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"Μην εμπιστεύεσαι κανέναν. Μόνο τον Θεό" --- advice in 1983.
Or, alternatively: "Everything is NOT going to be OK" (Murphy's Law #314159)

government cabinet
Recommended personnal choice appointee as Secretary General of the Ministry of Education & Religion by the head[3] of the government[10] - who knew his qualifications by name[2], 1967

ministry cabinet
With the rest of the government ministry cabinet at the parliament

congratulations at the ministry
Congratulations at the ministry after the appointment

at parliament
Listening to the Prime Minister talking in the Parliament[16]

Office at the Ministry
@Ministry's office[7]

Secreteriat meeting
Ministry secreteriat advisory meeting

Secreteriat meeting close-up
Secreteriat meeting close-up

Ministry cabinet walk
Ministry cabinet walk[7][8]

Ministrerial announcement for free books[1]

Free distribution of school books
Distribution of free school books under his auspices[1], [2], 1968-1972

Panhellenic exhibition
α' Panhellenic exhibition of technological and professional education, 5/5/1969


Inauguration speech

Speech by the Minister

Inauguration ceremony's blessing 1
@Blessing ceremony 1

Inauguration ceremony's blessing 2
@Blessing ceremony 2

art & crafts
Arts & crafts inspection

Science & technology
Innovations in laboratory science & technology inspection

Engineering 1
Innovations in fluid mechanics engineering inspection

Engineering 2
Innovations in classical engineering inspection

Engineering 2
Innovations in electrical engineering and power supplies inspection

Engineering 2
Innovations in laboratory & medical supplies engineering inspection

Discussion with the minister

With organizers

Leaving exhibition

Theater & archeological
@archeological theater inauguration, 1968

Art & cinema
Cinema & 7-th Art[5] funding, 1969

Acceptance speech
Acceptance speech for full-professorship at NTUA[6], in 1968

Acceptance speech 2
Acceptance speech 2

Congratulations for professorship by "friends" & piers (for his illegal[11] appointement above), 1968

early 1972
At social-dinning with "friends" and associates #1, 1969-1970

early 1972
At social with "friends", 1969-1970s

gala 1
Arriving at gala

dinning 1
Dinning at gala #1

dinning 2
Dining at gala #2

Brunch with family and other (circumstantial and very rich) "friends"

@ Home, at Fokionos Negri 48

late 1972
In the ministry, 1972[9]

To be continued, as time allows...


  1. Didaskalikon Vima: Official newspaper carrier of the Greek Teaching Association.
  2. Primary personal and secondary (private communication) reports by Panagiotis Prokopiou and Theophanes E. Raptis. He was actually recommended by his cousin Γιάννης Ροδινός who knew the head personally.
  3. Prime Minister Γεώργιος Παπαδόπουλος.
  4. Personal bookcase including many from his directive and courtesies of professors and/or authors who at the time honorary dedicated their books to him.
  5. Great and enthusiastic lover of movies, particularly, James Bond, good horror, silent comedies and good quality cartoons.
  6. With the rectors[12] paying their respects to him in a somewhat more than obvious way...
  7. Lots of problems in cleaning Augeas stables and nowhere to turn to. Where to start?
  8. Pressure's mounting and everybody's smoking like a chimney. It's as if everybody's been waiting for him as the only one capable to do something.
  9. Problems compounded exponentially by 1972 and still smiling. Photo form this period used as a template for this painting.
  10. "Best goddamn government since the time of Pericles" --- Lyndon B. Johnson.
  11. from this to this: "... In May of 1970, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education and Religion, N. Galidakis had also applied for the position without first resigning from his Ministry position!(!) The Professors object(!) for this morally(!) unacceptable(!) situation. At his election he gets 15/33 votes(?!), whereas 17(!?) are required(!). The Minister illegally(!?) assigns him Professor!(!). As soon as the Second Dictatorship took hold (Ioannides), he became invisible[13](!). Promptly[13]... He was always(!?) facing the contempt of his peers(?!) not as a scientist, but as, a spititual(?!) man..."- (translation and parethethetical remarks by this author) --- "Η ΕΞΕΓΕΡΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΠΟΛΥΤΕΧΝΕΙΟΥ", Κωνοφάγου Κωνσταντίνου, Τ. ΠΡΥΤΑΝΕΩΣ[12] Ε.Μ.Π. (updates: 26.d14, 27.d15, 28.d16, 47.) [Author's note: The lies in this book paragraph are so insanely convoluted and twisted, I could not even make sense of it syntactically, before swallowing 2x300 mg Seroquel to prevent nauseated projectile vomiting. Thank GOD this person is dead today. Otherwise, this author would be inclined to act in highly suspicious ways against him, after reading his book on 23/3/2021. Here's the author of this book, after the fall of the Ioannides regime, enjoying the fruits of his multiple antagonistic betrayal schemes against my father as "Minister of Industry" (He finally made it: To a position even more important that "(x-)rector" of NTUA(!)):

