The Antichrist

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The Antichrist
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So there you are, going on and living your life inconspicuously, working fervently, until one day the strange, the obscure and the unexpected reveals itself: One day, the number of obstacles you encounter becomes unsurmountable.

As you were working your ass off thinking that you made progress, you expected the number of obstacles would become less and the situation would become more manageable. At least you hoped so. But no! Not only the situation did not become more manageable, but now there is this strange and paranoid conviction that there is something or someone out there, who prevents you in particular from successfully concluding your business, whatever this business is or may be.

Are you paranoid? Delusional? Are you imagining things out of the ordinary? What the fuck is this? Are you a conspiracy victim? Are you crazy? Surely such things do not exist! Or so you think.

The Bible ([1]) has talked about this little something/someone in Revelation 13:16: "It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17: so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18: This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.".

But we all know that The Bible cannot be taken literally, right? Particularly the Revelation, which is nothing but a bunch of symbolic and nonsensical prose with no relation to actual events whatsoever.

So you go on ignoring this nonsense, until the next obstacle shows up: Something small at first. You accidentally observe that some of the Murphy's Laws apply perfectly well to you: It is not the first time you observe yourself being the last in that Super Market line, neither is it the first time when your car mechanic says that your car repairs will be finished by Thursday, even though that important business trip is on Wednesday and you won't make it in time.

Behind every such small failure, you hear a faint laughter, somewhere, far away. It's not coming from anywhere in particular. It's not coming from the outside, neither is it coming from yourself, because you are well-balanced and psychologically sound. But you hear it, nevertheless. It's a sardonic, evil and nasty laughter. A laughter which clearly makes fun of your efforts and in particular of your failures.

Nonsense. You say. It's just a coincidence. Then, as time goes by, the obstacles become bigger and bigger: You find that your kid started shooting drugs, because of some obscure acquaintance in college. When you confront your kid, he says that he just wanted to "experiment" and see what it's all about. No big deal.

Then you notice that something is strange with your wife. You start becoming aware that she is caught being in strange places at strange times and with some strange people you never knew before. When you confront her about this, she denies everything. It was just another ordinary business day and she had to meet with some people, after all. If you didn't know better, you'd say that she is seeing someone behind your back, but this someone is nowhere to be found and you've never met him.

You ignore that as well. It's just your imagination, right? Nothing is really going on. And you continue with your next day, until you find out that just about everything you are trying to do which is related to money is somehow being "blocked". Your business deal with that important client fails because someone in your work has closed a better deal with that important client one week sooner than your scheduled deal-date.

Next, you find that the assigned tasks by your boss are becoming harder and harder. Ridiculously harder. If you managed to complete 25 overdue reports on schedule, you will now have to complete 100 reports in the same time-frame if you want to keep your job, because somebody can do it this fast. And you want to keep your job, right? Right. So you try to finish those 100 reports and you fail. And you are fired.

Coincidence, you say, as you look for a new job. Until you find out that all new Sunday ads require skills which you don't have and the job market is completely saturated for the kind of job you learned to do. As if this was not enough, your wife starts bitching about you not working and your kid phones and requests his monthly allowance of $5,000 to continue with his college studies.

On your next phone call for a job interview, just before you hang-up, you hear this nasty laughter, this time coming from a company that doesn't even know you in person.

You come back from the next interview and you sigh with relief: At least you found a nice parking place outside your house. Then, as you make a move to park, a black SUV with dark windows pulls in front of you, cutting you off and taking the parking space.

You think about opening the window and giving the driver of that SUV the finger, until the parked SUV door opens only to reveal a 300 pound gorilla with bad manners, ready to beat the shit out of you if you so much as say a single bad word to him: "What's up buddy?". "Eh, nothing much. Have a nice day!". As you continue to drive trying to find another parking space, you hear again this nasty laughter.

Is it in your mind? What THE FUCK is going on? Are you going completely bonkers? After circling around your house and coming back, you find that this monster which was in the SUV is coming out of your house and has been talking to your wife. You see him coming out, but he did not see you, leaving, thank fucking goodness.

So you finally go ahead and divorce your wife, even though you have to now pay for alimony, because the court found your excuses of spouse unfaithfulness unsubstantiated and paranoid. Nevertheless, thank goodness this is over with. Jobless and wifeless next you try your luck with this all-new dating site, only to find out that 99% of the women ads indicate atrocious bimbos with an obnoxious attitude looking for rich princes. After 3 days of searching you find one good candidate, who's measured, logical and rich. Just as you start thinking of sending this chick a message, you accidentally scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a 250 lb muscle-bound nasty looking fella wearing glasses with very specific intentions, recently added to her "friends". What the...?

Well, as you have surmised dear reader, something is going on; something very very nasty. The bad news is that it will get worse. The good news is that you are not the only victim.

There is someone/something out there, who's orchestrating all this up. If you are lucky you can get a quick glimpse of him, amidst the multitudes of repeated failures which have started accumulating in your life. If you are not lucky, you can go crazy or be committed in some institution for the clinically insane and psychologically unstable, because if you try to explain all those bizarre recent failures by blaming them on that "someone", they will load you with Stelazine until you drool from the stupor.

WHO/WHAT the FUCK is that being/thing? It certainly can't be human, because his victims are numbered in the thousands. Rarely, if ever, regular humans have the raw power, not to mention the time to make so many bad things happen all at once. And this guy can do that: He can play the same tricks with your life, with your wife, as he can play them with my life and wife, your neighbor's life and wife, anyone's life and wife, anyone's job and skills.

