996 in the Ministry of Defense under Tsohatzopoulos, only God knows who else[8], in Switzerland (Mr. Giger's country of residence) and elsewhere.
    2. 17:4: (owner of) "pearls"="μαργαρίταις" (in Greek). "Name"="Marguerite". Of immeasurable wealth and probably the richest person on the planet, despite proof to the contrary (location Switzerland), unbeknownst to most. "name" has so much money in fact, that has found medical ways to evade even her current disease (cancer), which hasn't affected her terminally yet after at least 5 years of suffering from it, and still survives at 77 (cure for cancer, anyone?). In 1982, Father sent me financial guarantee letters for my application letters sent to US schools from Swiss banks for amounts of money that he never actually owned himself (That was a very cool trick, dad. It's only too sad that it is being appreciated only too late...)
    3. 17:4:.."..a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.." Mr. Giger's symbolic "Spell" painting is "spelling" it out quite accurately: The little whitish flame-like feature emerging from the "cup" is sperm emerging from a huge penis:
      The Second Celebration of the Four I
      "Summoned (and subsequently disabled) "king" in the Celebration of the Four", From Little Giger database.
      of a "king" for purposes of power and fame misappropriation through procreation. Under the testimony of my mother, "name" continuously wanted kids from Father all along from 1978 to 1986, but my Father was against the idea and managed to not consent. The seven white baby-faced entities on her left and right are the condoms ("filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries") used in all her failed attempts at procreating with the "kings" she's got hold of so far[7], after crucifying them upside down in an engineering cross, i.e. in a reverse manner to Jesus' sacrifice, i.e., by using dark arts and only God knows in how many other tormenting ways, through blackmail[46], etc. The long horns (κέρατα) are indicative of a long record of her fornication attempts with those "kings" (Greek: Κερατάς, victim of fornication).
    4. 17:6: "I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people": She only needs the finest quality genetic material, otherwise her offspring are either genetically deficient or becomes stillborn:
      Stillbirth Machine III
      "Stillbirth Machine III", From Little Giger database.
      So "name" is by NATURE extremely racist and discriminating ([6.6], below).
    5. Her current lawyer (K. Parthenidis) for her second-time case against me for my Father's will started at the end of 2020, suffers from the same ailment and has assumed legal responsibilities for "name" against me ignoring the Supreme Court's decision probably just to manage to pay off a medical cure for his ailment through "name"s financing. Very likely that this lawyer is also a secret lover of "name"[7], hoping for other long-term benefits from his association with her. His current location is at Xios and his email addresses: cpar-law@otenet.gr/chi.forthnet.gr started bouncing as of 28/3/2021 He has refused so far all/any advisory calls for abandoning or settling this case in a reasonable manner.
    6. Interesting to note that "name"'s financial situation is not as severe as this author's. Here's some inheritance from her father sold to Tsohatzopoulos' daughter (newpaper article "name"s financial influence extends to local government, ministerial and public agencies, and most local Banks. All governments since after 1986 have been paid off to shut up or be displaced/defamed through various means, or depended on owned Banks that belong to "name". All governments after 1986, including the current one, led by Mitsotakis jr.[17] are aware of "name"s diachronic existence and influence, but nobody has shown any desire to do anything about "name"s financial interfering with internal matters. Fortunately, "name"s latest power-grabbing attempts through seemingly viable political means, have failed and all associated personnel has been jailed after after a very tiring and strenuous effort by X-traitor of ND[11] [Xrysi-Augi's connection to misapplied Theosophy doctrines (Giger's Celebration of the Four and Summoning) and "Golden Dawn" resurgent connections with neo-Nazis of that party]. Αdd hearing "name" defend "Xrysi Augi" party's political stances on tv, claiming that "name"s grandfather was a military patriot ("Τερζής Ιωάννης" from Thessaloniki(?) on public military records), close to world war I-II) and it's a "shame" that this party is persecuted[8] (don't remember tv station. Skai?). Coincidence that Χρήστος Παππάς' father (of Golden Dawn) was in Papadopoulos' government? Maybe another in "name"s list of "kings" to misappropriate fame and power from[7]. Pappas is still missing as of 6/4/2021... Reports that he's been seen disguised as a monk in Serbia. Right: Serbia has now Orthodox auspiced monasteries at Rue Crespin. Add links here, until the full stench from those who initiated the sewer of Nazism (in Germany and here) is released into the public and is easily understood. Add what was the Celebration of the Four Summoning and what it brought here on Earth (the first husband of "name"). Send this info to the Israeli government, which tried to contain "name" with agents during The Polytechnic Revolt, but failed, because of Ioannides, Pappas and other traitors' intervention. Add note warning to interested Mossad agents who may want to undertake this contract: Be very careful with "name". The disease "name" hosts, can mind transfer and jump in time back and forth and confuse till exhaustion and confusion. Don't undertake the contract, unless you possess time gobbledygook machine or abilities AND far snipping capability. "Name" can sense your presence closer than a certain radius. If she does, you're as good as dead. That's why nobody has bothered taking "name" out, so far. The US doesn't care anymore and is unwilling to help, the locals and peripherals can't. The Turks know and are waiting for the chance to invade if Mistotakis fails. A final warning to "Mistotakides" and other useful subsequent idiots: As long as "name" is alive, this planet will be under the direct influence of the disgusting one. Father's last close words of advice in 1982 at Nea Smyrni: "pack your bags and leave, if you want to make it. This country has been taken by the Devil". Yes, the rabbit hole goes pretty deep. And guess who's hiding in it: "name"=x@RxPrescription.
