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"The Pen(-tagon) is Mightier than the Sword" - - - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Consuming at least a whole A4 paper pack per 6 months on notes with a good thick ball-point Parker pen. Most are ugly & disorganized notes & scribbles kept while investigating various problems, subsequently thrown into the trash after some quick sorting. Some notable exceptions are saved here and have a legend below the sketch where applicable, approximately describing the investigative conundrum.

doodle 49
Trying to sketch dad (pre-1991)

doodle 50

doodle 51
The Death of John the Evangelist (pre-1991).
(Draft for corresponding painting dedicated to Carla Mettling, Chicago 1988-89).

doodle 52
Trying to sketch Carla Mettling at 44 (pre-1991)

doodle 53
Self-sketch at 24. Preflights for Self-Portrait (pre-1991)

doodle 54
Goodness-knows what... probably after YHVH, the god of the Jews (pre-1991)

doodle 58
Ego & spiritual Id (pre-1991)

doodle 1

doodle 2
Thinking about selling the family's VW bug, while doing math.

doodle 3

doodle 4

doodle 5

doodle 7
Thinking about selling old vinyl records to make an extra buck.

doodle 8
Pre-flight sketch for The Pride of the Miasma, based on an impression of the local Tram.

doodle 9

doodle 10
Money problems, again...

doodle 11

doodle 12
Money problems with Dad's disowning will...

doodle 13
Sh*t: Murphy's Law, again...

doodle 14

doodle 15
Briefly planning for future work through notes. Phone numbers & mobiles everywhere!

doodle 16

doodle 17

doodle 18
While talking to internet service provider line 11888 tech support.

doodle 19

doodle 20

doodle 21

doodle 22
While listening to Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana's Spirit Dome.

doodle 23

doodle 24
Trying to mentally constrain the pestilences that are yhvh and allah in Erebos. Never mind... Phone numbers will always interfere and break all spells...

doodle 25
Preparing notes for comments on YouTube, on the subjects of Χάος, Νύξ and 'Ερεβος... Cool stuff.

doodle 26
Mentally imprisoning yhvh and allah in Erebos through the Look & Say sequence.

doodle 27
Diabolically confusing doubly-symmetric chessboard through complex mapping and early design for a gun-type imposion weapon.

doodle 28

doodle 29
Pre-flight designs for a Space filling curve with a swastika generator, a cross generator and some fractal word designs on the word Χάος.

doodle 30

doodle 31
While talking to phone-line provider tech support, again...

doodle 32
Designing a new resume.

doodle 33
Summarizing important events reminder through a quick radar-scan to avoid next day reading confusion.

doodle 35
Analyzing theme entrances in structure of "Joke" Fugue opus 7, with a ciggie and flamethrower matchstick.

doodle 36
What the heck is that, on the upper left?! Don't remember. Probably something like a 16 dimensional black hole portal or something else such...

doodle 41
Ordinal ordering can drive you insane...

doodle 42
Quick shopping list and Ordinals, again.

doodle 43
Temporary result: Absolute insanity in everything. Next step: Ordering some Domino's Pizza...

doodle 44
Goddamn Look & Say sequence... How much space do you need to write down just a couple of terms?!

doodle 45
Alert! Tessaract approaching suspiciously!

doodle 46

doodle 47
Relaxing to Bach's "Little Fugue" with a smoke and thinking of the x-woman of my dreams ala Picasso.

doodle 48
Phone-line & internet provider OTE sees and knows everything...

doodle 1953
Semi-succesful attempt at Thalia and Panagiotis' lips

doodle 1952
Hunting partridges with friends

doodle 60
Keeping notes #1 for dad's biography.

doodle 61
Keeping notes #2 for dad's biography.

doodle 62
Working on an Analysis problem.

doodle 63
Trying to figure out some money from dad's will... Jail cell doors and dblocks everywhere. Somebody's been working hard to keep me penniless... This is totally f*cked up...

doodle 64
Trying to solve very quickly some online tests for tutoring employnment and making appointments for mother's eye pain. And failing...

doodle 65
More sigils (applied to ophtalmology) for never ending chaotic fun...

doodle 66
Sigils for lawyers to help with their cases. Fat chance, but you never know...

doodle 67
A few more combinatorial dblocks & jail crosses against the whore and her minions... Always using God's name as a principal seal (ΔΣΟΘ).

doodle 68
More subconscious debunking of money dblocks put against my mind. Go figure...

doodle 69
Juggling PINs, IBANs, phone #s, doctors, grocery supplies, PUKs and programming notes for tomorrow... If Θεός wasn't present, I'd be going insane by now...

doodle 70
Quick notes on what to say to God after death and before being kicked back to a life more miserable than this one. Just in case...

doodle 71
Algorithm for grabbing life forms that move faster than you and throwing them into alternate timelines.

doodle 72
More on the Grabbing Algorithm...

doodle 73
Keeping notes #3 for dad's biography.

doodle 74
Best recipe before going nuts from all the Chaos in your life: 100mg of Seroquel, 4mg Akineton, and 2 cups of strong coffee/day with 10 ml drops of Aloperidin per cup. Plus, give or take a pack of smokes...

doodle 75
Chaotic sigil for "...somebody's been screwing with the System...". Or, who needs Psychologists when you can draw subconsciously?

Current owner of all these as well as all subsequent ones - not yet made, is Mr. Γιώργος Κακολύρης, Ελληνική Παιδεία high school (class of 1982) class mate.