On the other hand he cannot be non-human. There has been no evidence of non-human beings on this planet. Right? RIGHT?

You have met The Antichrist ([2]). Many books have written about him. Many mythologies have documented his existence throughout the eons. He is called The Adversary in The Kaballah ([3]), Diabolos in Greek lore ([4]), Shaitan in Islam ([5]), Your Tormentor in Murphy's Laws. Think of him as The Agent Smith in your own Matrix scenario (your life) ([6]), after you take The Red Pill.

Subsequently your life will be divided into two major periods. The period before you've encountered him and the period after you've encountered him. Once you've encountered him, that is, once he's entered your life, there's no going back. The funny things is that even after he's entered your life, nobody will believe you if you actually try to pin it on him. His best trick is convincing everybody that he doesn't really exist.

The problem is that there's no fighting this being. He will torment you continuously, relentlessly and mercifully, until you succumb to his power over time. If you try to fight him, you'll fail, because he's stronger, smarter and more evil than you. If you don't fight him, he'll label you a coward, so his strategy is simple, clear and it works.

It's actually fun trying to devise various schemes to win over battles with him, but you will find that the harder you try, the harder you'll fail. You can try selling your mind/soul to any doctrine you feel comfortable with. You can try shooting arrows in the breeze by becoming a Zen Master. Won't do you any good. You can try becoming a Muslim. Same result. Pray to Jesus for forgiveness. Same result. He knows the Bible better than you know the job you were trained to do.

You will never be able to pinpoint him down as "him" or "her". He jumps around from person to person. He can be anybody or nobody. He is the secret lover of the woman of your dreams. If you try to claim the woman of your dreams, he may suddenly materialize out of nowhere as a 300 lb brute and beat the living shit out of you, disgracing you in front of this woman. He is the more qualified employee they hire instead of you. He is the one who wins the Lotto instead of you. He is the one who screws your wife behind your back and you don't even know it. He is the one who defiles your kids with fake promises until they turn completely against you.

If you are penniless, he is the reason you can't have money. If you've made it financially, he is the one who controls that subtle flaw which might cause the complete collapse of your finances, sooner or later. If you work in a company, sometimes he'll be your boss, having the absolute power and authority to fire you anytime he wants. He's always one step ahead of you. No matter what you know, no matter how much you know, he always knows a little more.

You can try being a super-scientist, a super-magician or summon all the demons in the known Universe to help you. Try psychology or philosophy for example. Won't do you any good. Try being a body-building brute or a kung-fu Master. Try getting a Ph.D. in any science you want. He will still evade you and drive you crazy by conjuring up some situation which is going to be so sinister, you'd be glad if you escape unharmed. He will still pester you until you go crazy from his laughter of your failures. Trying to confront him is difficult. He is a master of disguise and deception and he will never let you corner him into a disadvantage.

He is some nasty piece of work, I'll tell you that. I don't know what his ultimate purpose on this planet is, but it can't be anything good. From what I gather so far, his job is to make your life full of misery, pain, distress, anguish, failure and torment, until he eventually finds a way to cut you or your descendants off from the gene pool. And he means business.

The only way to free yourself from his power over you and the fastest way to meet him, is to pursue actively the woman of your dreams. Oh, he will show up if you go out on a date with her. IF you ever manage to secure a date with her, that is, because that woman knows who he is and she will make endless fun of you if you try to approach her. When he shows up, DON'T think and DON'T hesitate: ACT: Grab him and beat the shit out of him, or preferably KILL him in the most brutal and relentless way you can imagine. Make him HURT. The more, the better. If you can. Otherwise, he will AGAIN beat you to a pulp, disgrace you in front of the woman you love and AGAIN take her away from you and you will be back to square ONE.

Of course if you are successful, you'll land in jail for assault or murder anyway, so his game plan is simple, clear and efficient. Can YOU outsmart him? WHO can outsmart him?

The game of life is simple: Succeed in securing a female with which to procreate and advance your genes, like with most animals. But before you can do that, and in addition to all the obstacles you must face and remove as a man when having a woman (i.e. financial problems, etc.), you'll first have to confront him. And he doesn't like to lose, because that's how he secures his own survival. He FUCKS the best, most intelligent and most beautiful women of humans and if you interfere with his plan, he will fuck you too in the end, very very badly, until you are convinced to never ever again approach the woman of your dreams. That way, you are effectively removed from the gene pool, until you evolve into something so evil and demented that can beat even The Antichrist himself. Then, you can procreate.

Or, you can choose to believe in Jesus, for example, hoping that someone will save you from him.

If you decide to fight him, you always have to be on your guard. Examine and analyze everything. Be always on the lookout. Look at every movement, every event, every happening and listen to everything. He's out there and he is watching, observing and gathering data, always trying to squeeze you into a tight corner, if you decide to pursue the woman. As if this is not enough, he can also read your thoughts. Eventually, you'll grow tired of doing all that watching and observing, so he'll win again.

Is there any solution to the menace of The Antichrist? Well, the Antichrist is a mental memetic construct by John the Evangelist, a follower of Jesus and famous memeplex of his times. He is the author of the corresponding passage in Revelation. As a mental construct hiding behind religious nonsense for thousands of years, this character found a proper niche in this century, hence his emergence. And this emergence is meant to be aimed at anyone who has had a Christian upbringing, to naturally balance the rot which has accumulated from this atrocious religion.

Best of luck with your future survival brave Christian Knight of the twenty-first century.


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