in fond memory of my father
"(In Fond Memory of) my Father", Athens, 1996, oil on canvas, 70x60cm.


  1. Portrait based after a 1976 photograph ([5] below) "magically" split into good/evil sides by ink pen on the photograph's white back, in 1973, under the false impression that the author's father was an iconoclast, because he left the household[13] in 1973. This photographic alteration actually did very grave damage to the author's father through subconcious influencing the author (devil's screw 1, screw 2) about his state, was a horribly stupid mistake (🤬)[6] and deserves severe punishment. Apparently the author's father was generous enough to never implement anything of the sort and patient enough to not even mention it, let alone wait for an apology which never came, except only too late(9*). Hopefully all this past damage will be corrected with the implementation of this new recovery Rx Prescription and the author father's split-personality spirit will be re-united and rest in peace.
  2. Which when illuminated from its backside revealed a horrible dualistic demon with alternate preferences. This should be enough of a clue to prospective artists of various "arts" and "sciences" of dubious quality that being curiously involved in subjects of dubious philosophical inquiry or things you know nothing about, is not for the meek. Subsequent consequences from similar mistakes can easily be used by other people (3.) to additionally defame you for life or accuse you of indecency.
  3. "name", in Rx Prescription used this ad libitum, in claiming that the will[25] and testament of this author's father was very fair, given the damage done from this author's mistake, because, after all, this author didn't really "love" his father (how could this author possibly "love" his father when he was inclined to voodoo him through a simple photographic alteration(4.)?, etc.).
  4. Which virtually proves that "name" was actually quite an "expert" in such/similar matters ((*)∈dx), since at least 1973.
  5. The photograph:
    late 1972
    At home, 1976. Painting based on this photograph without glasses
  6. Emoji from: fsymbols.