    Konofagos Minister of Industry
    Konofagos, as "Minister of Industry", under the auspices of Karmanlis Sr. [17] during the signing of the new Greece's Constitution.
    Some other funny coincidences from his Wikipedia biography page, above (translation by this author): "In 1969, he was appointed full professor of Metallurgy at NTUA and in 1970, he was elected alternate senator in the same institution..." So he already was a rector at my father's 1970 full-professorship appointment... Talk about "fair" competition... Otherwise, from the same Wikipedia page we read: "...These events (NTUA revolt, etc.) he "historically" and humbly(!) demonstrated in a book of his, without (quotes, emphasis, and italics mine), in the subsequent period, seeking advantages from this stance of his, for personal and political gain..". The photo above is of course virtual proof of his "humility" after accepting the very "humble" position of Ministry of Industry and this book - where he spread his unspeakable lies about N. Galidakis, he made tons of money from, additional proof that he had no financial/personal interest in mind...].
  12. The "rectors" of NTUA: Knowledgable, useful and always non-lying members of non-freemason[NTUA] organizations[11] and serious educational communities, always looking for the students' best interests...
  13. [Author: Just about the only true statement in this paragraph. Yes, he did try to become "invisible" and tried to hide home at the family residence at Parthenonos 33, after Ioannides' and terzi's agents started hunting him down. He became so "invisible" in fact, he was forced to flee the country and go to Switzerland, after he had nowhere to go, and after mother bad-mouthed him as: "...go out there (meaning Polytechnic school/Ministry) and figure things out like a man(!)[14], instead of sitting in here in your underwear, like a lazy chicken-coward..." Or, when mother saw this author's father answer a call from Proxima Centauri at Parthenonos 33 and told him "Get the f*ck out of MY house...", with father in his underwear outside the apartment door, begging her to open the door so he could get back in to hide from the Centaurians... Until one day later upon his return in 1976, when all hell broke loose and father got out, knowing that he was being watched by terzi's agents AND terzi herself, got out of the car, located her and broke her face on the street[15]. His words after the event, returning home at Parthenonos: "This stench is following me everywhere I go...!" Otherwise and according to some other anarcho-communist news, "...he (after 23/10/1973 and among others who were not persecuted after the Ioannides take-over), continued his little life(?!) and little job[sic](?!), as if nothing has happened..."- (author's translation of relevant sentence at the end of page 15 of aforementioned link ref., recounting the events at that time). Note convenient blank space in column 5 of the appointees' table, to the right of his name, showing that this "newspaper" really knew what it was talking about].
  14. Definition of a "man" according to mother: Someone who goes against an entire regime of secret hunting government agents under guidance from a previous goverment's traitor, looking to arrest you and tries to fight them bare-handed in his underwear. NOT someone with the more regular sexual gifts and/or knowledge. She also loves horsies.
  15. Sometime later on July 1974 and after the Cyrpus events on this author's trip to Switzerland, he told this author of a certain kind of corrective beauty mask that he needed to create, in apology to her for this slap, because she thought (according to her) she looked too "ugly" and was worried, but I don't think he ever made one, so this author created one for her, here.
  16. From elia archived document #: 6K31.030. Still can't figure out why his dress code is different from all the rest...
  17. The next "great" Ethnic Leader and President of the Greek Republic, after the fall of the Ioannides regime: Konstantinos Karamanlis (a.k.a. another useful incidental marionette politician) who knew full-well throughout his subsequent political career not only the betrayal against my father's overall significance in Papadopoulos' government by the Ioannides coup in 1973 (as promised by Kissinger in exchange for Makarios' head who was starting to annoy the States with his pro-Russian flirtations and nuances to acquire Nukes for Cyprus) but also the full details of how Ioannides was subsequently betrayed and cheated by Kissinger under pressure to accept a finitary pre-designed/approved partition plan for Cyprus in exchange for non-aggressive military intervention by the US (comment on YouTube). His response to subsequent questions like why Greece didn't intervene against the Turks invading the island, was, "Η Κύπρος κείται μακράν..." (translation by this author: "Cyprus lies too far away...(!)" (assuming a continuation by the author that goes like: "... supposedly for us to do anything useful..")[19]. This man was the founder of one of the major political parties in Greece (ND party), which today (as of 17/4/2021) rules the country through a descendant of another legendary factor who contributed to this party's development. Of course, as usual, nobody from all these major political factors has ever told the truth to the Greek people about the Cyprus tragedy (Corresponding Cyrpus file case, still top-secret and closed-confidential). Otherwise, they've all preferred to enjoy their privileges as Prime ministers and Parliamentarians, enjoying their free time with some of the more knowledgable "benefactors" of the Greek nation:
    ND party factors and beneficiaries
    Traditional ND party factors, in proud company with some of the more "important" diachronic beneficiaries[18] of Greece, in front(!) of The Parthenon