    7. If you carefully follow the breadcrumbs in Father's story, they easily reveal the entire list of "gifted potentials" that "name" (and others[89]) has been searching for, as well as the "less gifted ones" who either backed out from fear or played dumb-ignorant to this utterly unbelievable discrediting of my father, since at least 1969, for her nefarious purposes. The summon celebration of the four call and the first skato-theosophist-nazi-satanists' attempt to summon the disgusting one for "help" with their nefarious plans in ~1870:
      the disgusting summoning
      "The Second Celebration of the Four III": Rep. of the great summoning, by H.R. Giger, Necronomicon 2: 18, Filmdesign: 16.
      The first child that answers the call (hint: born 1889). The second summoning and the second child (hint: born 1911). The THIRD summoning and the THIRD child (hint: born 1929) that answers the second call to save the world from the first two childrens' machinations and what the "Allies" did when they found out that the third, TRULY gifted child was living in Pireus[89]. (Optionally search for the fourth child, here, here, and here, when time allows). Financing Giger and works. The tremendous help of Mr. H.R. Giger, with insinuating works about Father's blackmailed situation by "name". Women emotional vampires and fame/money predators who diachronically "seek" the "gifted" children[6] , above and always "befriend" them pretending their interest is in "protecting" them[13]. At 77, and still at it. Btw, if you happen to find yourself in the former category, you might consider giving "name" a call. That's a full-proof ticket for more money and fame. Please use the name "N. Galidakis"[76] or "Tsohatzopoulos"(† R.I.P.) as a reference. She may even further oblige you for some of her more obscure purposes, like those related to the dark arts (with payment!). [ Alternatively, if you are into the dark arts, you may want to read a formal draft of what's coming to "name" and the people in her circles, as this author's testament to God. Take a couple of Advils before reading to prevent nausea and projectile vomitting from the vile stench of all violations involved against this author's Father. Good €ffing riddance, σκατούλα του κερατά, after giving us 55 years of continuous and miserable trouble.]
    8. Another useful idiot in the trail of bread-crumbs of "gifted potentials" for "name": Νικόλαος Μιχαλολιάκος, who, according to this Wikipedia biography (ref. [6] therein): "While he was in prison, (he) met the leaders of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974..." (Presumably meaning Papadopoulos and associates). Note convenient merging of junta dates: 1967-1974. Nobody cares to be bothered by the fact that Ioannides putched Papadopoulos as a traitor at the end of 1973 near the Polytechnic Uprising, with a SEPARATE junta agenda and who was ultimately responsible for the Cyrpus tragedy. Other than that, Μιχαλολιάκος' further ascent to questionable power is "implicitly" hinted at, as influenced from "meeting with the leaders of the junta...", so I guess he just met with Papadopoulos and suddenly went full-blown Golden Dawn racist/fascist/Theosophist/Thelema advocate and founded Golden Dawn. It was all good-mentor-in-prison Papadopoulos' fault, of course. The possibility that he just grabbed the chance to fill the void of power in racist/non-gifted potential "kings"- space, after the innocent admission of betrayed and unfairly imprisoned Papadopoulos, naturally escapes logical reason. And of course, the fact that even Papadopoulos' son[61] refused to want to have anything to do with Golden Dawn's offered future ballots, means nothing at all. A further subtle hint for the mentally obtuse: Had Papadopoulos had ever been involved with such nauseatingly disgusting/absurd stuff - like applied Theosophical/Thelematic "Golden Dawn" traditions or was a hardcore fascist, he'd never have chosen rightful "gifted potentials" like my Father for his government's cabinet. That would be a very stupid and dangerous choice for someone in power to make - unless he was a total moron, who hadn't learned from history, that when you're in power, there's always usually at least one someone watching your back with more than suspicious intent of overtaking your position. And the one he should have watched for was Ioannides (Truck trucker's comment) - who was always scheming behind Papadopoulos' back pretending to be a friend, not my Father. Not to mention that even the mention of such philosophical endeavours, like racist or fascist ideologies, were always found disgusting[9] by my Father, in accordance to his Excellence and absolutely pure and good character and as a direct financial victim of the Nazi attrocities[59].
    9. Short discussion between this author and his Father, in 1983: "What's up with those Jews, dad?" (after witnessing some major and influencing political and financial factors in the States being suspiciously active during (and after) his Ministerial position and during the Cyrpus Tragedy (Cristopher Hitchens' book ref.) and after the Pomerance family in Winnetka, Illinois accused mother - who was working as a housekeeper there, of being a thief stealing underwear and personal items, by thrashing her leaving suitcase on the lawn). Father:" Stop concerning yourself with b*llshit. Otherwise, it may interfere one day with your professionalism..."([124]).
    10. Grandmother's ([photo-album]) words in 1980, after hearing some news about Father exiled in Switzerland: "Problems with Lilith, again, no?"
    11. WuzzUp HarvarΔ doc., Mr. x-prime minster of Greece Mr. Antonis Samaras? Why all the fuss with quickly getting rid of the slowly-rising dragon of Xrysi-Augi after 2015? Were they trying to become as powerful as somebody "else" who salivated for very powerful past positions at the same time? Just saying, now...

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