    ND party factors and beneficiaries
    Embraces and photo mementos[20] between "traditional" ND party families and some of the rightfully honored benefactors of Greece

    Youngest member with Donald Duc^^^C Trump
    The youngest proud member of the tradition of ND, Prime minister of Greece, with Donald Duc^C^^C, err, Trump[21], [22].
  18. Benefactors of such immense caliber to the Greek nation, that after this good and decent man (with an impeccable educational track record among other things, btw) made an honest attempt to run for president in the US, he subsequently required mental support therapy from the psychological shock he received after the sewer flood of fabricated lies and the overall stench from the mud war that was launched against him during his campaign period, by some of the aforementioned "benefactors". He was probably only too lucky he wasn't assassinated, without too much haste or fuss. On the other hand and for a refreshing change, you may want to try to Google image-search find ONE modern Greek politician in the same photo as Mr. Dukakis.
  19. A statement that by itself probably deserves free Mensa membership privileges, if not anything else. Unless, of course, it was intended as a bad joke of sorts to unsuspecting listeners.
  20. Note residual and probably incurable black-eye on Greek "beneficiary" G.W. Bush: Rumor has it that some doctors suggested that it eventually turned into an evil-eye at the time of the photo, others disagreed and admitted that it was perhaps always there, but was made more prominent after his Presidential campaign run against Mr. Dukakis due to a secret "Skull & Bones" sparring test match against Mr. Dukakis based on "Excellence", according to the rules of the aforementioned club.
  21. From better to worse, as always, after 1986, exactly in accordance to Murphy's Laws: Of course only an ineducable, megalomaniac, dyslexic - because of low intelligence, rich, narcissistic, hair bleaching, and orange face-suntanning, wife trophy-parading "VIP" colossal money genius could fix America's problems (MAGA) through his "Excellence". Thank God he didn't get elected a second time, because otherwise, Greece would be in deep trouble with his commerce and chess buddies, the Turks. God finally showed some solid signs of mercy to the Greeks.
  22. Guess good and faithful tradition never dies ("Και ξανά προς την δόξα τραβά..."). As they say in colloquial Greek: "Όπου φυσάει ο άνεμος" (translation: "Wherever the wind blows.."), to avoid undesired consequences... Otherwise, a highly intelligent and astute ND "traditional" politician, an actual Harvard graduate.